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  Plextor Releases New CDRW and External DVD+R/RW Drive 
  May 20, 2003, 08:30am EDT 
Brussels, May 2003 – This month will see the launch of no less than two new Plextor products: the PlexWriter 52/24/52A and the DVD recorder PX-504UF. The newest offshoot of the PlexWriter family, the CD-RW drive 52/24/52A, could be described as the ‘home’ version of big brother PlexWriter Premium. This drive is also equipped with PoweRec, VariRec, ‘Buffer Underrun Proof’ technology and an ATAPI (E-IDE) interface and it writes and reads discs at an express speed of 52x. The PlexWriter 52/24/52A re-writes at a speed of 24x. The drive has a 2 MB buffer and is available as an internal version with white or black front bezel.

The very latest DVD+R/RW drive PX-504UF is the externalversion of the PX-504A, which recently came onto the market and is characterised by its unique double USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) interface. With this drive you have no problems in writing, re-writing and reading CDs and DVDs, and that at speeds of 16x, 10x and 40x respectively for CDs and 4x, 2.4x and 12x for DVDs. To avoid problems with writing, the stylish drive is supplied with a buffer memory of 2 MB. True to tradition, both new releases are supplied as a total package inclusive of professional software, the necessary cables and other extras.

The PlexWriter 52/24/52A: Speedy Gonzales in peak condition Time… that is the central issue. Recording time, of course. With the new CD-RW drive from Plextor, the PlexWriter 52/24/52A, you will not only acquire a super-fast machine (access time less than 65 ms, writing and reading speed 52x and a re-writing speed of 24x), but the very latest release also guarantees optimum performance. As a fully fledged offshoot of the PlexWriter family, the system uses the ‘PoweRec’ technology (which determines the optimum speed during burning, depending on the quality of the CD-R used) and the ‘VariRec’ technology (for improving audio recording). The drive is also equipped with ‘Buffer Underrun Proof’ technology to avoid writing errors (buffer memory of 2MB).

The new PlexWriter 52/24/52A has an ATAPI (E-IDE) interface and is supplied with the CD recording software Nero Express + InCD, Plextor’s own utility software PlexTools and the necessary cables. The drive is available with a white or black front bezel.

PX-504UF: A little jewel with two faces; creating home videos, putting together photo reportages, saving your own music compilations,… one drive can do all that: the brand new PX-504UF. With this DVD recorder you can easily burn hours of video, music or thousands of photos on one single disc. The drive has a 2MB buffer memory and works at high speed: it burns DVDs at a speed of 4x, CDs at 16x. For re-writing these speeds are 2.4x and 10x respectively. Finally, the burner also acts as a reader (12x for DVDs and 40x for CDs).

The attractively designed PX-504UF also includes a unique extra: a double USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) interface. Whichever interface you need, the PX-504UF leaves the choice to you.

The retail version of the PX-504UF consists of 1 DVD+R disc, 1 DVD+R/W disc, USB and IEEE 1394 (FireWire) cable, power adapter and power cable. A comprehensive software package is also supplied as standard for managing not only videos, photos, audio but also data: Ahead Nero (CD/DVD Mastering software), Ahead InCD (Packet Writing software), Pinnacle Studio (Video Editing and Authoring software), Cyberlink Power DVD (DVD Player software) and PlexTools (CD/DVD Utility software). The comprehensive manual is available in 16 languages.

The PlexWriter 52/24/52A and the PX-504UF will be available from mid June 2003 via Plextor’s retail channels at a recommended retail price of 89 EUR* (excl. VAT) and 315 EUR* (excl. VAT) respectively.


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