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  tragedy with pen drive 
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Hugo Carro May 25, 2011, 01:48pm EDT Report Abuse
i made a terrible mistake, please help me!
i didnt remember that i had some super important fils in the pen drive
mine is kingston dt310 256 gb
i tried to open the pen drive in another computer, it asked to format it, because if not it couldnt read
i did formatted and it deleted all files in it
is there some taht could help me?
there should be some way to do it!

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Reason May 25, 2011, 02:55pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
First off, do not, under any circumstances, put ANYTHING back onto the pen drive until you have gotten your files back.

Next, there are a number of undelete freewares out there.

I like REST2514.

Others have recommended Recuva:

a Google search for "undelete" will give other options as well.

Once you've downloaded and installed the program, have it search your pen drive and you should be able to find your files.

Ultima Ratio Regum
Hugo Carro May 25, 2011, 03:58pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
ok, thx very much, now pls help me a little more
my error was to format the pen drive, which deleted the files on the pen drive
i downloaded the REST2514 yet
i have the pen drive linked in the usb
after having done the error i did nothing else in the pen drive
i'm in the recovery center of the software
pls give me a hand, how do i have it search my pen drive?, where do i click?
what exactly do i do?
if you could, tell me step by step, pls
i have a strong need to solve this, and with your kind help, i hope i will!
thx again, you're rescuing me

Reason May 25, 2011, 04:21pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive

I'm at work so I can't install and run through it but this video appears to give a pretty good run through.

Ultima Ratio Regum
Hugo Carro May 25, 2011, 06:08pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
hi Reason, here bothering you again
i watched the video several times and did as it teaches
in 'drives', i put 'removable disc E', which is my pen drive
i dont fill neither 'all or part of file', nor 'number of files'
i dont select 'include used clusters by other files', nor 'include even if file size is 0'
then click 'search deleted files'
appears window 'restoration stopped working'
and shuts down the software

i thank you once more Reason, but your help is very necessary and useful, even if it's only when you are not that busy as now

would you suggest jump to recuva?
i insist because i must strive for a solution, it's a very hard situation for me
i feel we are going to find the files and recover them

i hope the solution of my problem could be rather easy, because i guess that my problem happened because of the total overall size of the files that were in my pen drive, then when i tried to download to the computer, it invented the formatting thing and i made the terrible mistake of clicking 'yes', not remembering i had no backup

shame on me!, pls make your best to help me, i need your help whenever you could

Reason May 25, 2011, 06:18pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
Hmmm. Yeah, if REST is crashing, I'd try Recuva.

Ultima Ratio Regum
john albrich May 25, 2011, 07:11pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive

Another program you might try is EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard.
It will let you attempt to recover upto 1GB of data FOR FREE from your 256GB memory stick. You will ascertain if the "Data Recovery Wizard" will work for you. Then you can purchase a license to recover more data if necessary. (or, perhaps you even have less than 1GB of data to recover, and will not need to buy the program)

Data Recovery Wizard Software is a NON-DESTRUCTIVE file recovery utility that will recover all your important data lost after an accidental format, virus crash, partition loss, file and folder deletion or even sabotage.

There is a user tutorial, a video, and more help available on the EASEUS website.

As the download page warns, don't download the software to the memory stick. As Reason has already stated, ANY writing to the memory stick will reduce the probability of successful data recovery.

Unformat USB memory stick, card, etc


Good luck!

Hugo Carro May 27, 2011, 02:46pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
hi john albrich!, i solidly think we are in the right way, because total files found were 610, but i dont see them because it doesnt display, what happens?, is this because i'm in free version?, my problem began because my total files' size was high, should i better jump directly to buy the full soft?, when it arrives to the end, appears to be a raw file but it doesnt open, would it be because these files are all sony raw photos of 14,2 megapixels each?, cant be, because in files' types there are nikon's and pentax's raws
i click complete recovery, it took 4h 51min 30 sec of elapsed time, appears the window 'building raw file tree' and doesnt display, asks select files to save, i check and uncheck at left of 'raw files' and nothing!, exporting saves .rsf files of only 2 or 3 kb, it ends in: find files by name, search files, file preview, export; and below: view, select, deselect, state, file name, file size, file type, modification time, creation time, last access time, all completely blank, is it my problem of needing to recover 1,331 raw photo files of 14,2 mp each?
now i'm trying 'partition recovery', opened first a window 'quick partition searching' which took an elapsed time of 2min 24sec, and then began the intelligent search, which tells the same as before, it counts packages of 61 files, will take a long time to tell me that found the same 610 files
john, thank you very much for your help, i feel we are in the right way, but i need some more help to get what i need!, please be kind to show me how would you solve this
i'm sure sure you're perfectly able to help me, because you're an expert in this matter
please tell me what do i do, my files are near in the pipeline!

