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  Left For Dead - PC 
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Supreet Virdi Jun 28, 2011, 10:09am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Left For Dead - PC
Hey thanks a lot dude. I've been searching and searching for ages, no solution. I think I'll try and use it for another year or so and sell it. Either way, I want to come to Europe and settle there, especially Germany, I dying to move out thiss**t hole.

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G. G. Jun 29, 2011, 12:53am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Left For Dead - PC
Supreet Virdi said:

The problem is that my car heats up very quickly when I turn the A/C on, without it, it works OK. I've checked with so many mechanics and engineers but they couldn't tell what's the problem is, I've changed Radiator, Condenser, A/C Clutch, changed Coolant, flushed engine, used synthetic Engine Oil, but the problem still exists.

Just now I met with another engineer, he says there could be problem with Engine Phase or Cooling / Heat Sensor, and asking another $100 for labor. This time now, since the monsoon as arrived, I think I'll leave the way it is and spend money on my computer.


Have you change out the thermalstat ?????? very easy to replace. it is located on the upper radiator hose between the radiator and engine. On the engine side.

The thermalstat looks like this -

this little unit can stick and not open or you could have the incorrect one installed. Find out what stock thermalstat value (i.e. 160, 170, or 180 degree) belongs to your engine. buy a new one and install it. it only costs a few bucks. usually around 10.ooUSD..

The way this thing works is that as the temperature rises, the valve will open as it reaches to the value it is made for. Lets say that a 170 degree thermalstat belongs to your engine. Depending on the work load of your engine, the water temp will rise and lowers.... but as it rises to the temp of the thermalstat, the thermalstat will slowly open letting water circulate through the radiator to let it cool. The hotter the temp goes, the more open the thermalstat opens..

With the A/C operating, this puts a load on your engine causing more heat.... so the valve opens to let the water go through the radiator to get cooled. BUT..... if the thermalstat is stuck or not opening fully causing restriction..... your engine wont cool down...

Another area to look at, is that whenever your A/C is in operation, i.e. compressing.... the radiator fans should kick in.... and when the A/C cycles off... the radiator fans shuts down. Remember, when you turn on your A/C, when the air temps gets up to or down to whichever how you want to look at it... your A/C cycles on and off to maintain a certain tempurature.... It doesnt "compress" all the time... it is on 100% of the time when you first initially turn it on but as your cabin cools down to a certain temp, the A/C unit will cycle on and off as needed to keep the cabin cool.

So if you havent change the thermalstat..... you really need to try that... You can do dont need to pay a mechanic to do this.


Supreet Virdi Jun 30, 2011, 08:39am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Left For Dead - PC
Thank you so much for your suggestion, will try and see how things work out, I'll probably try it out next week.

Thanks again!

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