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  My apologies ... 
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Sander Sassen Jul 20, 2014, 07:26am EDT Report Abuse
I feel ashamed, ashamed to be Dutch, not because of my nationality, but because of the way the Dutch government has been carefully tip-toeing around the outright murder of 193 of their citizens and the 95 other casualties of this horrendous attack on flight MH17.

In the wake of the downing of flight MH17 there was no doubt whatsoever that this plane was brought down by an surface-to-air missile, even the pro-Russian separatists were very vocal about that, until they realized they didn't down a Ukrainian transport plane, but a commercial jet with 295 souls on board, at which point they fell silent and tried to revoke their triumphant claims of downing yet another Ukrainian airplane.

Unbelievable but true our government still addresses this tragedy as an accident, with not a single word being uttered about bringing whomever fired that surface-to-air missile to justice. Because obviously international trade with Russia, and Ukraine, is paramount, the lives of 193 men, women and children are just a statistic and apparently are of lesser importance than business.

Further evidence to that fact is the gruesome realization that four days after this horrendous tragedy occurred the corpses of these men, women and children are still rotting away in fields a mere thousand or so kilometers away. Their suitcases and belongings looted by people that have no moral compass whatsoever. Their jewelry wrung from their swollen fingers by people who I can only describe as barbaric and severely lacking any sense of compassion.

The current Dutch government, lead by prime minister Rutte, minister of foreign affairs Timmermans and minister of justice Opstelten has been unable, and by the looks of it unwilling, to put their foot down and liaise with EU and NATO partners to get a perimeter sealed off and the bodies recovered whilst instigating a objective investigation into what exactly happened to the unfortunate souls aboard flight MH17.

It strikes me as odd that our military, and Dutch aid relief workers, apparently can make their way out to the furthest corners of the world in under 24hrs. To offer aid and assistance in war zones, or when natural disasters occur, but primarily to protect Dutch interests, Shell oil being one of them. But when 193 Dutch men, women and children are shot from the sky, their bodies dismembered and laying strewn across fields rotting in the hot sun and being looted for their jewelry and other belongings the Dutch government seems to be incapable of doing anything?

One of the measures of a civilized society is how it looks after its death and pays them the respect their deserve. Clearly the Dutch government seems to not care whether these pour souls are cared for in a respectful and humane manner. With the first reports of looting our prime minister said he was shocked to hear this, but did not put his foot down stating that this is unacceptable and the perpetrators would be dealt with in due course. No, he was keen not to upset the Russians, as clearly the business interests needed to be protected at all cost.

To my fellow countrymen and women, please realize that this is one of those moments that we are in the international spotlight, where our current government is being weighed and tested. We need strong men and women in our government that are not afraid to make difficult decisions that show the world that the lives and well-being of Dutch citizens is not to be trifled with.

What we've seen over the past four days from our government makes me feel sick to my stomach and ashamed to be Dutch. I know now that the Dutch government does not care for its citizens, not unless you are a senator, or a business owner that brings in millions in taxes. If you are one of the unlucky people, of which there are close to 17 million in Holland, that live their lives in commonality, raising their children, working 9 to 5 jobs and paying their taxes you're expandable and just another statistic.

While this immense tragedy unfolded before us the overwhelming silence from organizations such as the EU and the NATO baffled me. Clearly downing a commercial jetliner with a surface-to-air missile is considered and act of war, and the EU laws stipulate that an act of war against one of its member states is to be considered an act of war against the whole EU. But I guess all the members of the EU parliament are away on vacation, sipping on their drinks on some lush holiday resort halfway across the globe and can't be bothered to take action.

That, however so sadly, is the state of affairs in Europe these days, where jetliners with 100s of passengers get shot out of the sky yet the Dutch government, or the EU parliament, can't seem to be able to make a fist or put their foot down and take swift and decisive action against the horrendous attack on flight MH17 and the gruesome negligence and disrespect for human lives displayed by the pro-Russian separatists.

My thoughts and prayers are with the unlucky 295 souls that lost their lives on flight MH17 and their relatives, friends and families. I sincerely hope that the 95 people who did not have the Dutch nationality will have governments that care for them and make every possible effort to make sure they get the respect they deserve.

Take care and wishing you all the best.

Sander Sassen
Edam, The Netherlands.

Sander Sassen
Editor in Chief - Hardware Analysis
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Dr. Peaceful Jul 21, 2014, 04:01am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: My apologies ...
It has since been updated to 298 passengers and crews lost their lives on that flight, MH17. The number of Dutch victims remained the same as Sander mentioned, and no doubt it was the majority (65%) of the victims. My deepest sympathy to the families and friends of all the victims of this tragic air disaster. My heart goes out to the people of the Netherlands, Malaysia, and all other nations involved. The Malaysians have been hit hard with two major air disasters in 5 months of time, with the first one (MH370) yet to be found, and over 500 hundred victims combined dead or presumed dead.

It is unfortunate that MH17 went down in a war zone. I hope that human courtesy will win out as to realize these victims had nothing to do with the war, but were just unfortunate bystanders in transit. The victims of flight MH17 deserve a thorough and formal investigation by the international community, as well as respectful handling and return of their remains and belongings. I also caution that we should not be hasted into war, until all the details of the event are being investigated and confirmed.



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