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  Product Profile : Iwill DVD266-R 
The DVD266-R is an impressive board, offering excellent features, and top-notch stability. However, we're still not certain whether VIA is ready for such mission-critical applications.

For more information on the DVD266-R, visit Iwill's webpage at
Performance: 10/10

It doesn't get much better than this. dual Pentium III processors and DDR memory. This is, without a doubt, the fastest dual processor Pentium III board out there.

Stability: 9/10

Stability was excellent. Were it not for a single, seemingly random crash, the board would certainly have earned a perfect rating.

Quality: 10/10

We've always been impressed with the quality of Iwill products, and the DVD266-R is no exception.

Features: 8/10

The board offers almost everything we could expect, including on-board sound and IDE RAID. Addition of an AGP Pro slot would have made it perfect.

Layout: 6/10

The layout, particularly around the CPU sockets, leaves something to be desired. Getting the second CPU fan connector and ATX power connector plugged in correctly can be a chore.

Documentation: 6/10

The documentation is very thurough, but contains multiple language errors. We would like to see Iwill remedy this situation.

Price: 8/10

At $210 for the non-RAID version, and $230 for the RAID version, the board is priced well above dual 133A boards, but much lower than i840 or ServerWorks offerings.

Overall Rating: 9/10

Overall, a well-rounded product. Excellent features, stability, and a reasonable pricetag.

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