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  ASUS G73Sw Won't Power Up 
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D.J. Chadwick May 01, 2012, 02:47pm EDT Reply - Quote - Report Abuse
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Edited: May 01, 2012, 02:50pm EDT

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Last night, I was playing EverQuest Online Adventures- a common occurrence on any given night- when my computer simply turned off. I realized that I hadn't had it plugged in, so I plugged it back in, but it still would not turn on, or even light up on the front to confirm that it was receiving a charge. I realized then that the manner in which the computer turned off was much different than when the power runs out. Usually, if the battery runs out of power, it will first give me an alert popup at about 10%, and then when the power does finally run out, it will send windows into shut down mode and slowly power down. In this instance, the screen simply went black and the computer was instantly no longer powered on. What I've noticed is that the computer won't respond at all. The only thing that comes from attempting to power it on is the dead "click" of me pressing the power button.

I tried lightly wiggling around the power cord to no avail. The adapter light on the cord was lit up, confirming that charge was traveling through the cord. I tried removing the battery and placing it back in again, also to no avail. This all leads me to believe that I have a hardware issue, rather than a power issue.

I don't remember the exact specs, but the computer has 16 gigs of ram, 1tb of memory, an Intel I5 Quad Core Processor, and runs Windows 7 64 bit. It's only a year old.

I have come here because I've found the Asus customer help website to be abhorrently unhelpful.

Thank you for your time,


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