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  opinion about MS ZUNE HD 
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G. G. May 07, 2011, 02:20pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Edited: May 09, 2011, 04:50pm EDT

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Ok guys..... I really need some quick opinions on the Microsoft Zune HD

If I am going to get this, it has to be today otherwise it is not going to happen...

A few days ago, I accidentally dropped my Creative Labs Zen Vision W 30gb. It fell out of my jacket's pocket about 20" in off the floor while I was in a data center..... It fell face down... Unfortunately for me.... the screen cracked (LCD) in 6 lines spidering out from the impact point. So basically.... my player is now just a expensive audio/mp3 player.

The reason I purchased this unit is that it had the biggest screen size for its time at 4.3". That was important to me because I like to watch movies from it. All the other units had smaller screens that would have made viewing a strain. The Zen Vision W was the perfect unit for Video as being priority and mp3 audio as secondary. Zen Vision W was only a tad bigger than the average player at its time due to the larger screen size.

Now I am looking into getting a new unit but things have changed alot from 5 years ago.... The market for the portable entertainment seems to be much smaller.... I do not want to go to the way of the tablet as it is heck alot bigger and more expensive for use as a mp3 and movie player..

I do not want to go the way of the Apple iPod becuase it is way too expensive and becuase it is a Apple.

So far...... I am looking at a Microsoft Zune HD. It has a 3.3 screen size and will play mp3 audio and mp4/wmv video... My ZV W i use avi for my video.... guess I would have to convert them to mp4 for the zune.

I am looking at the 32gb version of the Zune HD.

How long has this thing been out?

My importance for usage is watching movies, listening to mp3, and it being portable.

Right now... Best Buy has this thing on sale for 199.99. The regular price is 269.99... I am sure the sale will end today.... and that is why I am asking for your quick response....

Is there anyone out there that has some experience with this unit or know of someone that has this unit that can put some insight on it???

Or should I wait on something that is coming out soon.....



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Meats_Of_Evil May 07, 2011, 02:56pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Edited: May 07, 2011, 03:01pm EDT

>> Re: Need quick opinion about MS ZUNE HD !!!!
I love this review site:

They have the Microsoft Zune HD listed in the top 5 best of 2010 MP3 players. ( According to Amazon the price you're getting it for is a great price as the 16gb version sells for $220 ish. It has many good reviews on amazon which you should also check out. Here's the website's review:


You should also chekc out their number one pick the Cowon J3. They've always seem to favor Cowon players but I've read many good things about them, so I guess they're not just biased lol.

It also supports a ton of Video formats and considering the price $272 on Amazon for 32gb version seems like its worth it.

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
G. G. May 07, 2011, 03:39pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Need quick opinion about MS ZUNE HD !!!!

Thanks abunch for the info.... That Cowon is pretty interesting. Never heard of it before but will check it out to see the availability of it.


kOrny May 07, 2011, 03:55pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Need quick opinion about MS ZUNE HD !!!!
I have a Zune HD 16GB and I really like it a lot. It's not perfect but the user interface is very basic and menu's are well organized. Everything is easy to get to quickly and there are many suprizingly neat features. There are even some decent apps for it. You are stuck using their software, but its actually pretty decent (much better than itunes I think). I'd definately recommend one over an iPod.

G. G. May 07, 2011, 04:52pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Edited: May 07, 2011, 04:52pm EDT

>> Re: Need quick opinion about MS ZUNE HD !!!!
Thanks kOrny,

Have you tried putting movies onto your Zune HD and what format do you use? The format that you use to get the movie onto it, what utility do you use as the converter?

Oh... has the Zune HD gone through any firmware updates to enable new features or fix bugs?


Meats_Of_Evil May 07, 2011, 05:35pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Need quick opinion about MS ZUNE HD !!!!
One thing about Zune is the Zune pass.

If that's your sort of thing.

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
G. G. May 07, 2011, 09:57pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Edited: May 07, 2011, 10:01pm EDT

>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD !!!!
changed the title from "Need quick opinion" to just "opinion".....


After your inputs.... I went ahead and got on my motorcycle and headed down to my local Best Buy store and went ahead and picked up a 32gb Platinum Zune HD.... I wanted to get it at the current sale price as it will end by tonight... plus, I had a 50buck gift card to toss at it. So it cost me 167.oo (including the ridiculious tax). The box is still sealed... I took a look at the Cowon J3 but its price is up there around 279.00 or so... and is very limited in where you can get it... But there is a much newer model the Cowon D3... But that unit is around 350.00..... geeezz..

