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  CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message" 
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j m Apr 30, 2004, 02:13pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
well look at it this way.. if the game was made to run on everything you would never need to upgrade. wheres the fun in that. cnc generals sure didn't work on my old system which had a radeon 7000.. and just because you have 4u2395879-572 bazkillion mhz and 23897598237534 bizllion ram don't mean nothing.. why don't you check out my system.. i run 2 athlon 2400's, 2 gigs of 2100 kingston ddr, 260 gigs of maxtor harddrives running at ATA133 which most people don't.. and i run a radeon 9800 xt 256mb but if my power supply can't handle the watt output and my system is getting run down hard on graphics.. its not gonna stay stable.. and sincei put in a new 550 watt psu with a 12 rating of 24 watts over my old 460 watt with a rating of 12 v 18 watt... i have had no game crashes.. just like when i had my 9700 pro.. no crahes.... and it seems other people just like me have replaced there psu's and play this game because i've helped alot of people that personal message me off this forum.. Maybe you should consider checking into the psu problem.. and i QUOTE... THE ONLY THING.. that makes a system do a cold reboot... is neglegent power... software wouldn't cause it 99% of the time.. sorry that doesn't happen.. i've been doing this way to long.... i've see a great many things but off this forum, the grpahics forum and several other websites with the same follow up forums and topics... its all narrowed down to these things, the mobo voltage for the agp, the processor power, and finall the psu... but since i updated my psu that changes it all mobo, agp, all of it. So tell me.. why is it when i put my old one back on then it starts crashing.. becase using a volt meter revelaed variations in the power while running heavy games graphics especially in zerehour... and soldier of fortune 2 which i tried just for the hell of it... so maybe it could be the game.. or maybe it is the power, drivers and combination of the 2...But after 1 month of tech support, service tech support, and full end tech support which half of you haven't go that far.. it is the power. Its a fault in radeon cards especially the 9600xt and the 9800 series. So look at this

Check your psu... find out what the rated 12 volt watt is.. 15-18 is not enough.. 20-34 is.. get a psu with that rating and try it.. i garentee you you will see results... if not try turning off fastwrite along with that...but really nothing should be casuing restarts like that.. only power does that..

And for a final note.. for the past month i have not been able to run generals on my 9800xt 256 for more then 15-30 minutes without a cold reboot.... now with that new psu i ran it for almost 24 hours now without a single stutter... but as soon as i tried my old psu.. wham.. restart...... tested and proven... at least try it out

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Brian Stewart Apr 30, 2004, 04:27pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
It's all true.
100% of it.

If it were a bug in the game, everyone would have the same problem under those same circumstances.
If you would go around and read what people who've SOLVED this problem have said, you'd know.

But since I'm NICE, I'll TELL you what a lot of people have done to solve it.

Make sure your ram is not of mixed type. (No two sticks of different brands, and more importantly, they both have to have the same timings!)

Make sure your PSU is adequate. CHECK THE RATINGS ON THE SIDE OF THE PSU.
Any idiot can buy a "500 Watt PSU" and think that it's so 1337, when in fact they have a piece of crap.
In fact, I am going to issue a CHALLENGE.
To ALL of you that got all MAD and p**sED OFF at me and that other guy:
Check your ratings, and post them here.

Set your monitor refresh rate to 75 Hz.
(I have NO idea what this has to do with anything, but in fact, it is a recommended solution from EA for some serious error messages)

Stop Overclocking!!!
Generals is a VERY intensive game.
Stop overclocking before you try to play it.
(This means fsb, multiplier, voltages, gpu clocks and voltages, agp bus and voltages, everything)
Overclocking only sucks more juice from your power supply.

and always make sure you do a clean install of the game, and have all driver updates, windows updates, and game updates. (CLEAN means uninstall, reboot, disable all running programs, including those in the background, ctrl+alt+delete, PROCESSES tab, then reinstall)

And to anyone who still wants to be an a**hole to me or that other guy, just save it. We've told you what's wrong, you just don't want to believe us.

MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum
1 GB DDR 400
Athlon 64 4600+
6800 GT
r c Apr 30, 2004, 11:45pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
James, Again your talking about PSU's....yeah you gotta have a good psu, but your having your problems because your running a multi processor system, 2 gigs of ram and as you put it "harddrives" AND a radeon 9800 256. OBVIOUSLY your going to need more power. Its as plain as the nose on your face. But what about people with a low end p4, g4 ti4200/gf3 and 512mb ram? they dont need a huge thumping power supply. 550w for them is overkill. Its a cost not everyone can afford. And their system is above the *recommened* rating by EA! Your talking about your own personal system which is fine. But this doesnt apply to others. Especially in your case, with that rig. 400w should be a good starting point. But seriously, the crashes and reboots, as i mentioned before, are only half the issue. It just runs plain sh*t to the point where its unplayable. James i would credit your problem with being right, i can totaly believe that it was your power supply, because its so easy to see with your huge system specs. But if the PSU was the main problem, we would have all fixed it by now and be happy destroying armies night and day. Unfortunately the main problem is in how the game performs - which - leads to the crashes.

