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  Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700 
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Matt McFaul Mar 06, 2002, 10:31am EST Report Abuse
I just swapped out my old 266a mobo for this new 333 and have some odd problems.
First, it ook about 16 hours to get this board running. First I thought the problem was Win xp, but after trying 98se,me, and 2000 pro I finally found that their was noway that I was going to be able to install any o.s. while the northbridge was set at 333mghrtz.
The symptoms are error codes everytime I try to boot at that speed. The errors codes seem to be the result of the mobo shutting down the pci and then the ide is still there but very unstable and eventually dies too.
Dropping the chipset down to 266 allowed me to install the o.s. and scsi hdd with no glitches at all.
I have tested the ram to be excellent and tried various settings within the ram tweaks......and no matter what I try, the pci will shutdown as soon as I set it at 333.
For those of you that may be interested in this board, let me tell you what really sucks about it. The clock multiplyer settings for your cpu are dip switches on the mainboard.
The basics of this system are as follows:
ga-7vrxp mobo
2 sticks of 256mb corsair pc 2700 2-2-2
athlon xp 2000+
thermaltake copper shim for xp
swiftech mcx 462 hsf w/ delta 80mm (yeah i know loud as hell!)
adaptec scsi controller
IBM ultrastar scsi hdd
enermax 550 watt power supply
Radeon 8500QE 64mbddr agp video
kenwood 72x true cdrom
Those are the basics and everything else is just sitting here untill I can get this pooch running at 333!
Any suggestions from the pros out there would be greatly appreciated and highly respected!!!!

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john s Apr 10, 2002, 11:09am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700

i purchased the gigabute board as well and built my own system. i had ordered kingston ram pc2700, it was not in stock and they gave me some generic cl2.5 ram until the kingmax arrived.

generic ram worked fine at 333Mhz. when i installed the kingmax ram it died, it wouldn't boot, the power just turned on. NO bios, NO nothing. returned it for the generic brand.

my guess(non-professional) is that quality ram does not work with this ga-7VRXP.

i should point out that the generic ram does run at the faster 2-2-2 setting.

Joey Arreza Apr 17, 2002, 06:30am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700

I don't think the problem is the issue w/ a quality memory.
I know for a fact that the Corsair XMS PC2700 works. It's in my machine and works very well.

Check out Tomshardware's review on this board.

But you might want to check what the speed of your RAM is set to.


J T Apr 22, 2002, 01:34pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
I have the GA-7VRXP and Corsair CMX512-2700C2 (512MB, PC2700, CAS2) and it works perfectly at 333. It has a metal heat spreader that came with it on the DIMM. There is a lot of PC2700 floating around that is not really 333 MHz memory, although not from Corsair as far as I know. Is your memory CAS latency 2? Perhaps it could run at 333, but with CAS2.5 setting in the BIOS?

Francois Aspesberro Apr 24, 2002, 09:50pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
Huge bugs and crashes !

GA-7VRXP, Corsair DDR333 CL2.0 3x128Mb, 2xWD1200JB, Xtasy Geforce4 Ti4400, RAID O mode, Win XP/2000
I was able to install just once Win XP (lasted for 1 hour) with one crash every 5 minutes, now I'm unable to reboot or even reinstall Win XP, I tried Win 2000 with the same result. Gigabyte's customer support is the poorest I have seen from any company so far.
Should I throw this brand new motherboard to the dump ??
I will try setting the memory to 266MHz ...

Any fruitfull ideas out there ???

Lorenzo Mack Apr 25, 2002, 09:03am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
athlon xp 1800+ , gigabyte 7vrxp rev 1.1 bios f4 , 1x256 corsair pc2700 , sdram frequency 333 , top performace=enabled , fast command=ultra .
problem: i can't set CAS LATENCY 2 , it only works at cas2 , even if other settings in chipset features setup are on "disabled" or "slow" values. if I set cas=2, then the o.s. --win98se-- will surely crash when desktop first appears...the machine will then auto-reset. please, help me. lorenz.

