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  Product Profile : Quantum Atlas 10K II 
Overall the Quantum Atlas 10K II turned in some impressive numbers. It is a prefect companion for a high-end workstation or a large corporate server, but will also appeal to the home-user who wants one of the fastest Ultra160 SCSI harddiks for demanding A/V applications.

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Performance: 8/10

Nothing short of impressive, over 40 MB/s of sustained throughput and bursts up to 90 MB/s. The 10.000 RPM spindle speed, the 8 MB data buffer and Quantum's experience in building SCSI disks is certainly showing here.

Quality: 8/10

Quality, like the performance, is of the highest standard, which you'd naturally come to expect from a compnay's top-of-the-line products. Only minor drawbck is the top lid, that smudges easily when touched with fingers.

Features: 8/10

With the 10.000 RPM spindle speed, 8 MB data buffer, 4.7 ms average seek time and a throughput of 40 MB/s there's little left to be desired. It comes in both SCA and 68-pin Wide-SCSI versions so is suitable for all systems utilizing SCA or Wide/Ultra160-SCSI.

Documentation: 6/10

Our drive was an OEM white box version so only had two pieces of paper describing the jumper settings and other SCSI options. The website however had a 'How-To' guide detailing how to set up the drive properly.

Price: 6/10

SCSI harddisks usually are higher in price than their IDE counterparts of equal capacity. Although it might be a tad more expensive you do gain a lot in MTBF and overall build quality, these disks are simply meant to last, often under the harshest confitions.

Overall Rating: 7/10

To summarize, as an Ultra-fast, quiet and above all reliable harddisk, the Quantum Atlas 10K II certainly deserves your attention. If you're looking for a new SCSI harddisk be sure to check out the Atlas 10K II, it might just be the disk to you're looking for.

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