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  What's cooking? Enter my kitchen. 
  Jan 20, 2006, 07:30am EST 
By: Sander Sassen

It has been a while since I've written a column, partly because I didn't feel much like it and also because I felt a bit fed up with the industry. Most particularly fellow journalists that felt they had to bad mouth and ridicule me for my dealings with ATI. They must have seen an opportunity to work themselves up in the supply chain, much like a bird of prey that is flying circles around a antilope that's just been killed by a lion. I don't consider myself the antilope however, nor do I ascribe to that kind of tactics. Time has shown that I kept my integrity and reported the facts, no more, no less, and disclosed all I could in order to give you, our reader, a better perspective.

In the past year I've picked up on an old hobby that's been slumbering for the past decade or so and that's audio, more precisely do-it-yourself audio. When I was looking for something to busy myself with that had no close relation with computer hard- or software a few months ago I decided to endeavour in that direction a bit more. I'm sure you've noticed the class-D amplifier and other articles which are a direct result of this. But there's more coming, although these kinds of articles will be posted at more lengthy intervals. Unfortunately designing and building stuff with your hands takes a lot longer than simply plug in the next generation graphics card and run a few benchmarks, so please be patient.

Yellow Peril, featuring SPH-165KEP

The Yellow Peril, featuring four 6.5" kevlar woofers per loudspeaker.

Does that mean I won't be writing about computer hard- and software anymore? No, it doesn't, I'll still be looking at all the new technology that debuts, I'll just be presenting a different mix, not just computer hard- and software, but also audio related articles. And much like with computer hard- and software I'll be looking at hot new audio products, and give my honest and no-holds-barred opinion about them. In the next few weeks expect to read about NuForce's much hyped class-D amplifiers, a CD-transport utilizing a belt-drive for the CD and the laser pick-up and more, such as a top-of-the-line floor standing loudspeaker which is currently under development and pictured above, aptly named 'Yellow Peril'.

Sander Sassen.


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