Stephen Zimmerman Jun 06, 2002, 03:09pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
I think I'm running my pc2700 ram at 333 in the bus and it seems to work fine, buit I have another problem. I own a geforce 3 and a gefroce 2 and the problem happens on both xp and 2k, the problem is that whenever I run a 3d application it freezes up and I have to restart my computer. It runs fine on 2d stuff but it crashes on all my games including the screensaver and 3dmark2001. Please help!!

floris houniet Jun 11, 2002, 12:47pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
Exactly the same problem as Stephan.

Athlon xp 1900+ 45deg C at idle.
Mb rev 1.1, tried all Bioses
1x256 samsung pc2700
AGP 2x
CAS latency to 2.5
SDRAM frequency 266.
Antec 350W power supply.
Maxtor 7200 60 Gb drive
Liteon DVD and burner
Geforce 4 ti4200 (club3d)

tried XP, ME, and 2000.
Works for 30 minutes now in 3D programmes, but increasing any of the bios values off minimum will lock up the PC in seconds of starting any kind of 3D application. Also locks up in 3dmark on any settings except the minimum stated above.
Also the CT5880 sounds chipset crackles and pops as windows plays it's startup tune. According to the Windows system setup there is no IRQ conflict. During games, sound is usually OK.

So I guess it could be a faulty power supply.
Faulty memory (I ordered Dane Elec 2700, and go the samsung stick, which according to the samsung site is 200-266 cas#2.5 memory.)
Faulty mainboard
or faulty Nvidia graphics card...
What do you think? How can I narrow the list down?

Miron Berak Jun 21, 2002, 05:48pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Gigabyte GA-7VRXP w/hynix 266mghrtz pc 2100
Same problems like Stephen and Floris :(

my config. :

Athlon XP 1800+
Mb rev 1.1, f 6 bios
2x256 hynix pc2100
AGP 4x
CAS latency to 2.5
SDRAM frequency 266.
300W power supply.
Seagate Bar-IV 80GB + U6 80GB + Maxtor 4 K080H4 80GB
Lite-on LTR-24102b
Toshiba DVD M-1502
Geforce 4 ti4200 (MSI G4-4200 128mb)

Plz, plz help !

Jonathan Sherman Jun 22, 2002, 03:00pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
Same problem as Stephen, Floris and Miron.

Athlon XP 1900
Gigabyte 7vrxp (BIOS f6, rev 1.1)
Xtasy Geforce 4 4600
Corsair PC2700 512mb
Sound Blaster Live
Western Digital 100 GB ATA
16x DVD

I've tried about 4 different power supplies... ranging from 300 watts to 400 watts. I've tried different RAM (Samsung pc2700, CAS 2.5). I've tried a different processor (Athlon XP 1600). I've tried a different Hard Drive (IBM Deskstar 30 GB). And I've tried a different video card (Geforce 2MX). After trying all of these different things, the system is still and unstable pile if I set any of the BIOS settings past their minimum settings. As far as I can gather, the only part that is left for me to swap is the motherboard.

Francois Aspesberro Jun 22, 2002, 04:35pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
see my previous message for more details ..
I exchanged all hardware components and narrowed my problem down to the MoBo. I got a new one and my PC has never never crashed since I installed it 2 months ago !!

DeQuincey Jun 22, 2002, 05:20pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
Has anyone tried active cooling on the chipset? I've heard that even an old pentium fan can do the trick..or you can go w/ a VGA Chipset cooler.

Francois Aspesberro Jun 22, 2002, 05:31pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
yes I use a Koolance case to cool the cpu, mobo, GeForce 4400 video card and 2 HD WD1200JB

Iain Johnston Jun 23, 2002, 06:02am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
Hi There,

I read a couple of the posts above and the problems you guys are having sound similar. Everything about the PC I've built, specs below, runs sweet as, but as soon as I 3DMark2001 or run Quake 3, or any 3D app, be it new or old I get full resets or a crash back to desktop.

I never get Nvidia Stop errors, nv4disp.dll etc, or any other types of errors that relate (no blue screens as yet!?!).. but lots of exceptions I've found in Dr Watson log files.. relating to memory addresses.

