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  Computex 2003 Taiwan, Athlon 64, DeltaChrome and Nvidia 
  Sep 22, 2003, 12:00pm EDT 

Nvidia GeForce FX5950, FX5700

By: Sander Sassen

Nvidia has been diligently working on their next part dubbed NV38 for quite some time now, and today we saw the fruits of their hard work, the GeForce FX5950. Basically a revamped FX5900 with a higher clockspeed graphics processor, faster memory and a totally new cooling solution to keep the graphics processor and memory running at low temperatures. Nvidia mentioned they've taken the critique from journalists, but also from their customers, seriously and did away with the rather noisy cooling solution that was introduced with the FX5800. That cooling solution was affectionately dubbed the dustbuster or hairdryer, due to the excessive noise production. The new cooling solution features a radial fin fan and a new fan duct which keeps noise production down to a minimum.

GeForce FX5950 graphics card

Fig 6. The new GeForce FX5950, featuring a new cooling solution.

Dual slot fan configuration

Fig 7. A closer look at the dual slot fan configuration and the radial fin fan.

Power connector and heatsink

Fig 8. A closer look at the 5.25" power connector and the copper fin heatsink.

We also discussed their forthcoming GeForce FX5700 and FX5200 products which will be based on the same architecture, but will offer less performance than the GeForce FX5950 due to a lower clockspeed of the graphics processor and the memory as well as a reduction of the memory bus width from 256-bit down to 128-bit. Nvidia is targeting a mid october release date for their GeForce FX5950 product, whereas the GeForce FX5700 and FX5200 will probably be introduced at a later date.

That also wraps up our Computex coverage for today, there's much more to tell, but we're pressed for time and are only sharing the hottest news and most interesting new products with you at the moment. When the shows is over we'll be sure to follow up with a full featured report where we'll also go into other products and technologies we've come across during the conference. We expect to have an update again tomorrow, with more news and more new products which are introduced or are on display at the Computex 2003 conference in Taipei, Taiwan.

[UPDATE: Computex 2003 Taiwan, September 23rd]

Sander Sassen.

1. Athlon 64 and S3 DeltaChrome
2. Nvidia GeForce FX5950, FX5700

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