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  im at a loss please help ..... 
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chris turcic May 18, 2013, 02:11pm EDT Report Abuse
im getting random reboots ... and i know its a common thing but i have literally ruled out everything i can think of ....

i formatted and reinstalled windows 7 ultimate so its not a virus issue

i replaced my psu from a 520 to a 750 watt i have been talking to intel and they say the processor is running a little hot ( i average about 30C without load across all 4 cores )

its restarted when there was no load at all and no real heat load .... i have researched online and from what i have read even when overclocking i shouldnt have to worry till atleast 50C maybe more .... but intel and the usual support forum i take my problems to can give me any actual information like what it should be running at ... TSF said to replace the thermal paste and tho i really didnt think that was the problem i did it anyway no such luck either .....

my system is as follows

win 7 ult 64bit

intel core 2 quad q6600 2.4gihz

4 gigs dual channel ddr2 400mhz ( 6-6-6-18)

xfx nforce 680i lt ( socket 775 )

1gig geforce gtx 460 ( gigabyte )

HD1 WDC WD50 scsi 500gig
HD2 WDC WD2 scsi 2ter

optical drive pioneer dvd-rw

xfx 750watt fully modular PSU

corsair h60 water cooling system

now at this point i have fan readouts temp readings voltages i flashed my bios intel said to remove single items and test all the ram slots with each stick as well as remove the second hard drive to see what was causing the added load and run for an hour each change ... so after all that was finished no changes at all replaced thermal paste replaced psu formatted hd ... the only thing i havent done was put my spare graphics card in and see if it still happens but personally i dont think that would be the problem as it reboots without load at all like i can have it off for 8+ hours turn it on and be at the desktop and it can reboot ....

to be completely honest i have absolutely no idea where to go next and i am starting to think the TSF people are retarded or atleast the one i had spoken to because i copy pasted originally the belarc advisor readout that shows literally everything you have on it and they still asked for the same basic information that was clearly posted so either they cant read or they are retarded and yes i am extremely frustrated by now being most of my conversation was them asking for the same things over and over and me posting it over and over 2 pages in and they have literally nothing to show for it ....

i just want to be able to rule things out with some solidity .... if some one tells me im at the point where i should change out the graphics card sure fine whatever i have no problem with that but i know constantly pulling boards is NEVER good ....

that all said including my rand which i apologize for ... if there is any and i do mean any information at all needed let me know if i dont know how to get it i will ask its that simple but its more than likely i can get whatever is needed ..... and please ... please ... please ... help

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john albrich May 19, 2013, 07:01pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....
chris turcic said:
im getting random reboots ... and i know its a common thing but i have literally ruled out everything i can think of ....

i formatted and reinstalled windows 7 ultimate so its not a virus issue....

IF malware is involved, even though you reformatted etc if you didn't format it using a self-booting non-Windows disk/drive management tool then any malware could have survived. For example, the malware could be in the Master Boot Record.

A self-booting recovery disk may be all you need, or some drive manufacturers ship with their HDD or provide downloadable self-booting disk management tools that can make sure that any Windows-based malware is removed when the drive is re-initialized. Or, you can use freeware/donateware tools like Partiion Logic, UBCD, etc. or not for free Norton's Ghost, etc to do so.

You also can use system debugging methods as discussed here on HWA. Just search on
system debug
in the HWA search bar at the upper right of the HWA webpage.

chris turcic May 19, 2013, 07:31pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....
you mean dos based ?

john albrich May 19, 2013, 09:07pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....
chris turcic said:
you mean dos based ?

If you're talking about Microsoft's DOS (Disk Operating System) based then no, I don't mean that. When you use Windows to format a drive, it is pretty much simply providing a "user-friendly" mouse-enabled interface for using the equivalent of the DOS command "".

Meats_Of_Evil May 20, 2013, 02:16am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....
Though it is possible for malware to affect the MBR I do not think you're suffering from such an elaborate infection. I would rule out the video card as you didn't wrote anything about loss of video signal to the monitor or artifacts, so the remaining and most painful thing is the motherboard. I have similar specs like yours and I had an EVGA 680i mobo which I had to RMA years ago due to something which I can't remember but I think it had something to do with voltages, though I don't know if it applies to the XFX brand. Your CPU is running fine, Q6600 ran hot compared to what quads run today, mine averages in the 45-ish F and it gets way hotter on summer on a gaming session and its lasted for over 5 years now so you'll be okay.

I honestly think its the motherboard which is a total bitch to have to deal with since you basically have to disassemble your PC entirely. I would try and get an RMA or just start saving for a CPU, MOBO and RAM upgrade.

In case you opt for the latter, Tom's Hardware did an awesome article comparing Core2Quad's architecture performance vs the new IvyBridge Quadcores. You might be surprised at how well the ol' Q6600 fares now a days.

