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  Need help recovering bitlocker encrypted partition 
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Daniel Scheuermann Oct 09, 2015, 06:29am EDT Report Abuse
Hello everybody, i f**ked up with my 6tb bitlocker encrypted drive.
I tried to get it working on my step dads pc which, unbeknownst to me, didnt have bitlocker.
(I thought it was already a standard in windows)

What i did:
The PC did not recognize the drive in file explorer, thus i went to computer management in system settings and clicked on "initialize drive" without reading what i was doing i created a new partition table.
Getting the feeling i should not have done that i went home and my pc there did not recognize the drive, again i went to computer management and there i clicked on "convert to GPT table"

showing 2 raw partitions before, it now shows only 1

There are many partition recovery tools or bitlocker recovery tools but the kicker is, the drive was formatted with ReFS and the bitlocker recovery tool i did find (M3 bitlocker recovery) is actually finding the lost partition, including starting sector, but cannot find the required meta data for recovery, which, i think, is due to the lack of ReFS support in the tool.
On the other hand any ReFS supporting partition recovery tools i found do not seem to be working with the bitlocker thing.

The data is still there, i did not delete anything, just messed up the indexes.
Anyone got an idea how to fix that? (~3 tb of data on this baby)

Hoping for answers,
With kind regards,



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