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  TomTom Navigator, never get lost again 
  Jun 15, 2004, 09:30am EDT 


By: Sander Sassen

GPS navigation on the PocketPC is still in its infancy, and although TomTom is one of the better, if not the best, GPS navigation package for the PocketPC available, there are quite a few features I'd like to see added to the list. It would be nice if the software was smart enough to learn from my driving habits and not recalculate a route to my home every time that'll get me stuck in traffic. Speaking of which, the new version of TomTom supports a feature where it is able to download the latest traffic information, if available, and recalculate accordingly to prevent just these things from happening, that's a useful feature indeed. The other drawback is the fact that entering the address of your destination should not be attempted while driving, as that will simply distract you too much and might cause an accident. It would be a lot easier if the software was capable of interpreting voice commands so you could simply tell it where you want to go.

TomTom Navigator software

TomTom software, PocketPC, etc.

TomTom Navigator software, a PocketPC and a Bluetooth gps receiver.

All the negatives are minor however and should be seen relative to the price. If you were to buy a factory fitted navigation system in your car from a reputable manufacturer this will set you back by at least four or five times the price you'll pay for a pocketpc with TomTom. The PocketPC combination will however have functionality far exceeding that of the factory fitted navigation system in a car. Not only does the navigation software have more detail and options than the majority of factory fitted systems it can be updated at will through the internet and many freeware add-ons are available that'll make it even more useful. One of the biggest advantages though is the fact that you can simply take it with you when you step out of the car, bring it on a business trip like I did or just use it in your second car and still retain all of the functionality of the PocketPC for other tasks.

A video of TomTom Navigator running on the PocketPC, with audio commands guiding your way.

In summary TomTom Navigator delivers on all of its promises, it provides a reliable companion that'll get you where you’ll want to be with the least amount of hassle even when visiting countries or places you’ve never visited before. For those people frequently on the road TomTom Navigator is a helpful addition that will get you from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time, travelling the least distance. TomTom is available in many forms, from a complete package including a PocketPC, software and wireless GPS receiver starting at $599.95 to just the software and add-on maps if you already have the application running on your PocketPC. If you already own a PocketPC you can get a GPS receiver and the software for just $249, now that's really affordable for the functionality offered.

Manufacturer: TomTom
Model: TomTom Navigator software
Price: +/- $150 or 169 euro

Sander Sassen, Gerard de Vries.

1. Traveling abroad
2. GPS navigation
3. Finding your way
4. Conclusion

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