Hugo Carro May 27, 2011, 04:50pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
ok john albrich, here you have more info, using 'partition recovery', it found only 122 files, that also i cant see, the intelligent search took 1h 36min 07sec, the computer worked at 100% capacity, same thing as before, 'raw files' that i can do nothing with them, i returned to diferent partitions and selected 'previous recovery', clicked 'next' and popped a window 'failed to restore last search result'
to give another try, i chose 'partition recovery' and 'search all lost files automatically', it's working the intelligent searching much more slowly than ever, always the cpu at full 100% capacity, the quick partition searching took 2min 27sec, this time it found 62 files twice, stopped at 124 files, and goes on at turtle pace falling asleep
i still and more than ever hope to be able to recover my loved lost files because of accidental formatting, and i want you to know how is the size of the problem and which is my actual interest
in this pen drive with capacity of 256 gb, i saved 56,2 gb of files that i have backuped in other safe place, and 1,331 raw sony photos, of 14,2 mb each, which make a total file size of 18,9 gb, which means that i need to rescue only 25% of what's there
please john, i hope you kindly do your best to help me recover my photos
i will be very thankfull for lifetime to you, because these photos are very, but very important to me
forgive for my bothering and my anxiety
thx much one more time

john albrich May 27, 2011, 08:35pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive


Sorry I didn't respond more quickly. I've been off the internet for most of the day.

Hugo Carro said: this because i'm in free version?, my problem began because my total files' size was high, should i better jump directly to buy the full soft?

I hope other HWA members with specific USB drive data recovery experience will join here to help you. Virtually all of my experience is with standard HDDs. There are differences.

Your latest problems COULD be due to the artificial bytes recovery limit imposed on the free version of the the EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard (EDRW) program. IF that is the issue, then a paid version MIGHT deal with it. I can't say for sure. You might contact EASEUS and ask them if that is what is happening.

I'd try some other NON-destructive freeware data recovery programs before buying anything. Whatever program you try, make SURE it is non-destructive, and NEVER modifies the USB pen drive.

I do know that EDRW's "raw" recovery captures ONLY the file CONTENT, and does NOT provide file names or file dates (created, accessed, etc). Thus, IF there is a specific file-header format or file format requirement for an application to open a recovered dataset, it will be unable to directly open the file that contains the recovered data. This can be the case when dealing with a proprietary or non-standard file format. Some image files are proprietary or non-standard formats.
See page 15 of the EDRW manual.

If someone else has more experience with EASEUS Data Recovery Wizard (or other non-destructive recovery programs) on USB drives perhaps they will have some more specific help.

It's also possible the pen drive manufacturer has an UNFORMAT utility specifically for their device. But again, BE CAREFUL. A manufacturer's utility could be a BLUNT INSTRUMENT instrument (e.g. a baseball bat instead of a scalpel) and write to the drive when it tries to "fix" the problem...make sure it does NOT do that before using it.

Another suggestion. Before doing anything else, make a bit-for-bit copy of the entire pen drive and save it.
Then work ONLY with the backup copy you have made...keep the original version untouched as much as possible.
This helps ensure if you make a mistake you don't cause even more problems on the original drive.
Use the original USB drive only if all attempts to recover data using the backup copy fail.

There are a number of ways to try doing this.

HDClone Basic Edition (17 Euros) supports image clones of USB stick drives. (note: the freeware HDclone version does not support this).
(HDclone also provides a Portuguese language version)
I have used the freeware/donateware version of HDclone. It is in my opinion a high-quality easy-to-use program. I believe the non-freeware versions would be high-quality as well.

