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Name: Scott Steely
Location: United States United States
Member Since: Aug 02, 2004, 09:46pm EDT (14.3 years ago)
Last Login: Jan 08, 2006, 11:46pm EST

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O.K. time to update the personal bios:
1st Iím in the U.S. Navy and I am an Avionics Electronic Systems Technician I work on the radar transmit part of the E-2 Hawkeye Radar plane. 2 Kilowatts of power and 900 amps latter (no joke) my second job/hobby is personal computers. Iím 23 and my first rig was an Apple 2GS in 1988 GS stands for Graphics and Sound because that was freakin amazing back in 1988. I started playing around with this little programming language called BASIC. Gradually I moved to PASCAL then on to C++. But alas programming wasnít for me; I like the physical stuff like resistors, capacitor, inductors, and those weird little things call transistors that do amazing things with volts and current. Since I was a kid though I have owed a multitude of every iteration Intel could come up with. I have worked more jobs than I can count, but my favorite was a freelance computer tech. I origanly got hired for $40 an hour and fixed what ever I can. Word of mouth is by far the best advertisement you can get. I have lived all over the world including Bangkok, Thailand, Caracas Venezuela, and more than a dozen places in the US. Hardware Analysis seems like a reputable web site and I really want to be part of its growth. But this isnít a job resume so what the hell am I still rambling on for. Here are my specs:

MO/BO : Intel D845 chipset
Proccesor : Pentium 4 2.8 Gig (Time to upgrade, I know)
RAM : 768 Mb Kingston
Graphix : Radeon 9700 AIW
H/D : Maxtor 180 GB and Western Digital 200 GB both about full
Sound : Audigy Sound Blaster 2
Monitor : ViewSonic 19íí LCD
Speakers : 1 Fender sub 20 Ďí 1 trace acoustic 12 Ďí 1 crate 12 Ďí 2 satellite logitecs + sub
Synth : Oxygen 8 Midi keyboard
Keyboard : I donít know the name but itís got a big LED underneath it
Mouse : Do You Really Care Ė Optical Logictec 6 button

Various other electronics that hook up to my PC : Yamaha DJX2B, 40 Gig IPod ( This thing is thes**t everybody needs one), Olympus D-560 Camera 3.2 MP, Canon i560 printer, and a few more thing that I canít remember.

Also I plan to build another rig in June when I get back from cruise I already know that Iím going to drop like 3 to 4 Gs. Stay tuned to see what it get. Also hit me up @ or @

Keep On cutting the damn edge - Scott

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