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  Strange Problem Installing Windows 
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~Vel Jul 10, 2013, 11:09pm EDT Report Abuse
I'm trying to do a clean install of Windows on a new hard drive because my old WD is getting old and slowly failing. I'm having an issue which says that the drivers for my hard drive are not found. The drive is a Toshiba MK5065GSXF. The thing is, my supplied chipset drivers on the CD are, well, fine. When I navigate to them, Windows installation won't accept them. YET, I can use the Windows installer repair tools to get to command prompt and can format the drive there using diskpart, just fine. So the motherboard fully acknowledges this drive, and CMD is even okay with it. Because of that, I'm convinced it's Windows just being a pain in the ass during installation, because I know the hard drive is also 100% fine. I can still boot from the WD drive, and it sees the Toshiba just fine, and I can read & write data to it without issues.

In any case, I'm done trying to install Windows this way, because I had this issue with a prior motherboard when trying to install Windows on the old failing Western Digital drive and just returned it for this MSI. Go figure that I'm now having the issue with a different hard drive. f**k me.

My question to you all, is what are some other possible ways to install Windows on the Toshiba drive with what I have. I don't have a second machine to pop the Toshiba into & install Windows from there, and because my WD drive is failing, it can't sustain long enough in order to do a clean clone over to the Toshiba without giving me a read error.

Anything short of getting another HD vs the Toshiba, or using another machine, what can I do? Is it at all possible for me to boot from the WD and just trying to install Windows from there? I'm stuck.

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john albrich Jul 11, 2013, 07:42am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Strange Problem Installing Windows
Have you checked the HDD itself?

Looking at various reports, it seems that Hitachi Drive Fitness Test is the only HDD diagnostic utility that works reliably with that Toshiba MK5065GSXF drive. According to these same people, drive diagnostic tools designed for Seagate, Maxtor, WD, etc. seem to be unreliable when testing Toshiba drives. Also, large numbers of faulty sectors on new drives seemed to be a repeating problem for people.

Unfortunately, a "bad" HDD can cause unpredictable problems, so diagnosis on an arbitrary OS platform can be tricky. A lemon MK5065GSXF could result in Windows install problems but work fine for other operations...similarly to what you've reported. It depends on the nature of the problem.

If possible, you might also run HD Tune's Error Scan in "long" mode. I diagnosed a problem with a WD drive that reported 0 bad sectors in "quick" mode but a number of bad sectors in the detailed test turned up as "red". The uncorrectable and un-reallocatable (in normal operations) sectors resulted in the drive being flagged as unusable via Speedfan's online SMART data interpretation and HDD Scan's SMART interpreter, but ALL other test tools (including HD Tune's "Health" tab, Passmark's Disk Checkup, and more) interpreted the SMART data and reported everything being "OK".

I recently tried to install Windows on it and ran it for awhile and over time it caused squirrely results...likely because more originally OK sectors become corrupted but are NOT re-allocated...yet neither the OS nor any applications complained about it. The failures were invisible to the system.

Uncorrected/un-reallocated sectors could result in unpredictable installation issues if they are in key regions of the drive. See

In the case of the WD, the SMART attributes flagged were "Current Pending Errors Count" and "Uncorrectable Errors Count". I used HDD Scan's "surface test" (it forces reallocation of bad sectors...if possible) to fix the errors, but months later more sectors were flagged as bad by HD Tune's detailed test, but remained invisible to the system and applications.

See also (which I'm going to update with new data).

~Vel Jul 11, 2013, 02:51pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Strange Problem Installing Windows
Thanks for the suggestions about checking the Toshiba drive but I'm convinced that it's not in fact the Toshiba drive. Again, I had this problem with an ASRock board before getting this MSI board, and with THAT one, Windows WOULD install to the Toshiba drive but not the WD drive. At that time I just returned the ASRock board and got the MSI because I didn't know the WD drive was failing yet, and was planning to sell the Toshiba drive.

I'm thinking that it has to be that the Windows installer just isn't liking the combination between the hard drive and the motherboard.

I now also tried booting Windows on the WD drive and opening Windows installer, and pointing it to the Toshiba drive, and it asks me to load drivers from there too. I pointed it to the most recent chipset drivers that I downloaded and it still won't take. At this point I'm just thinking of saying f**k it and using the Toshiba as a secondary drive, and replacing the WD with a SSD. At least if I run into the issue there for some reason, I can just return the SSD and get a different one.

~Vel Jul 20, 2013, 06:38pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Strange Problem Installing Windows
I got the SSD and it still didn't want to install on there either. I supplied chipset drivers for the install, and went through the trouble of trying 3 different Win7 ISOs and hard resetting my bios. Then I tried a Win8 ISO just to see what would happen and that worked fine. So I'm just running Win8 for now I suppose.

Mr. Fook Jul 22, 2013, 04:01pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Strange Problem Installing Windows
Always download the latest motherboard and chipset drivers from the manufacturer website for the specific version of Windows you're installing, don't rely only on the driver CD. The drivers / software in the CD are often out-of-day and probably incompatible to newer versions of Windows and/or hardware.

I found out the hard way before, when I was trying to install Windows 7 64bits with a supplied RAID driver from the driver CD. The Windows installation would crash midway in random places. It perplexed me for a while, before I tried a newer RAID driver written specifically for Windows 7 64bits from the motherboard website. The installation went successfully with the newer driver!



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