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  InFocus ScreenPlay 7210, home theater bliss 
  Apr 12, 2005, 10:00am EDT 

Results, lumen output and contrast

By: Sander Sassen

The results we measured for the lumen output and contrast levels are a little different from the specifications from the manufacturers. Lets first look at the lumen output. We used the official ansi-lumen method to measure the lux output at 9 different points on the projection screen. The ansi-lumen method simply calculates the lumen output by looking at the average lux output of those 9 points with the projector projecting a white screen and factoring in the surface area of the projected image. We used the 6500K film mode setting, as that is commonly used for DVD playback. Because lux is lumen-per-square-meter we just needed to factor in the surface area to be able to calculate the total lumen output. We also looked at the total deviation from the center of the image and what projector has least variance in lux output across the screen.

ScreenPlay 7210:

White: 568 (center screen), black: 0.41 (center screen), contrast: 1385:1

Top left - Top center - Top right : 370 428 399
Middle left - Center - Middle right : 360 568 - 407
Bottom left - Bottom center - Bottom right : 353 726 553

0.63 0.75 0.70
0.63 1.0 0.72
0.62 1.28 0.97

Lumen output: 463 lumen (avg. total) x 1.518 (image size in sqm.) = 703 ansi-lumen

ScreenPlay 5700:

White: 342 (center screen), black: 0.30 (center screen), contrast: 1140:1

Top left - Top center - Top right : 228 300 240
Middle left - Center - Middle right : 276 342 - 285
Bottom left - Bottom center - Bottom right : 290 332 - 314

0.67 0.87 0.70
0.81 1.0 0.83
0.85 0.97 0.92

Lumen output: 290 lumen (avg. total) x 1.518 (image size in sqm.) = 440 ansi-lumen

What is obvious from the results you see in the table is that both projectors have a lux output variance across the screen, and that, contrary to what you would expect, the highest output is not always in the centre of the screen. Most noteable is the greater output variance of the ScreenPlay 7210 and its slightly larger contrast. The ScreenPlay 7210 also has higher overall lumen output, although we are a bit skeptic about that, as we would rather have a less bright image with less variance than a brighter image with more variance.

1. Introduction
2. Lumen output and contrast
3. Resolution and noise
4. Digital Light Processing
5. InFocus ScreenPlay 7210
6. Results, lumen output and contrast
7. Results, impressions
8. Conclusion
9. Pricing information

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