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ExtremA, class-A amplifier
ExtremA, a reference class-A DIY amplifier.

Most commercial amplifiers offer mediocre performance and distortion figures, the here presented design offers nearly immeasurable distortion levels you'll be hard pressed to find with any commercial or DIY amplifier.

Intel Core 2 Duo
Intel's Core 2 Duo processors, leveling the playing field.

After months of heated discussion about their prospective performance Intel's Core 2 processors finally make their official debut. We explore how these new processors compare to AMD's offerings and previous Intel processors.

NuForce Reference 9
NuForce revisited, Reference 9.02, no small miracle?

A few weeks ago we evaluated the NuForce Reference 8 amplifier which turned out to be somewhat dissapointing. Today we look at the NuForce Reference 9.02, which according to NuForce is leaps and bounds above the Reference 8, but is it?

NuForce Reference 8
NuForce Reference 8 amplifier, debunking the myth?

NuForce' Reference amplifiers have been advertised as being the power amplifier of the year and have received awards from various magazines. We literally take one apart to investigate whether its reputation is well deserved or whether it is just another myth?

Velleman K8020 preamplifier
Velleman K8020 high-end tube preamplifier.

Preamplifiers come in all shapes and sizes, most feature transistors or integrated circuits, a few of them however use vacuum tubes. We take a closer look at Velleman's K8020 tube preamplifier kit and detail how to extract every last bit of performance from it.

Hypex UcD400
Believe the Hypex, class-D DIY amplifier

Amplifiers in kit form have been available for years, now Hypex enters the market with kits based on class-D technology that offer outstanding features and sound quality. We take a closer look and construct an amplifier using Hypex's UcD400 amplifier modules.

HP nc6120 notebook
HP's nc6120 notebook means business

Notebooks come in all shapes and sizes, but what to look for in a business notebook that is at home both on the road and at the office? We take a look at HP's nc6120 business notebook featuring Intel's Centrino mobile technology.

The Silverado, a small d'Appolito loudspeaker

Loudspeakers come in all shapes in sizes, with the Silverado we present a small, yet full range, do-it-yourself loudspeaker that puts many commercially available loudspeakers costing several times as much to shame.

ATI Radeon X850 PE
ATIís R520 architecture, the new king of the hill?

ATI is about to introduce their next generation graphics card based on the R520 architecture which will be launched as the Radeon X1800 series of cards. We put it up against the capable GeForce 6800 and 7800 series to see how it performs.

NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT, never mind the X?

As expected NVIDIA introduced the GeForce 7800 GT today, a slightly watered down version of the GeForce 7800 GTX. We put it up against the capable GeForce 6800GT and 6800 Ultra as well as the 7800 GTX, here's how it performed.

GeForce 7800 GTX
NVIDIA's GeForce 7800 GTX, a new kind of fast

NVIDIA's GeForce 7800 GTX could possibly be one of the most desirable graphic cards to date, being the first to offer better performance, less heat production and less noise in a single card solution. We explore whether NVIDIA's latest lives up to its promises.

Toshiba Libretto
Toshiba Libretto, small, smaller, smallest

Notebooks haven't changed much in size the past few years, Toshiba now ships a notebook that's about half the size of a regular notebook, but offers more than half the performance and just about all of the features.

Intel dual core
Intel's dual core Pentium 840 EE, apples and oranges?

Dual core processors are a topic of much debate with the biggest question being whether they truely offer substantial performance increases. We explore how Intel's dual core offering fares by comparing it to regular Pentium 4 processors.

16x DVD recording
16x DVD recording, 5-minute DVD backups?

Much like we've seen with CDRW recorders, recording speeds for DVD recorders keep increasing. Now that 16x DVD recorders and media are available we investigate whether they're able to record a 4.7GB DVD in under five minutes.

ScreenPlay 7210
InFocus ScreenPlay 7210, home theater bliss

InFocus is a popular manufacturer of home theater projectors, especially their ScreenPlay series is often heralded for its performance. We literally take a closer look at their latest model, the ScreenPlay 7210, to see how it stacks up.



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