Using some other utilities (some of them freeware) as shown at this webpage:

Using Ubuntu (a Linux derivative) to attempt a bit-for-bit copy of a USB drive to another identical USB drive using command. This should automatically bit-wise copy multiple partitions, etc. without even pre-formatting the target drive. But of course this requires using Ubuntu or similar and another identical USB drive.
sudo cp /dev/hda /dev/hdb

john albrich May 27, 2011, 08:38pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive

A question.

Was the USB pen drive encrypted?

Hugo Carro May 29, 2011, 11:40am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
thx so much, again and indeed, for your help and your patience in going on discussing my problem with me

i sent this to kingston technical dept in the states:

there had been an accidental formatting and now it doesnt display any files, question: does kingston have an unformat utility, or proprietary software for this specific pen drive?, there are 75.1 gb recorded of several files, but only 18.9 gb or 25 percent must actually be recovered, the important files are 1,331 photos recorded with sony-s proprietary RAW format, called .arw, i need your urgent help, any other alternative idea or suggestion?, thank you very much

do you agree?

before beginning to discuss with you i tried the 'run xp repair pro 4.0', you confirm it's non-destructive?, i hope so, for sure

i solidly suppose my pen drive isnt encrypted, since it's only me to handle it and i didnt

now i'll try my best to clone it for highly safety purposes, thx for your indication, you are thoroughly right, thx much once more

Hugo Carro Jan 24, 2012, 09:12am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
thank you very much Jessika!

now please tell me where do i download this kernel software and how do i put it to work

what does GUI mean?

the user-friendly utility comes together in the same download?

john albrich Jan 24, 2012, 01:41pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive

May I suggest you start doing more of this simple work yourself? There are a couple reasons for doing this.

Otherwise, it appears like you are asking people to do virtually all the work FOR you instead of helping you when you run into problems. It's pretty clear you have a working knowledge of using the internet.

I'm definitely not trying to put down your requests for help, but many of your requests are for very basic things...that YOU can find by performing a basic and quick search on the internet (e.g. where to download "Kernel for Windows Data Recovery" tool, finding out what "GUI" means, instructions on how to use tools, etc)

You'll also learn more by first trying to find and read about these things yourself. Then, IF you can't find them...ask for more help. may find an answer within minutes by searching for it yourself, rather than waiting (sometimes days) for someone to respond to your request for help on a website.

One place to download "Kernel for Windows Data Recovery" (found by "Google" search):

edit to add:
By the way, search engines like "Google" aren't limited to just using "keywords". You can ask questions. For example, in the "Google" search bar, you can ask things like,
What does gui mean?

edit to add:
One also can search HWA (although the HWA search tool is a bit squirrely at times). The HWA search bar is in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage. Some common problems have been discussed in depth and repeatedly on HWA, and solutions can be found in existing fora.

Hardware geek Jan 25, 2012, 01:01am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
Hello Hugo!!

I'm really feeling sad after seeing that your problem is not getting solved since a long time.
I found this post today and can try to show you some handful steps for full recovery of your pen drive data.

Just do the needy steps as mentioned below:

Download a Partition Recovery Software( by clicking on the link and download the trial version.

In the trial version, you can see the preview of recoverable files and can be recovered once if you buy the full version .

Only after ensuring yourself that data are still recoverable, download the full version and run the software.

This software is having a DIY(Do-it-Yourself) guide which guides you each and every steps to recover the data from your pen drive, so you don't have to take help from anybody else.

Since a long time ago, I had lost my data from one of my hard disk partitions and this partition recovery software is the only one which blessed me with all my lost data recovered back to my hard drive. I hadn't found any such software other than this one which can recover the complete data without modifying the actual one.

Let me know what happen when you had tried this.

hony iskra Oct 31, 2012, 06:37am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
My situation is the same mentioned above but I have unknowingly reformatted it again. So now, How can I now recover my first formatted files ?

I have tried using many recovery softwares, but only the second formatted files appear back but not the first!

Please help me, I have got some important files in it

Hardware geek Oct 31, 2012, 07:28am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: tragedy with pen drive
First things first, You should start a new thread for your particular problem.
For the time being. try some famous recovery software after Googling it. Below are some best professional program which i trust and would recommend to everyone facing similar situations.

Stellar Phoenix File Recovery - For Windows & Mac Both

Recover My Files _ Get Data Back



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