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  My New "top notch" system does not post 
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Sampl Jul 30, 2012, 01:06pm EDT Report Abuse

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Sampl Jul 30, 2012, 03:08pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: My New "top notch" system does not post
Dear All,

I have some new information..

I happened to come across an old pc speaker and decided to replace the one i had installed with this one.. and it turns out the other one was not working for some reason.. i started it up and it started to beep. exellent!! i started at the beginning.. i cleared the mobo from everything except for the CPU HSF and needed power (24 an 8 pins) it beeped as it should, that there is no memory installed. good, but then i installed one stick an then silence it did not beep and it does this with all the sticks.. i read from another post that this indicates that the memory is shorting out my PSU.. also i have found out that the DIAG CPU led is not burning like the DIAG led of the Memory, it blinks 2 or 3 times and then in shuts of i happened to see it nou cause i installed the stock intel cooler that came with the cpu instead of the v10.

so is it the psu?? it was working fine in my other rig (AMD) or is it the memory?? or is the other post not right about this..

Thank You!!

Afrow UK Jul 30, 2012, 04:07pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: My New "top notch" system does not post
Have you tried doing the PSU power on test using a paperclip?


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Sampl Aug 08, 2012, 04:36am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: My New "top notch" system does not post
Dear All,

Thank You All for helping me out!! it was the BIOS version..

I installed an older CPU and it booted.. flashed the bios and then i put in the i7 980 and guess what.. it worked as it supposed to!

Thank u All again!!

Kind Regards

john albrich Aug 08, 2012, 08:27am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: My New "top notch" system does not post
Thanks for sharing your experience and solution. This issue definitely affects me, and it's now another important thing to keep in new-build and pre-purchase checks. Look at the motherboard manufacturer's CPU list and BIOS download updates and VERIFY that a planned CPU is compatible with the target motherboard and its BIOS.

I'd also add to read the user reviews on etailer websites like newegg, etc., even if the manufacturer claims compatibility, the users may find other problems. I now consider reading user reviews a "must do" while researching motherboard and similar purchases. That's where I first learned about this BIOS/CPU problem and it helped me in a motherboard purchase decision. From past experience, I prefer to not flash a motherboard's BIOS unless I have absolutely no choice.

Additional rambling and details...

The solution you described is the same as others have discovered and reported in their motherboard user reviews on etailer support the new CPU, they had to flash the BIOS using an older CPU. Like you, they were lucky enough to have an older CPU on hand to do so.

I've found user reviews to be very helpful in weeding out motherboards with installation problems, and users sometimes report them there before the problem is well known.

"Formal" reviews at some websites often just use one (maybe two) CPU, and as it may not be the "latest" CPU, they don't run into this kind of compatibility problem. For example, an AMD AM3+ motherboard may support CPUs all the way from the old Sempron 1-core CPU to the newer FX 8-cores, and a "formal" review may have used an old Phenom series CPU, or even an FX 4-core...and the BIOS may not support 6-core or 8-core CPUs.

BTW, you may also have to be prepared to deal with different versions of the same model motherboard, and a BIOS update may not fix a compatibility issue that's "tied" to the revision number of the motherboard. For example, some motherboards will change which memory they support based on the revision number, or whether it will support OC-ing to use DDR3-1866 thru DDR3-2133MHz (e.g. motherboard XYZ ver1.2 won't, but ver1.3 will). Once again, we may find such information ONLY in the user reviews, and it could save us from wasting time and/or money.

Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee which version of a given motherboard you'll get when you place an order. Buying refurbished can aggravate the possible problem as you may be more likely to get an older revision motherboard.

However, user reviews by their nature inevitably include pairing all sorts of CPUs with a motherboard, and the chance of finding a problem is increased.



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