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  Building a High-Performance Web Server 
  Oct 18, 2002, 07:30am EDT 

Hosting, Nxs Internet

By: Sander Sassen

Naturally you can build a lean, mean web server but without an ISP that has a high-bandwidth backbone and is able to offer you direct access to that, you won’t get the result you’re hoping for. Picking a suitable ISP is just as important as picking the components for the server, simply because ISPs also come in different shape and sizes. Our advice here would be to not go with some of the big names by default, you’ll probably feel comfortable with that because they host a lot of the larger corporations, but in our case there’s more needed than just a stationary website that’s readily accessible throughout the world, as that’s what they’ll be providing hosting for mostly.

Nxs Internet Rack

Fig 11. A look inside the rack cabinet, detailing the switch and fibre cables.

After looking around for a while and asking for quotes we’ve decided to go with a somewhat smaller but very knowledgeable ISP in the Netherlands; Nxs Internet. They’re run by a bunch of young and very enthusiastic people. Their commitment to quality of service and the impressive amount of bandwidth they’re able to offer convinced us to set up our co-located server with them. The other thing that has been a major asset is the fact that we personally know the people that run Nxs Internet and thus we’ve been able to consult them for valuable advice and they’ve been able to offer us impeccable service, even in the middle of the night.

Nxs Internet itself has a large number of racks available in the Global Switch datacenter in Slotervaart , Amsterdam, the Netherlands and they have a direct connection to the AMS-IX, AMSterdam Internet eXchange, which is one of the fastest Internet backbones in Europe, with which Nxs Internet has multiple 1Gigabit fibre hookups.

1. Introduction
2. Storage, Requirements
3. Storage, IDE-RAID
4. Processors, Intel or AMD
5. Motherboard, Integrated Solution
6. Enclosure, 2U-rack case
7. Software, Linux and Apache
8. Hosting, Nxs Internet
9. Summary

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