"100% right Brian Stewart" is what ill call you from now on Brian.

1. If you bothered to read the whole thread, youll find its been mentioned a few times, that not many people here are overclocking. So can it.

2. Youve solved issues that can be solved with the game, such as HARDWARE issues. I can assure you that my graphics workstations at work, are definately up to spec, in every possible way. The game doesnt work on them properly. Fullstop. 4 out of 8 computers? What kind of rubbish is that. Name a game which does this? Name a game which only works on half of the computers its installed on? If it is the hardware and drivers, then why do all our other recent games at work, run fine, on all 8 computers, with not a single problem? Why is C&C ZH the dog. Its not because of the hardware thats for sure. Its the bloody game. The game places excessive load on the pc period. Oh, and creating a map editing system that allows people to make maps which the program wont like, and which makes the cpu/gpu fall to its knees and ask what its done wrong.

3.No two sticks of mixed ram? Unless your running dual channel, the sticks can be mixed as long as they are rated the same in timings. Thats because they are manufactured under specification.
I wouldnt recommend a stick of double sided and a stick of single sided in tandem either. But your telling them to go out and buy another 512-1024 of ram! all that expense, FOR a $60 game, which should work already! LIKE EVERY OTHER GAME IN MY OFFICE/HOME DOES.

4.Name brand PSU's are important. Yes crap ones are rated at 500w etc, when really they arent out putting the required voltage. Yeah PSU, blah blah. What about the majority of people who do have a good psu, or one that can handle their system and are still having crap gameplay, like ME? 8 Antec True power supplies, all rated 480-550w, depending on the pc and the programs its required to run.

5. Most people, such as myself, understand to keep drivers updated, windows updated, keep the whole freakin system updated. To swap drivers around and see what versions works best. Everyone gets it already. 90% of people have done that. Thats not the problem for most of us. Thats a suggestion thats been around since the first geforce come out.

6. You should not have to spend $100's of dollars on a _recent_ system to play c&c ZH FULLSTOP


7. "You just dont want to believe us" ?? I actually laughed when i read that. The fact is your suggestions are the average, run of the mill, normal suggestions anyone makes in any forum, which arent helping. Your points are valid, but they are off the mark. I wouldnt have even posted if you and the other guy treated everyone with respect. Worse off everything you list in your posts is secondary, useless crap to most of us, who already have whats required to play the game. And you treat US like idiots.

8. Go challenge yourself Brian, learn how to accept that theres a problem, and youve got no idea what it is, and that you cant fix it with with your feeble mind. Learn that EA isnt your daddy, and that they might have stuffed up on this one.

9. Half your post was based around the PSU. YAWN. Next...

10. Heres news for you Brian, everyone here ARE having problems with the game. Under the same circumstances. On different configs.

11. The serious error message would not stop a cold reboot...if it was a hardware problem as suggested by James. Once the power bugs out, thats it, no amount of coding will save the PC. So youve shot down your own "revelation"

You both need to stop holding each others hands. James posts a comment, then you come in here yappin around his heals sayin to everyone "i told you so" when your full of sh*t.

If we all went out bought a nuclear reactor and replaced our PSU's, and then come back, because we still have a problem, which we would....what suggestions would you have then?....errr...well...err...update your windows and drivers...and errr...

Get an idea. You havent told anyone how to fix anything, youve just listed a bunch of normal every day knowledge for most people who couldnt give a crap about it. You read a forum and think your king, well your not. Treat people as you yourself wish to be treated. If you ever actually find out the problem, and come back here in a fashion which doesnt reek of contempt, then im sure we will be happy to talk to you.

j m May 01, 2004, 12:58am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Well I don't know what to think. I have read through the forum. From what i see most of the problems related from radeon cards the 9600xt-9800xt.... and all inbetwen and the GF5400-5900's.

After stabilizing my computer again so I could play the game I read that twilight flame seems to be a culprit. Well i went to test it only to see i had already beaten it on hard, but figured I would give it a shot again since my puter doesn't restart anymore. It ran fine, never slowed down, didn't jump, and the graphics ran smoother then they did when i had my 9700 pro card.

The setup I use is 1280x600 resolution because thats what fits my monitor its a NEC 19". I use Custom settings.. Everything is cranked up except auto adjust detail cuz thats stupid.

What I didn't see in this forum was any mention of virtual ram. I've noticed when i play generals that the usage count over say a 2-10 hour period can go well over 512mb. Now I have 2 gig's worth of ram and so i use my ram up first before virtual memory. The thing that bothers me about that is that most of what i saw had 512 configurations.