I'm thinking it's the RAM, and I've read lots about the dodginess of the ram out there. Here are my specs.

Windows 2000 Professional, SP2 (Plus every other patch)
Via 4-in-1 4.40 (off via arena)
Segate 80Gig Barrac. IV 7200rpm on IDE 1
LG 24x/12x/40x on IDE 2
Generic CDROM on IDE 3 (Promise ata 133 ide chans)
Aardvark PCI Audio card in PCI 3
Nvidia Geforce 4 4400 128mb (not overclocked)
AMD 2000+ (Not overclocked)
2x 256mb generic ram running at cas 2.0, with ultra setting etc

I'm not frustrated yet, because some of the above posts sound very very similar to problems I'm having.

I've let the MB configure the ram by SPD, but I don't think it's CAS 2.0 ram, I reckon the MB is wrong, so next thing to try is to set it to CAS 2.5 and normal instead of ultra.

If this works I'll post back here, in the meantime, anyone solved similar issues?


Paulo Ferreira Jun 27, 2002, 04:05am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
Im using:

Motherboard: GIGABYTE, GA-7VRXP, Socket A, DDR-333, RAID, Audio, LAN, ATA-133
CPU: Athlon XP Palomino 1900+
Ram: SAMSUNG, 512MB PC2700 DDR, 333MHz, Non-ECC
Graphic Card: GeForce 4 ti4400 128DDr ram
Sound Card: Sound Blaster Live 5.1

The system will run stable if i set the bus speed to 100mhz
anything above 120 locks up the computer and gives me problems, right now i got the bus speed running at 115mhz and it will run stable, any ideas why it locks up when i try to set the bus speed to 133mhz ?

Nathan Copeland Jun 29, 2002, 01:28am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
Hey all...

Similar problems and at this point I am thoroughly confused! Here is the setup....

Gainward GF4 Ti 4200 128DDR
Athlon 1600XP + Cooler Master copper core heatsink/fan
WD 1200bb HD
Kenwood 72x CD-ROM

I have tried the following types of memory ->
Crucial 512mb PC2700
Corsair 256mb PC2700
Kingston 256mb PC2700

So far the only stick of memory that will boot with my setup is the Kingston. I really kinda ticked cuz that 512mb stick is f**kin bad!!
I have tried these sticks with default mobo settings and configured ones as well. Im beginning to think the speed we are getting out of DDR is at a price of quality. DDR RAM seems to be quite sketchy. From the posts I've read regarding other mobo's (same chipset) they have similar problems regarding Memory quality. Dunno what to tell anyone other than go buy different brands of RAM until u find one that works... I don't think you can rely on anyone's personnal experience as some of us have tried like memory with different results. Sucks that its like that! Guess I gotta go find some 512mb sticks that work!

111,111,111x111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

me me Jun 29, 2002, 02:48pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
I have the same problem as Matt. I have a 256mb OCZ PC3000 ram. As far as I know this ram is actually is PC2700 capable at higher speed. Anyway, when I set to 333Mhz in BIOS Windows 98se refuse to boot. Saying something about my registry being corrupt. The system runs fine at 266Mhz setting. I try to increase the FSB, but only got it to stable at 145 with 10 multiplier. I also updated BIOS to the latest version F7 and still the same problem. So, if any one knows whats going on please let us know.

floris houniet Jun 29, 2002, 11:37pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
I got the Samsung memory changed for another make, but the problems in 3D applications have stayed the same. 10 seconds into it, and the computer locks up completely.
It is a lot more stable using a Geforce2 GTS videocard, but eventually locks up anyhow.
One peculiar issue is that I noticed crosstalk between the onboard audio and the IDE controller. When using the harddisk, the sound becomes choppy and scratchy. Even though Win XP does not see any conflicts between the two devices. Any ideas?

Dave C Jun 30, 2002, 08:49am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: Gigabyte ga-7VRXP w/corsair 333mghrtz pc 2700
My situation seems largely similar to all those above, which is mildly reassuring.

