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  InFocus ScreenPlay 7210, home theater bliss 
  Apr 12, 2005, 10:00am EDT 


By: Sander Sassen

We spent about two weeks with the 7210 and clocked in about ten hours of viewing with it and are left with a favorable impression. It bests the ScreenPlay 5700 in terms of projecting a very fluid and natural image, and will cause for less eye-strain for those that are sensitive to the rain-bow effect. The higher lumen output and resolution allow you to project onto a larger screen without losing contrast or sharpness. In terms of resolution we cannot really comment on the 7210's performance due to lack of a native HD source, but whilst watching both NTSC and PAL DVDs both projectors performed similar. Connectivity, noise production and lens throw distances are all more or less similar to the ScreenPlay 5700. We hoped InFocus would have cut down on the noise production a bit, as even a small reduction is a welcome one, or offered industry standard connectors for DVI and HDMI, instead of the proprietary M1-connector used now.

So the million dollar question is whether the ScreenPlay 7210 is worth the $6999 or 5999 euro pricetag? Well, due to us not having a similar projector to compare to that question is in all honesty, a bit hard to answer. As mentioned it performs better than the ScreenPlay 5700, but not by much. When evaluated individually, instead of side by side, it is not easy to tell them apart. Considering one 7210 costs as much as two 5700s it is hard to give it a glowing recommendation, adding to that is that fact that if you are looking to upgrade from the ScreenPlay 5700, or a similar projector, the differences do not really justify the much higher pricetag. All in all the ScreenPlay 7210 will only be able to show its real potential when used with native HD sources, or projecting onto a bigger screen than the 5700 is capable of. For watching NTSC or PAL DVDs onto screens up to 2.0 meter, 8 feet, the ScreenPlay 5700 is equally capable.

If you are looking for a projector that has the ability to recreate the movie experience with great care and fidelity and will also be able to natively handle HD sources up to 1080i then this is your ticket. InFocus has painstakingly perfected an already good design which makes the ScreenPlay 7210 a very well rounded projector. It however comes with a rather high pricetag when compared to the older ScreenPlay 5700, or similar projectors, as the extra value offered does not really justify the price. If HD is your thing and you do not want to settle for anything but the best InFocus has to offer then the ScreenPlay 7210 certainly delivers, having a leg up over previous models, inching forward to projector perfection.

Sander Sassen.

1. Introduction
2. Lumen output and contrast
3. Resolution and noise
4. Digital Light Processing
5. InFocus ScreenPlay 7210
6. Results, lumen output and contrast
7. Results, impressions
8. Conclusion
9. Pricing information

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