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  TomTom Navigator, never get lost again 
  Jun 15, 2004, 09:30am EDT 

Finding your way

By: Sander Sassen

While driving I did find that it was sometimes difficult to keep to the correct lane. If Iím abroad I prefer to drive on audio commands only, especially in a country where I don't drive that often. This causes the least distraction, but this turned out to be difficult at times when there were multiple lanes to choose from. TomTom might ask you to "keep to the right", which at one point made me take an exit, but TomTom meant for me to stay on the right lane. Keep in mind that I am not a native US driver and was driving on audio only. When you also look at the screen you will see that TomTom displays the name of the motorway or street name if you are driving through a town. You can use that to check the signs for the right exit or to stay on the right lane. Also the map usually gives you a good indication of which road, exit or lane to take.

Daylight view

2D view

GPS status

Besides the default 3D view a 2D view is also available as is a real time display of the GPS status.

One of the advantages of TomTom over conventional navigation systems is that is able to display the route you're traveling in 3D perspective which fits right in with your actual surroundings. Another advantage is that fact that there are add-ons available; most are free of charge, which for example alert you about traffic and speed cameras. A disadvantage about TomTom however is that it has to have a starting location on the map before it is able to navigate, or calculate a route. Sometimes a starting location is not available as there is no map data for your current position. This happens on large parking lots, new roads which aren't on the map and remote locations which don't have enough map detail. The problem is that TomTom will not calculate a route but just report "unreliable GPS position". It will calculate a route the moment it finds a location on the map again but by that time you probably have already made a choice to go left or right and according to Murphy's law this will always be in the wrong direction.

1. Traveling abroad
2. GPS navigation
3. Finding your way
4. Conclusion

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