So I am still looking...

I just wanted to get the Zune at the sale price while I had the chance as tomorrow it goes back to normal price.... and if I decide to take it back because I found something better at a reasonable price... then I can take it back..So far, I ball is in the court of the Zune HD.

Oh Meats, as for the subscription..... i dunno.... I am trying to keep my monthly whatevers to a minimum... dont really want to start another "oh it only cost this much" per month thing as all those oh it only cost this much adds up really quick...

I can find alternative ways to get my music and videos onto the unit.


john albrich May 07, 2011, 10:22pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD !!!!

"Geeez" is right re: $350...

For that kind of money, you might as well get yourself a decent and more flexible and more functionality Android tablet that will has the potential to free you from proprietary Zune/iPod crap.

<a class= May 08, 2011, 05:23am EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD !!!!
i've used zune HD ever since it came out. replaced my ipod with it.

It owns the ipod hardcode, plus zunepass is a good thing.

3930K @ 5.00Ghz | GA-X79-UD3P | 16Gb DDR3 | GTX770 | W7 x64
G. G. May 08, 2011, 10:26am EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD !!!!

Sure a tablet would have more functionality... but.... at 7" and greater screen size.... it is kinda hard to slip it in your shirt pocket, carry around while working in the yard, jogging (not like I do this kinda sorta thing), or the likes.... plus the price is getting out of the intended segment.. For me, video/movies comes first and mp3 listening is second. The rest is icing on the cake. 4.3" to me is the max size when it comes to being very portable. Easy on the eyes but not having to tote around anything bigger like a tablet. The size you can still slip into your pocket. Tablet, you cant. Yeah sure if you have really big pockets.. imagine a T-shirt or a dress shirt with a 10" wide x 10" length pocket...yeah baby... So the ultra portable (music/video) segment really lies with the zune/ipod/creative areana.. But that market is smaller from the name brand companies as Apple kinda sewn up this segment. Now its more like Apple and some 3rd party stuff the likes like Mach, Cowon, Coby, etc... the bigger companies are dropping out.


Thanks for the input... Do you install movies onto your zune HD? If so, what do you use to get it ported over?

Meats link to the review for the Zune HD, they say that the sound quality of the Zune HD is one of the best if not the best that there is from a pvp. How is this area compare to your previous units?


john albrich May 08, 2011, 11:24am EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Edited: May 08, 2011, 11:24am EDT

>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD !!!!
G. G. said:
...imagine a T-shirt or a dress shirt with a 10" wide x 10" length pocket...yeah baby...

I understand the big pocket issue, but if you're wearing a dress shirt, I can't see even a 4.3" screen player being acceptable. It seriously messes up the look...unless one is going for geekboy chic...

Plus, I've killed a PDA screen that way.

Might as well use a tablet avant-garde!. Have fun with it. Put some rhinestones on the case and get on-board with the whole urban gender-bender look. Show how progressive you are.

or...just say it's a holster for your high-tech unscannable concealed carry and many folks simply will leave you alone.

G. G. May 09, 2011, 05:04pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD

I'll make sure i get out my sequin laced tablet sling holster just for you when you need to borrow it for that special night out... :P

Still haven't busted open the seal on my Zund HD box yet... lol

BUT.... I am going out to my local CompUSA brick and mortar store tonight.... because they have one of those non-branded name pvp called Mach Speed... it is a 4.3" unit... no bigger than one of those 4.3 Garmin gps size... its cheap too, good enough to go check it out. The local sales ad has it for 59.99 (retail 149.99). It only has 8GB of internal storage but does have a micro SD... not sure the total size for the micro SD. Hopefully it will go up to 32gb or larger..

Here is a link to it. -

For a "cheap" priced unit..... it might be a good idea just to get it based on the price alone.

OH by the way...... The 199.99 price I got for the Zune HD 32gb at Best Buy.. after reading some stuff on the internet... it looks like MS will no longer producing the Zune HD. So I guess they are lowering the price to rid of the remaining stock. Zune HD 16gb version is down to 169.99 (retail 199.99), Zune HD 32gb version is down to 199.99 (retail 250.00), BUT..... the Zune HD 64gb version will stay at the retail price of 350.00.

So if you have always wanted a Zune HD..... probably now is a good time to get one before it goes by the waste side of the dodo bird.

