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  BBC Persistent Cookie REALLY p**ses Me Off 
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john albrich Aug 19, 2015, 02:50pm EDT Report Abuse
BBC Persistent Cookie REALLY p**ses Me Off

It looks like the BBC website has recently started using some sort of ultra-super-cookie

That's the website for the British Broadcasting System. You know...Britain...where the nice, friendly, nanny government has something like 15 CCTVs for every man, woman, and child, and requires electronic monitoring equipment in the TRASH CANS (aka Rubbish Bins)..

I've got internet security software, and multiple add-ons for real-time handling of super-cookies, regular cookies, and so on, and so far this damn BBC cookie cannot be deleted until I close the browser and re-open it. I've even looked for any processes within Windows the BBC website might have installed on my computer that would keep posting the cookie after it's deleted, but...nothing found so far..

"The BBC...We know what you're doing...right now, all the time...Even when you're not looking at us. For a better media experience, of course."

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john albrich Aug 19, 2015, 04:29pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: BBC Persistent Cookie REALLY p**ses Me Off
Now this is an odd duck.

Within a given browser session, I cleared all BBC entries out of the browser history log after visiting the BBC website, and the "ultra-super" cookie ability disappeared.

Subsequently, it is now acting as a regular cookie should, even with new browser history entries not being cleared in a given browser session. It now can be removed in the normal manner.

Don't know if this is just coincidence vis-a-vis the earlier history log action or due to something else.



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