Everything I write is Sarcasm.
chris turcic May 20, 2013, 06:56am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....
i am planning on keeping my processor its done me real good for a long time i usually change the processor with motherboard because in the past they tended to last about the same ... or there was something insanely cheap or something ... this time around i am gonna really look into boards and see what i can get out of them ..... and as i think about it i have been noticing my unit not as efficient as it used to be im not sure if thats relevant or anything ...... all around i have gotten about 5 years out of the setup with the video card being replaced a few times still it was a good run .....

in either case thanks it seems no one had been able to give me any actual real useful information and its a good thing i picked up a second thermal paste because i am going to need it lol

Naveen Goud May 20, 2013, 05:36pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....

If you are confident enough that you have done the best and have used all the options like formatting and so on, then I get a feeling that there is a fault in your motherboard.

There is a chance of a circuit break happening on the motherboard due to a short circuit or some issue.

So, I guess that the problem is in your motherboard. Sometimes, due to harsh weather conditions and thunderstorms, there is a chance of short circuit on the mother board. It happened to my desktop almost 7-8 years ago and after struggling like you for two days, it was diagnosed as a MOBO problem and had to be sent to a service center.

Is your cooling system working fine?




chris turcic May 20, 2013, 06:04pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....
the corsair h60 seems to be working ... the pump is running it doesnt build heat when idling ... my guess is if it was malfunctioning or not cooling properly more than likely it would build heat as there would be no displacement ......

so now the name of the game is finding a non discontinued motherboard for my unit which is proving to be somewhat of a problem the top 5 rated are no longer made and other than those i am not too savy on mix and matching usually i replace both together ..... intel responded today there idea was to test processor and motherboard separately like flip flop ... of course i would need spares for both for that too ...... so i am still at the same step basically

chris turcic May 22, 2013, 05:37pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....
just happened so im not sure if its any relation or not and i rebooted and its working again but my network disconnected or something said there was no network access and the network card is onboard like most i would think these days ...... makes me think more about voltage problems with the motherboard is likely .... however i am still later today planning to switch out my graphics card just incase being its here already and might save me from locating a board that apparently is mostly discontinued

john albrich May 22, 2013, 10:24pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....
I can't tell if you read any of the system debug threads earlier suggested you examine by using the HWA search bar seems no one had been able to give me any actual real useful information....
but, because repeating random reboots as a symptom often points to storage failures (in particular but not limited to DRAM modules), just in case you aren't aware of this basic deficiency in system RAM diagnostics programs...

You told us you have multiple RAM modules and tested "each stick"...but you didn't give us details on how you tested the sticks...and that matters. IF you didn't at the very least test the module that was originally in the "1st" module slot (your motherboard manual should ID how that is labeled on your system (it varies)) in a different module slot while performing the memory diagnostics, the diagnostics would have failed to detect any existing error(s) in a large portion of system-critical addressed locations in the "1st" RAM module. The "XP won't boot - diagnosis" post I linked to above provides more details.

For future component install/remove/debug work, some other things to keep in mind that are also covered in the debug threads...
If you didn't remove the AC power (either via AC plug or rear PSU AC switch) from your PSU when you changed out the old PSU, or while you were removing/installing other components, then components could have been damaged. Simply "turning-off" the PC using the PC's front panel switch doesn't actually turn the PSU all the way off.

The ESD and power management cautions noted in the debug threads are important. Errors induced by ESD can manifest immediately after the actual ESD event or months after (latent ESD damage). The symptoms of ESD created damage can be repeatable or random. Some components in modern computers can be damaged by ESD levels so low they are neither felt nor seen as a "spark".

chris turcic May 22, 2013, 11:20pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....
i understand all that and tho im not an expert given i do have a basic understanding and such ... i always remove power before touching anything i ground and such as well ...

as for the ram ..... i have 2 channels so what i did first was remove the secondary stick booted ran for 30-1 hour then moved to the channel 2 slot 1 with the primary stick ....tested checked what i could like load and usage and whatever then moved onto channel 1 slot 2 with the primary stick and then channel 2 slot 2 and then i ran that process over with the secondary stick as instructed by intel .... there was a ram check on my boots as i set the bios to do the full check whatever that is i honestly dont recall what the option is called tho its likely different anyway depending on the board .......

i recently found that i needed to change my video chard anyway due to the second fan wasnt working anymore which accounts for the higher temp on that but that did not correct the random reboots so i am looking at motherboards still and i think i may take the
ASRock G41C-GS LGA 775 Intel G41 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard ..... only 60 bucks and the graphics card placement is better than the gigabyte one i seen unless you have a better option for a motherboard

Your I.T. Guy May 30, 2013, 09:36am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: im at a loss please help .....
Random reboots are always painful if not caused by the usual PSU or RAM faults. I have been troubleshooting these types of issues now for over 8 years and have seen random reboots, caused by everything from a rogue loose screw under the motherboard to a faulty case (the on/off switch shorting). I hate to say it but a motherboard fault is usually to blame once the PSU and RAM has been ruled out and a clean install has been performed.I have never had a CPU cause completely random reboots.
Have you tried flashing the BIOS? It's a long shot but has worked for me in the past.



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