Symptoms are that I am getting system crashes (total lockup and I have to do a hard reboot) when I am playing demanding games.

System details...

I have a 7vrx, not the 7vrxp - not sure if that makes a difference
No-name PC2100 RAM
Duron 1.2 (So only 100 MHz bus freq)
Geforce 2 MX400

I have tried loads of driver updates, nvidia tweaks and even flashed my BIOS. Nothing seems to help.

It'd be nice if someone had a solution but it sounds like a mobo problem to me. How depressing.

Dan Richards Jun 30, 2002, 04:27pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Gigabyte GA-7VRXP w/Samsung DDR333 / CL2.0
I got this board with the F4 bios and it ran my Athlon 1.4 Ghz stable with Top Performance Enabled with my RAM at 333 and CAS 2.0. With my old Asus A7A266, I always had to underclock my chip to 1050 Mhz (10.5x Muliplier & 100FSB) in order to run stable. This was my main reason to upgrading to the new Gigabyte Board.

Here's the story...
My friend however was have some stability problems running his XP2000 at the normal clock rate (1.67 Ghz); so we are at a LAN Party together playing Ghost Recon and Half-LIfe (and it's great mods) and what not. And we embark to fix his little stability problem, so he doesn't have to underclock.

We immediately goto the Gigabyte webpage and download the F7 bios to give it a shot, we both had F4. I figured I might as well update my BIOS to F7 while we are doing this. (my big mistake) Now my computer is running unstable at 1.4 Ghz and my friend's is still running unstable. The F7 BIOS seems very buggy. It flickers very fast for a second when I press delete to go into it.
Here is the bigger problem, the GA-7VRXP has this Dual BIOS feature. Basically, you flash and load new BIOSes through your BIOS, pretty weird huh. Anyways I select boot from Back-Up BIOS. And when I start up, it still says F7. This friggin boggled my mind. I never touched the Back-up BIOS, it should still be F4. So I figured it is still booting from the Main BIOS. Since I never wrote over the Back-Up BIOS, I figured I would just copy it to a Floppy and load it into the Main BIOS. Because it has to be F4, I never touched it. Well, I proceeded with this, started up my computer, and it still says F7. So me and my friend our p**sed, we can't seem to get F4 to run in the main BIOS. Throughout the whole process, we wish we just had a regular BIOS setup. This Dual BIOS setup has given us nothing but problems.
F7 seems really buggy, F4 was running perfectly, it was stupid of me for upgrading for no reason, but I did, and now I'm stuck.
Right now, I'm running F7 with my chip underclocked at 1100 Mhz I went to bed and woke up the next day and it wouldn't detect my primary master hard drive.
My friend is also having hard drive detection problems with the board while running normal clocked. Sometimes the Promise detected 1 drive and not the other, sometimes niether. His computer is in a more worse situation than mine. He has tried his hard drives on IDE, and Promises RAID and ATA133.
If anyone can offer advice / suggestions / or a download for the F4 BIOS, that would be great.

Here are our configurations...
My System:
GA-7VRXP; Rev. 1.1; Bios F4 and F7
Athlon T-Bird 1.4 Ghz / 266FSB
Running at: 1467 (11x Multiplier & 133FSB)
Running at: 1100 (11x Multiplier & 100FSB)
512 Samsung DDR333 / CL2.0
Gainward/CardEXpert Ti4600 - Drv. 29.42
SoundBlaster Audigy OEM
40gb IBM 60 GXP

My Friend:
GA-7VRXP; Rev. 1.1; Bios F4 and F7
Athlon XP2000 (1.67 Ghz)
Running at: 1.67 (12.5x Multiplier & 133FSB)
Running at: 1.25 (12.5x Multiplier & 100FSB)
512 Corsair XMS DDR333 / CL2.0
Radeon 8500 OEM
SoundBlaster X-Gamer
2x 30gb IBM 60 GXP tried on IDE & Promise RAID & Promise ATA

Dan Richards Jun 30, 2002, 04:39pm EDT Report Abuse
>> also..
We are both running Win XP Professional Corporate Ed.

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