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  Matrox RT 2000 Mega Pack 3.0 
  Jul 02, 2001, 09:00am EDT 

Outputting Your Project

By: Daniel Renaud

Ok, so now that youíve spent weeks taking hours of raw footage of your video event and trimmed in down into an effective, polished, visually exciting piece of art, what do you do now? You output your project to you preferred video delivery medium be it DVD, CD, DV tape, the Internet, or good old VHS tape. The RT 2000 Mega Pack 3.0 goes you a number of output options that should cover the needs of most high-end consumers or low-end professionals.

DV Tape:

If you want your project to look its very best without having to suffer from any loss of image quality you would more than likely export you project via the FireWire connection back out to a digital DV tape. Because you are not introducing any generation quality loss your edited footage will look just as good as your original tape. Exporting to DV is very easy with the RT 2000 Mega Pack 3.0, simply choose the export to tape option from within Premiere and away you go. You also get complete deck control when you export to DV tape allowing you to start recording at a certain timecode location on the DV tape, this also allows you to do insert editing. The only problem with exporting to DV tape is that the RT 2000 has to render the project before it can export the footage. This generally does not take to long but is not necessary with products such as the DV Storm from Canopus.

The Internet:

Included within Premiere 6.0 is a software package called EZ Cleaner 5.0. All you have to do to activate this software is choose the 'Save to Web' option from within Premiere. This software allows you to easily export your project timeline into a web friendly video format such as RealVideo, Quicktime, Windows Media Player or MPEG 1. EZ Cleaner 5.0 gives the user a number of options allowing you choose the quality and size settings that best serve your Internet viewing needs. Also included are a number of Internet pre-sets that allow you to create web ready video files with a minimum amount of hassle.


Because of the accelerated MPEG 2 encoding functions the RT 2000 Mega Pack 3.0 is a great tool for DVD creation. You can easily export your project into a DVD compliant MPEG 2 IBP file by using the export to movie function from within Premiere. You can create files at up to 10 MBPS data rate (using the VBR function), which will give you results that are virtually DVD quality. This encoding process takes about 4X realtime to encode, which is much faster than could be done with special encoding hardware. Once you are done encoding you just import the file into the included DVDit! Software, add your menus and then burn it to DVD (about 1 hour of footage) or CD (about 10 minutes of DVD quality footage). If you burn to DVD using one of the new DVD-R units that are available you can create a DVD videodisc that will function in the majority if stand alone DVD players. If you choose to burn to CD-R you will create a Mini-DVD disc that is playable in the vast majority of personal computers.

You also can export to the MPEG 1 codec in order to create VCD discs (about 60 minutes of VHS quality footage), which are generally compatible with most standalone DVD players and almost all personal computers. These VCD discs can also be created using the included DVDit! Software.

Analog Tape:

Using the RCA or S-Video outputs you can export your timeline straight to an analog recording source without having to render before the export. Because you are going out through consumer level analog outputs you will lose a little bit of image quality upon export. You also will not have any deck control for your analog recording device unless you purchase a deck control plug-in utility.

The Lowdown:

The RT 2000 Mega Pack 3.0 gives you a number of options for delivering your final project making it extremely versatile in these regards. Generally exporting from the RT 2000 Mega Pack 3.0 is hassle free with my only real complaint being the need to render before exporting to DV. Itís a small complaint but it still is a complaint none the less.

1. Introduction
2. Features and Contents
3. Test Bed and Procedures
4. System Setup
5. Capture
6. Editing
7. Outputting Your Project
8. Technical Support
9. Summary
10. Conclusions

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