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  Get your free Dell notebook or Canon camera here 
  Oct 01, 2004, 07:30am EDT 
By: Sander Sassen

I’m quite sure many of you have had this email end up in their inbox, Dell and Canon are looking for end-users to evaluate their products. Apparently they’ll ship a sample notebook or camera out to you when you fill out the form and send it in. After which you’ll be asked to make a small donation for shipping costs and then they’ll dispatch the notebook or camera straight to you. Sounds like an awesome deal right? Unfortunately this is just another hoax, much like Nigerians with millions in secure trust funds that need your help or the well known pills and other treatments that’ll significantly enhance the size and performance of your manhood.

We contacted Dell and Canon about this and they were very clear about one thing; these emails do not come from them, they do not indorse them, or have relationships in any way, shape or form with the people sending these emails. Obviously we couldn’t resist and went ahead and followed the instructions in the email to see whether we could get our hands on a sample of the notebook or camera. Half a dozen emails later we got nowhere but for them asking us to deposit the amount of $119 onto their account which would cover for the international shipment for the Dell notebook and $68 for the Canon camera. Mind you these are two separate emails we replied to from different addresses, but as far as we can see they both use the same tactics.

All of our attempts to get them to send us the notebook or camera prior to depositing these amounts failed. Nor could we convince them to use PayPal or a credit card we could deposit money onto. We obviously emailed them a bunch of questions and also asked whether we could talk to someone on the phone about this, to which they replied that all communication, to up efficiency and reduce overhead, is done by email. So be warned when you come across a scam such as this, after depositing that money onto their account we’re confident you’ll never see the notebook or the camera be delivered to your door. But by the amount of these emails we’ve gotten we’re quite sure they’re making some good money off of the backs of people that fall for this scam though, so don’t be fooled by them.

Sander Sassen.


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