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  iNav iGuidance v2.0, finding your way around 
  Aug 05, 2004, 09:30am EDT 


By: Vitaliy Fuks

After having used GPS navigation it is hard to go back to using maps and asking for directions. It is safe to say that GPS navigation has become an invaluable tool in our daily driving. We no longer have to ask for directions to go anywhere, we just ask for someone's street address and off we go. You also quickly get used to the fact that within seconds of missing a turn route is recalculated and you are given new directions. As prices on PDA's, GPS receivers and software have significantly dropped there is nothing preventing anyone from building a simple car navigation system for just a few hundred dollars. Unlike factory-installed GPS navigation systems often costing thousands of dollars, PocketPC-based navigation is now a viable option for anyone.

All in all, iNav iGuidance 2.0 will keep you from getting lost and is an invaluable tool for anyone doing a fair amount of driving. GPS receivers are widely available for about $100 or less with Bluetooth versions slightly more expensive. Another point worth mentioning is that a PocketPC installed in your car can give you much more than just navigation. Audio player software capable of playing MP3 or other audio files and a web browser coupled with a GPRS-enabled mobile phone can certainly give you so much more functionality than any factory navigation system. Adding to this is the fact that a PocketPC is just that, pocketable. So you can always remove your system to be used in another vehicle or take it with you on vacation to use in a rental car.

Manufacturer: iNav
Model: iGuidance v2.0
Price: $109.00
Web Site:

1. Introduction and Installation
2. Navigation
3. Points of Interest
4. Notebook Version
5. Conclusion

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