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  How to recover BIOS? 
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Hit Machine Mar 08, 2012, 01:24pm EST Report Abuse
One of my friend has HP laptop. He installed BIOS update software and now when laptop is turned on, lights turn on but nothing comes on screen. I think some wrong BIOS software has been installed.

Any idea how to recover the old BIOS version now?

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john albrich Mar 08, 2012, 03:27pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: How to recover BIOS?
He needs to Read The Manual! (motherboard and/or the BIOS flash procedures)

Recovering from a failed BIOS flash can differ depending on the model computer/laptop/motherboard. It can even vary depending on which VERSION of the motherboard was used.

However, there in fact may be no way to recover from a failed BIOS flash attempt, and even a suggested recovery procedure may not work (e.g. simply re-flashing the BIOS, clearing CMOS memory, removing the memory batter, etc. may or may not work).

The motherboard used in the laptop MAY have a secondary/backup BIOS module in which case it's more likely recovery is possible, and again, the procedure to use it is covered in the manual. It MAY be designed to automatically recover if the BIOS is corrupted by a failed update, but it sounds like that didn't happen with his computer. That suggests his motherboard doesn't have that feature.

If the problem occurred using a "live" online flash utility, then he should try using an offline flash procedure...which is more complicated (again, if this is possible it will be detailed in the manual).

The reality is it may be impossible to recover from this. There is an inherent risk EVERY time one tries to flash motherboard BIOS. The risk is higher for older motherboards/computers.

When a problem occurs during motherboard BIOS flashing it can turn the computer into a paperweight...especially on older motherboards. A number of manufacturers specifically warn users that they should attempt to flash the motherboard BIOS ONLY if the user is having a significant problem or the user "needs" to add functionality via an BIOS update (e.g. to add support to unlock additional CPU cores).

Hit Machine Mar 28, 2012, 02:46pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: How to recover BIOS?
First thing I want to ask is that in a laptop where the battery for BIOS exists? and I have searched over internet about the laptop model. The link to its troubleshooting is as under:

Laptop is HP Pavilion 1054SA G7 Series. But here no step is given to recover the BIOS. I have removed the RAM and checked it, attached it with another monitor to check the LCD but all in vain.

Please help me that how to recover the BIOS?



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