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  AMD's Fab 30, Simply Fabulous 
  Jan 15, 2003, 09:30am EST 


By: Sander Sassen

Hopefully our visit to AMD’s Fab 30 facility is the first of a series of visits to AMD’s facilities and offices as AMD indeed seems to have opened their doors and let journalists in on all of the groundbreaking and innovative technology that’s behind their products. It is good to see that AMD is trying to get the message across to the public that they too have the engineering capabilities and the skills to be one of the world’s foremost semi-conductor manufacturers, the Fab 30 facility certainly is a prime example of that.

We were also pleasantly surprised to having received such a warm welcome and being allowed to talk to so many key people at AMD. Although we had to push a little here and there we were given the opportunity to talk to some of the people responsible for the success of Fab 30 and AMD’s quick and virtually seamless transition to an all copper/SOI process in their facility and their products. As I have a background in chip manufacturing and engineering I was amazed at what AMD has managed to pull off in Eastern Europe, their Fab 30 facility was built in just under 14-months and was up and running in full production just two years later, churning out those wafers at 5000 per week, nothing short of impressive.

We hope to bring you more details, and especially more pictures, of AMD’s production facility in the near future and also get a better grasp at what’s being developed behind the scenes. AMD has indicated that it is willing to work with us and open up about what miracles they’re working in Dresden and what other innovations we’ll see from them in the near future. This is a process that usually takes some time, and takes effort from both sides, but I’m confident that AMD is doing the right thing here and is showing us and the rest of the world that it means business, both with it’s manufacturing potential as well as it’s products.

Sander Sassen.

1. Introduction
2. CPU Manufacturing
3. Copper Process
4. Quality Control
5. SOI and Hammer
6. Conclusion

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