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  Asus A7N8X Problem driving me mad! 
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Omniscient Dec 11, 2003, 07:33am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Asus A7N8X Problem driving me mad!

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Herman Schmitt Dec 12, 2003, 04:15am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Asus A7N8X Problem driving me mad!
Almost working ! but still shuts down due to CPU overclocking.

* Auto multiplier setting results in a multiplier of 12.5 so I presumably have t/b core B.
* The version of BIOS stated on start up screen is 1006 already
* The PCB version is ASUS A78NX rev 2.00
* The jumper setting on Mobo is 400/333/266 (the other option is 200 only)
* Boot In CMOS, multiplier left set to AUTO (resulting multiplier =12.5)
* CPU freq set to 166MHz
* Everything else set to optimal, RAM freq set to SPD (resulting freq = 200MHz)
* F10, save : PC now registers AMD Athlon XP 2600+ (2.08GHz)

The problem is that the PC still shuts down when you do something slightly intensive (run an application such as autoroute), on re-boot the voice warning "system failed due to CPU overclocking" occurs.

Thank you for your advice so far, any other suggestions to why the CPU still thinks its overclocking ?

Omniscient Dec 12, 2003, 07:24am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Asus A7N8X Problem driving me mad!
check your cpu temp?
I found that my stock Fan & heatsink didn't give me a satisfying temp (sitting at around 50 - 55 celsius) although it *did not* give me troubles. I bought the Volcano Extreme 12 from thermaltake - baby runs like a dream. sits at around 33/34 celsius. make sure heatsink and CPU are making clean, smooth, close contact using heatpaste.

Check your Processor Voltage - should be set at 1.65 I find that the Auto settings of the Asus Mobo sez it supplies 1.65 but in reality supplies closer to 1.69/1.70 so if you are brave you can set your CPU Voltage either on or two notches above or below 1.65 - no more than that!

Setting it higher than 1.65 should make your processor hotter and more unstable so I would suggest leaving that for last.

Try take it one notch below 1.65, if that doesn't help then try one more notch. Don't go more than two notches down. See if it runs anymore stable.

If you have a another power supply somenwhere around try booting up with that. In VERY rare cases the PSU is faulty and the output voltages are irregular resulting in reboots or hanging and maybe a power down.

Try setting the RAM speed lower try 333 and 266.
Try different RAM altogether.

That's all I can suggest - hope you get it right.

If you feel like it you can fiddle with User defined settings which give you complete control over the FSB frequency. Try numerous different FSB and Ratio and RAM settings. Maybe you'll find a setting that gives satisfactory performance and is stable.

FSB 200
Ratio 10
RAM 200
Although here you are overclocking your FSB you effectively still underclock the Proccesor by 83 MHz
try it and see if it's stable.

My personal settings r

FSB 200
Ratio 11
RAM 200 - aggresive timings.

if that doesn't work your scroo-ed.

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