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  SOLVED Printer-Dell 946 Need "PowerBlock" Output Specs (Volts/Amps/Polarity) 
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john albrich Nov 07, 2011, 05:40pm EST Report Abuse
Anyone know the output specifications of the Dell 946 "All-In-One" printer's "Universal Power Block" or preferably where the output specs are published? The output specs should also be on the power brick itself if you have one of these bricks.

I need the output voltage and amps (e.g. 20VDC @ 3Amps).
Polarity could be described or imaged (e.g. with power block lengthwise vertically oriented with the two output connectors at the top and facing toward you, the Left connector = Negative) or an image or diagram (perhaps something like this...
| (-) (+) |
----------- (note: the ....... are just to keep the spacing)

A friend moved and can't find the "brick".

So far, the Dell website, printer manual, etc. seem to say NOTHING about the output specs of the "Universal Power Block". It even uses some totally asinine connector where you plug the entire brick itself into the printer. I automatically assume this design and lack of information is to force the customer to be 100% dependent on Dell for an (likely way-overpriced) proprietary replacement part.

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G. G. Nov 07, 2011, 08:50pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Printer-Dell 946 Need "Power Block" Output Specifications (Volts/Amps/Polarity)

I think I found the power adapter that you will need for that printer...

oh.. power wise, it looks like it is going to be 30VDC at 1.07A and the adapter actually slides into the printer. There are two contact points on the brick at one end, the end that goes into the printer and the other end is where the power cord attaches to and then to the wall outlet.

check these links out -


john albrich Nov 07, 2011, 10:36pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Printer-Dell 946 Need "Power Block" Output Specifications (Volts/Amps/Polarity)
Anyone have this adapter that can confirm the polarity of the connectors?
Even at high magnification, I cant' tell if the left side terminal in this picture is marked as a + or a - sign.
I've got a 29VDC 3A adapter which should be fine, but of course polarity will be an issue when I hook it up.

And thanks for the links! All I got on my first eBay search was the power cords. When I tried again based on your input, it came back with those 2 eBay links for the actual adapters. Weird.

G. G. Nov 08, 2011, 12:27am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Printer-Dell 946 Need "Power Block" Output Specifications (Volts/Amps/Polarity)
if it is polarity then it is a negative. BUT.... more so I think it is a brass screw..


john albrich Nov 08, 2011, 01:19am EST Report Abuse
>> SOLVED Printer-Dell 946 Need "PowerBlock" Output Specs (Volts/Amps/Polarity)
I think you may be right. The more I look at it, it seems like it's not oriented quite "square" enough to be an polarity mark...either that or they have lousy tolerances.

So, I checked continuity between the USB port signal ground and the power block connectors in the printer, and determined the connector closest to the "screw" does appear to be the negative.

It's likely just coincidence that the screw looks like a (-) symbol. Most of these kinds of things usually show the polarity on both connector "tabs".

Again thanks for the quick help!



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