Also, they say that the Zune software will continue to live on integrated in window 7 phone or something like that to the sort.


G. G. May 20, 2011, 11:45am EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD
Well, it has been 1.5wks since I went to my local CompUSA brick&mortar store to pickup a portable media player to replace my recently broken Creative Lab Zen Vision W 30gb. I accidentally dropped it at a height about 20" from a data center floor. As it fell, it landed perfectly flat on its face but I had my earphone wrap around it and one of the hard earphone was on the face side of the player so when the player hit the floor, the earphone caused a impact point on the lcd causing a 7 spider cracks spanning from that point out across the whole display. I lost 2/3 of the screen... boo whooo...

Anyhooo... I wanted to give you guys a mini impression of the unit I just recently purchase. Just to remind.. my usage is one that portable that can be carried in a shirt pocket. I wanted to be able to do things like video, pictures, mp3, radio, recorder, etc.... internet or office products is no need apply. Video would be my first priority and MP3 is second.

The Unit I picked up is -

MachSpeed Trio T4300HD -

Retail price = 149.99 CompUSA sale price = 59.99

8GB memory
4.3 HD Display
High Definition Touch Screen 720p
Video player
MP3 player
Picture viewer
Text reader
FM radio
Voice recorder
Stop watch
Micro SDHC card slot
Remote control
Built-in speaker
Built-in rechargeable battery
High Speed USB 2.0 interface

Files Supported: MP3, WMA (non encrypted) audio files, LRC lyric files, AVI video, JPG, GIF, BMP picture, TXT text

As anyone else would be, being price awareness would be one of the listed items on ones mind. I didnt really want to spend north of 200.00 bucks but on the other hand, I am reluctant to get one of these 3rd party no name brand throw in the trash one month later units. And here I go out and buy a 3rd party no name brand yadda yadda..... I figure... if the unit was to be sold at 150.00, then there must be something to it... I would consider it at that price... not to say i would run out and buy it immediately.... BUT... since it was on sale at 59.99..... Now the wheels are churning... What the heck, at this price..... it is worth giving it a try and if it is something to keep.... then the price is right...

The unit's overall size is like one of those 4.3" Garmin GPS except being thinner. In comparison to my previous Creative Labs Zen Vision W....even though both have the same exact 4.3" screen size, the T4300HD is definately smaller in overall size and thickness. This is due to it not having buttons since the T4300HD operates with touchscreen and the thickness is due to smaller components within the T4300HD versus my Zen Vision. The face on the T4300HD is all 4.3" screen with a minimum amount of bezel. Construction is pretty sturdy for a off brand unit. There is a physical quirk with this unit in that the surface both the housing and screen is very smooth and shiny.... so finger print galore and it does attract finger prints... you will be wiping the unit on your shirt, pants, towel, whatever after awhile just out of habit. lol..

Video - the T4300HD perform very well. I was actually surprised. I ported my movies, after setting up the correct resolution, codec, etc.... conversion, over to the unit to see how it would handle them in comparison to my Zen Vision W, well before its demise... As mentioned, I was very surprised in that the video was absolutely smooth (no stuttering), lots of color, and great picture details. Contrast and brightness is above average. Out in the bright sunlight, it will get washed out, BUT..... with most players in this catagory will do the same. I am pleased with the video

MP3 - in this area, it does great. its able to handle tagging... you can create playlist. to what extent im not sure just yet... It has several sound adjustments. It does what it needs to do in that it plays your music.

FM radio - this works pretty well. I was able to pull in all of my local stations. it even has several presets that you can set... I believe its upwards of 15 or 20... you can scan or increment channels. So it does what it should do is grab your FM stations out of the air.. Oh... you will need to have the phones in as, like will all units, it uses the cord as the antenna.

Pictures - simple function... displays your pictures. great details and color.

Voice recorder - simple function... dont have a piece of paper or pencil handy... but you have this player with you.... start up the recorder.... and start talking... records your voice or any sounds you like for later use..

Now you are wondering what about sound -- "How does it sound?"

Well..... It sounds great but with a catch... the catch is when you first open the package... DITCH the included earphones.... hehehehe.... use your favorite ear speakers.. If the company was to pick where they would skimp cost on.... the included earphone is definately the component they picked to do so.... hehehe... During movies, I can hear lots of side details along with the main sound.. MP3 sounds follows the same trend... Now with that said... I am sure it all depends on the source of the material. More detail in the source leads to larger file size and vice versas.. your pick.

