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  Loud Sony CS21SR/CS21SP Laptop Fans 
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Martin Clark Aug 05, 2011, 11:14pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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I have 2 Sony Laptops. CS21SR and CS21SP. One for myself and a friend. These were bought in late 2009. They both have a fan which sound like a vacuum cleaner. Sony in the U.S has acknowledged this problem and is offering a free repair for up to 36 months after original warranty expires. My warranty expired in late 2010. See

I would like to know if this is being honoured in the UK, and if so, where laptops could be sent to obtain this fix or can it be done through Sony stores? (i.e. fan replacement). I have tried contacting a Sony store and got no reply, which is what I expected.

When I tried to get a 1 year warranty extension and I was told that they don’t exist (bullshit) and they tried to sell me a 3 year one? That cost £200-300+ per laptop? (maybe much more)

I must have been mad to buy Sony again; my previous laptop was a Sony FX802, which I have a topic on this site, discussing the crap 2nd ram slot Sony used. It would appear in the case of the CS21S series, a crap fan is used instead.

I have probably said before about how huge companies with huge brand following seem to be licensed to get away with shoddy products because they know there are millions if not billions more mugs where I came from.


Martin Clark
Sony CS21SR/SP Centrino 2GHz T6400 4 Gig 320Gb HDD Windows 7

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Martin Clark Sep 18, 2015, 07:58pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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>> Re: Loud Sony CS21SR/CS21SP Laptop Fans
I am writing a reply to my own question for the benefit of others and in the hope of getting a bit of help with the remaining issue.

In the case of the Sony CS21SP Laptop I have replaced the hard drive since it was on the point of dying and was giving out S.M.A.R.T warnings. The fan up until now has not been replaced and continued to be an annoying pain in the arse in the time prior to now. I am about to replace this fan.

The Sony CS21SR actually died October 2014. The Laptop developed a dodgy power socket problem so power would suddenly be cut off. This lead to the hard drive failing due to the repeated unexpected loss of power and the consequences of damage to the hard drive due to it being in use at the time, and the drive head not being parked at the time I would imagine. (An IT Manager at work told me that all hard drives park themselves automatically as its power dies any thoughts on this?) A few days ago, I replaced the hard drive, replaced the power socket and cable. I have also replaced the fan. The hard drive was easy to replace. The power socket and cable a pain. The Fan was not too much trouble. However, this has not solved all of the problems.

Both Laptops suffer from garbage at the bottom of the screen. In the case of CS21SP it is only a few mm of garbage. In the case of the CS21SR it is a good 2 inches of the bottom of the screen. I suspect this garbage is related to the Laptop over heating while I was trying to recover the Laptop back to life. As it was left on for long periods of time. Days, possibly weeks at a time. Recovery always failed. Before any one asks, if you plug the CS21SR into a TV via VGA the picture on the TV is perfect. Up until now I thought the damaged was due to the graphics Nvidia chip being damaged by the poor fan through overheating.

I have discovered something interesting about the recovery disks which I burned when I bought the Laptops and that is they do not work. It would appear they were never intended to set up a brand new hard drive from scratch. Merely to recover a partially f**ked up original hard drive that still has its recovery partition intact. When you try to use the recovery disks it moans about how it cannot find the recovery partition (well it wouldn’t on a brand new hard drive would it?) which begs the question what was the point of the recovery disks? A Windows Vista to 7 upgrade that came later thankfully would install from scratch this surprised me as I thought they were only meant to upgrade to 7 from Vista.

The fact that Sony never recalled these Laptops in the UK makes me think that Sony doesn’t think much of what people think of their brand or that they are too big to worried about damage or any one person thinks of them. For the sake of a part which I bought for £ 4 (e.g. the Fan) they p**sed off users who paid up to £1,000 for a machine with a faulty fan that somehow escaped quality control processes.

The reason why I have waited until now to do these repairs is because I have replaced one of them already with a new HP Laptop and having replaced one of them felt ok about risking trying to repair one of them. I am an IT Graduate; I did cover repairs to Desktop PCs at university but not Laptops. So, I am a little out of my comfort zone here. In town, I found one computer shop wanted £100 just to replace the power socket alone never mind the hard drive or the fan. This prompted me to do it myself.

Any thoughts on the graphics problem? I am resigned to it being unfixable at the moment. I have had to put the taskbar on the top of the screen otherwise at the bottom it is actually invisible.

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