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  iNav iGuidance v2.0, finding your way around 
  Aug 05, 2004, 09:30am EDT 

Notebook Version

By: Vitaliy Fuks

One of the distinguishing features of iGuidance is the desktop/notebook version of the software. While feature-identical to the PocketPC version it may come very handy if you have a passenger in your car who could double as a navigator by using a notebook instead of a small PocketPC. You'll of course need a GPS receiver connected to your notebook - either through a USB or serial connector, or wireless by using Bluetooth.

Notebook Navigation

The notebook version can also be a viable solution if you do not want to invest in a PocketPC but still need GPS features. We found that using a notebook for navigation isn't as user friendly as the PocketPC version, mostly due to lack of a touch screen. However, if absolutely necessary you could manage with a laptop in the passenger seat as your navigator.

1. Introduction and Installation
2. Navigation
3. Points of Interest
4. Notebook Version
5. Conclusion

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