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  DFI AD70-SR KT266A Motherboard 
  Jan 01, 2002, 09:30am EST 


By: Dan Mepham

The AD70-SR does offer a host of standard overclocking options. Most importantly, CPU multipliers can be adjusted via a bank of DIP switches located against the front of the board. Fortunately, unlike some of the other jumpers on the board, these switches are easily accessible once the board is installed in a case. Settings are well documented, both in the User’s Manual, on a separate sticker included with the package, and are silk-screened on the PCB as well.

DIP Switches

Fig 3. DIP Switches are used to control multiplier settings on unlocked CPUs.

CPU core voltage can be adjusted up to 1.850V as well, and FSB speeds can be adjusted from 100 to 250 MHz in 1 MHz increments. In general, the overclocking options are sufficient for light to moderate users, as the ‘big three’ (multiplier, FSB, and Vcore control) are all included. Control over AGP and DDR voltage, as well as more memory tweaking options would of course be nice, but aren’t necessary for all users.

Winbond Controller

Fig 4. Winbond's hardware monitoring controller monitors all fan speeds, voltages, and temperatures. Notice the small green diode at the lower left. This is the thermistor that monitors board temperatures.

Naturally all of the standard voltages and fan speeds are monitored as well. Hardware monitoring is provided by Winbond’s 83697HF controller, which supports monitoring of two temperatures, two fan speeds, and all of the standard voltages. CPU temperature is, unfortunately, taken from a thermistor positioned under the CPU socket.

1. Introduction
2. Specs, Box Contents & Installation
3. Layout & Features
4. Overclocking
6. Technical Support
7. Test Setup & Procedure
8. Test Results
9. Summary

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DFI AD70-SR Motherboard
Performance: 7/10
Stability: 7/10
Quality: 8/10
Features: 7/10
Layout: 5/10
Documentation: 7/10
Price: 10/10
Overall Rating: 8/10

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