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  Intel's Core 2 Duo processors, leveling the playing field. 
  Jul 14, 2006, 09:30am EDT 


By: Sander Sassen

If it was not obvious from looking at the benchmark results we will sum it up here once more; Intel has secured the performance crown in spectacular fashion. Not only does their new architecture put any other x86 desktop processor to shame in terms of performance, it does so with less power consumption and with an impressive performance per watt ratio. Not only has Intel obsoleted their own Pentium 4 and Pentium D line of processors in one fell swoop, they also introduced a worthy successor to the Netburst architecture that never quite materialized into the product Intel envisioned it to be. AMD on the other hand has been relegated to the back seat on the bus with Intel firmly in the driver seat; it is not often that a top-of-the-line processor from a competing manufacturer is so soundly beaten in every benchmark.

So does the future look promising for Intel? Well yes, provided they can ship these new processors in volume we expect the midrange and entry level Core 2 Duo processors to have an excellent price/performance ratio and generate a substantial amount of sales. Intel's new Core 2 processors scale well with clock speed and as can be seen from our benchmarks a midrange processor will be able to keep pace with AMD's top-of-the-line processor. Now if that is not a bargain we frankly do not know what is. It will be interesting to see what AMD counters with, price reductions on all of their current products seems to be their first strategic move, but more is needed if they want to prevent prospective customers from switching to Intel's offerings. After all, even with a significant reduction in price it will be hard to sell an AMD processor which offers up to 50% less performance than Intel's.

Sander Sassen.

1. Introduction
2. Core 2 Duo Internals
3. Core 2 Duo Testing
4. Conclusion

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