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  Olympus C8080 Wide Zoom, 8 megapixel goodness 
  Jul 08, 2004, 10:30am EDT 

Megapixels and more

By: Sander Sassen

When youíre about to purchase a new camera would you consider buying a film camera? Iím sure many of you would answer that question with a resounding Ďnoí. Digital cameras have, for quite some time now, surpassed sales of film cameras to such an extent that a lot of camera stores donít even carry film cameras anymore. Granted, digital cameras are much easier to use, donít need film processing and you can immediately see whether the photo you just took is indeed in focus. However many of the popular digital cameras sporting a 2 to 3 megapixel image sensor will do fine with 4 x 6 printouts, but when you want to blow up your photos they often lack the resolution to retain the image sharpness, something which wasnít the case with most film cameras.

Olympus C8080 WZ front

Olympus C8080 WZ back

Media cards

A look at the Olympus C8080 Wide Zoom, and the media card bay.

So obviously youíll need a higher resolution camera, 5, 6 or even 8 megapixel to be able to blow up your photos without losing image sharpness. It just so happens that 8 megapixel cameras have been introduced a few months ago by all major manufacturers so we were able to look at all of them. Today weíll look at our favorite, the Olympus C8080 Wide Zoom, as we think this camera is the best 8 megapixel camera currently available. We arrive at this conclusion by looking at the quality of build, the responsiveness, ease of use and of course image quality. But before we tell you exactly how we arrive at that conclusion in the second paragraph, letís first take a closer look at what Olympusís 8 megapixel digital camera has to offer.

Pop-up flash in

Pop-up flash out

The pop-up flash is operated manually and triggered in low-light conditions.

Many of the 8 megapixel cameras on sale today are based on a refresh of an older design; they for example use basically the same lens and body as previous generation 5 megapixel cameras and just update the image sensor. This isnít necessarily a bad thing, if the lens has enough resolution this could work very well. Olympus however chose a different approach. They looked at the part that is at the hart of every camera, and thatís the lens. By designing the camera around a new high resolution, high quality, large aperture, wide zoom lens, without making big zoom numbers a priority, the Olympus lens is simply the best of the current crop of 8 megapixel cameras.

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