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  Tribes Ascend Beta 
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Seth Hoffman Feb 29, 2012, 10:05am EST Report Abuse
I used to play the original Tribes on a Pentium 166Mhz, 32MB RAM and a PCI Voodoo 3 2000.

Jump forward 14 years and we now have a new Tribes game that captures the feel and fun of the original, and it's free to play!

My initial reaction to the beta was "yup, it's Tribes..." but after getting deeper into the class upgrades and leveling system I find it to be a lot deeper and keeps you coming back to play. After about 4 matches I really started to get into it, and paid in $30 for the "elite pack" which grants you +50% xp for life, 3000 gold (in game real money currency), and 30 days of double xp. These upgrade packs are optional, it is possible to unlock everything in the game that is not cosmetic via play, under the free-to-play model.

The character models look great but some of the maps look amazing and some look straight out of 1999. I hope they do some more work to their maps before the release.

In the beta there are three modes:

Team Deathmatch; teams battle each other for points. Highest wins the match, however there is a flag in the match that whichever team has the flag gets double kill points until the other team takes it away.

Capture the Flag; this mode has a generator that powers all base defenses, this adds depth to the match, being that players need to keep defenses online and still work to get the other teams flag at the same time.

Arena 5v5; very reminiscent of Quake rocket arena and alike. There is a set number of spawns for each team, when the respawns run out the last team mate standing wins the match.

If you're a fan of team based shooters, I highly recommend checking out the Tribes Ascend beta. It's free-to-play and in open beta right now.



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