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  Iwill's XP4 Mini-PC, cutting size but not performance 
  Apr 01, 2003, 08:30am EST 


By: Dan Mepham

Iwill’s XP4 and XP4-G offer an attractive option to users seeking a smaller, more visually appealing PC, without sacrificing too much in the way of performance. Iwill’s mini systems offer a very reasonable balance of size, noise, performance, quality, and cost. Those interested in even smaller and quieter units can look towards VIA’s mini-ITX form factor units, but should be prepared to return to the performance of a mid-speed Pentium III. Naturally, there remains a slew of standard size components available for those who require the utmost in performance.

The XP4 could fit nicely into a home or small office setting, where productivity will not be hindered greatly by the integrated video. We also wondered if the XP4-G wouldn’t make a very reasonable LAN party companion. The power and thermal limitations will prevent it from matching full-sized systems in terms of absolute performance, but we suspect there may be more than a few individuals willing to put up with 20 fewer frames per second in exchange for 20 fewer pounds.

At an average online price of just under $200, Iwill’s XP4 is priced about $50 higher than an (m)ATX 845GV motherboard and appropriate case and power supply of comparable build quality. That $50 gets you a significant reduction in size, and smaller reduction in noise.

As always, whether or not this, or any other product, is right for you ultimately depends on your own personal circumstances. If you’ve decided on a small form factor PC, however, Iwill’s XP4 is most definitely worth serious consideration. We suspect it won’t take long to sell you on the quality, performance, and attractive appearance.

Dan Mepham

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