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  Iwill KK266Plus Socket-A Motherboard 
  Aug 13, 2001, 08:30am EDT 


By: Dan Mepham

Rarely is any product that hits our doorstep perfect. When we review products, we think it's important to highlight some of the productís strengths, as well as some of its weaknesses. And usually, there are at least a few weak points we can comment on, and suggest some sort of improvement.

Well, Iwill's KK266 motherboard is a product we've had in our labs (and been using personally) for some time, and believe us when we tell you, there's not a lot of bad to say about it. Simply put, it's one of the best motherboards we've ever seen, and even when we go looking, there's almost nothing negative we can say about the board (the only issue we might hold against it is VIA's numerous 686B problems, but that's hardly Iwill's fault). Naturally, when Iwill offered to provide us with one of its new KK266Plus motherboards, we gladly accepted.

The KK266Plus is merely a slight incremental improvement versus the KK266. Most notably, the board offers better cooling and power delivery (and as a result can now be officially AMD-certified), and a better on-board sound system. The KK266Plus retains the KK266's impressive stability and overclockability. Stay tuned, as we take a deeper look at the KK266Plus.

1. Introduction
2. Specs, Box Contents & Installation
3. The VIA KT133A Chipset
4. Layout & Features
5. More Features
6. Overclocking
7. Test Setup & Procedure
8. Test Results
9. Summary

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  Product Ratings 
Iwill KK266Plus Motherboard
Performance: 9/10
Stability: 10/10
Quality: 10/10
Features: 10/10
Layout: 9/10
Documentation: 7/10
Price: 9/10
Overall Rating: 10/10

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