How does the sound compare to my Creative Lab Zen Vision W? it actually did very well. Very comparable. Now there are reviews out there that says the MS Zune HD is probably the best or the top two when it comes to sound quality..... I cant say if it would comparable as I have not use a Zune HD (maybe soon).

At the end of the day.... I am very pleased with the MachSpeed Trio T4300HD. At the 150.00 retail price.. this unit should be on your list to check out and consider. BUT at a sale price of 60.00..... you need to just go get it. You cant get anything on the market with these features and performance at this price point. I am definately keeping this unit.

P.S. - if you all was wondering what I did with my original purchase of the MS Zune HD 32gb...... ummmmm........ I actually still have it... STILL NOT open from the package. LOL.. still got my receipt... havent really decided if I am going to take it back or not...

BUT..... right now I am leaning on keeping it due to the Zune HD has High Definition FM radio (i.e. HDRadio). HD radio advertise that there are more stations in the airwaves and claims better sound yadda yadda... I dont have any HD radio units.... so I am leaning of keep this Zune just for that. Also, since the ZuneHD is considered tops in sound quaility I can have this unit as my high end player... heheh..

oh well... there you go..


Meats_Of_Evil May 20, 2011, 05:00pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD
the sound quality will of course depend on your earbuds. In many of those reviews they use earbuds that costs $500 or more. But still I bet you can notice a difference with almost any earbuds.

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
G. G. May 20, 2011, 05:15pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD
Ok... I need to add a couple of more lines to my little mini impression..

Battery life....... You are probably wondering .. "hmmmm how long does it last"....

As you know... in a protable player, movie videos takes a big toll on the battery alot more so than playing mp3 files. I just finished playing 2.5 movies. Two of them from the very beginning through the end of the credits/end of movie... and the third made it through halfway before the unit expired. The movies were U571, AVP, and Stealth formated to 480x272 DVIX avi, and with a bitstream around just over 1000K... each file size was around a gigabyte in size. I'm not sure how long U571 and AVP from end to end and Stealth up to where the chick got blown out of the sky and parachuted on Korea's soil... I would imagine this is around a total of 6~6.5 hrs worth without digging out the time details of each movie. I think this is pretty decent. I would guess if you were just playing music that it would at least get you up in the 10~11hr worth.

One last thing I forgot to mention... the availability of a Micro SD card slot. Currently I have two 8gb microSD cards (12.99ea).... works great... no issues at all... The product discription says that the slot will take up to a 16gb card... I called Tech Support and asked them if 16gb card was the limit of the reader or would it possibly read a larger card... I was told that they dont know.... lol.... they said that they only tested up to 16gb and not sure if it would go any further... SO...... I was back at CompUSA at some point afterwards.... I brought my unit in to the tech desk... ask the fella behind the counter if they had a 32gb card available that I could "test" to see if the internal reader would recognize the storage media and any files that was on there. They had one and I tried it... Lo'n behold..... the reader does in fact recogize the media and the files that was on the media.... lol.... So with this in mind... it could in fact that I may be able to use a 32gb card in the future... I said future because the 32gb microSD cards today cost 70.00 and upwards... wheww... thats pricey.... Guess I will make due with my two 8gb cards for now and wait till the 32gb cards to come down a bit...

Well.... if you have any question about the MachSpeed Trio T4300HD... ask away...

Now I need to stop waffling and make a decision if I am to keep the Zune HD... lol


G. G. May 20, 2011, 05:22pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD
Meats_Of_Evil said:
the sound quality will of course depend on your earbuds. In many of those reviews they use earbuds that costs $500 or more. But still I bet you can notice a difference with almost any earbuds.

exactly on the sound quality depend on earbuds...

The earbuds I use are the same ones I use with my previous unit, Zen Vision W.... So the comparison is apple to apples... The sound quality coming from this earbuds attached to the T4300HD was very much the same as it was when attached to the Zen.

The included earbuds that came with the T4300HD as I mentioned... needs to head for the T-Can immediately.

I have also tried various headphones and the sounds is exceptional as well. I dont have any 500.00 ear/head-phones and Im not about to any time soon.... but I do have some that are very good and exceptional.


Meats_Of_Evil May 20, 2011, 10:58pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: opinion about MS ZUNE HD
You sure came out a winner with that t4300HD. Your description on how a movie looks on a 4" screen makes me want to have an HTC HD7 even more lol.

Everything I write is Sarcasm.

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