Weather or not you have checked this make sure you virtual memory is set to at least twice that or let the computer manage it. You could be running yourself right into a stop with your ram if it isn't turned on. Some games don't require or fill up ram but I have used almost a gig at times running generals and that wasn't virtual ram. So right there could be a bottleneck.

Second I've also noiced between this forum and others a mention of the Error Reporting. This is found in the My Computer properies. Disable it. Disable all the options listed there. I don't have them on anymore. And also disable Automatic restart for the computer. That way if it does crash you stay in windows or on the bluescreen to see whats wrong.

I wanna also suggest since I don't recall seeing a mention of it that you need or at least should try to update to Service Pack 1 if your running xp-xp pro. And also make sure you have the latest dx9.0b. Although as much as im told to update those you prolly have already done so.

Getting back to the game. On my radeon 9700 pro the only problem I ever had was with the graphics going bad on the heat effect. It was only till earlyer this year it was fixed. Then i bought a 9800 xt recently and whamo.. she'd restart or crash into windows in 10-30 minutes flat on any game settings and map. This really p**sed me off. And as you could read in my other forums i narrowed it down to the card just not having a enough power.

As game intense as this is maybe everyone hasn't tried a psu with 20-34 amps on the 12v but i won't preach it. Its all up to you to try it. These thermaltake bullshit psu's and all those don't make the cut im sorry but they don't i tried.

And the worst part abotu this is that everyone has top notch systems. All high specs with oodles of ram and harddrive space and the newest graphics cards.. But why don't you look at the game and look at the regular video card crashes. I've seen an even number of 9800-5900 card problems on here that blend so evenly its sick to read anymore. It all seems that maybe there are just power hungry 3d beasts.

But as i said its up to all of you to try it or not. Some may have already but I don't wanna be put down for recommending it. So far I have see maybe 3 posts tops only on other forums about any new usage of a psu to see if it works. So don't tell me people have tryed it. Im saying its still a BIG option.

Thats about it.. outside of that there is nothing else i can possibly think of or read or bring together that could be casuing the problme because i've played every skirmish map on hard, every game scenario and extra mission. I play online all the time with no errors. I run a moderatly new system and just don't think its software.

And one last note, my freind tried it tonight on his pc cuz i had him test the map too and he never go the crash. But im out.. im tired.. and its 12 am.. peace peeps - James Miller

Brian Stewart May 01, 2004, 04:12am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
r c is angry.
He can't accept it.
Come on, post the psu ratings.
Why do you have to get so angry? It's been said many times what the solution is.

And how about this. If you say it runs fine on 4 of the 8 systems, why not the other 4?
If the hardware and software are all the same on the 8 systems, what's different about them?
It certainly can't be the GAME if it runs fine on 4 of them.

It MUST be the hardware, because even though you have the same components, they all differ from each other. No two processors have the same performance; the same goes for ram, hard drives, optical drives, graphics cards, and power supplies.

Instead of BITCHING. Why don't you just TRY upping the agp voltage a notch?
Why not just check to make sure you have good ram (not mixed types/timings)
How much of a bother would it be to check your psu ratings?

If you would rather complain and whine, so be it.

I read through this entire thread from when it ewas created ages ago.
The simple fact is it has been said before, and people have just not accepeted it.
And I really don't see the point of running zero hour on a workstation anyway. That's not productive.

You know what? I'll install generals and zero hour RIGHT NOW, just to play twilight flame or whatever map it was for as long as I want.

Entertain yourself by bitching at me all you want. This thread is dead to me. If anyone wants help with it, read my posts, and the other guy's. (Is it James?) You can send me a message as well.

MSI K8N Neo 2 Platinum
1 GB DDR 400
Athlon 64 4600+
6800 GT
j m May 01, 2004, 10:28am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
brian....... i just said that....

Eddie R May 01, 2004, 11:49am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
I honestly cannot see how the serious error problem with this game can be hardware related.

I have played this game over the internet and a lan with friends of mine and the same thing happens.

What we do for example is play the 3 of us against 5 hard armys.

Now we all have different computers, all differant specs.

Yet we all get serious error at exactly the same moment.

If this was hardware related problem, voltages or whatever i would expect one of the pc's to SE then another one then another.

But this is not the case, we all SE at exactly the same moment so how can that be hardware problem ??

It has to be the code.

j m May 01, 2004, 08:01pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
So when you and your freinds play what exactly do you use to lan with? A router, a hub, crossover cables, internet, usb? Why don't you elaborate on it. Because if your all getting it at the same time its not game related.. it would mean something made the game crash in the lan portion of it.. computers just don't lock up the same time... that doesn't happen very often. - James

r c May 01, 2004, 09:58pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
dong, dong brian is dead.

no brian all 8 workstations are different as explained earlier, they are built according to the tasks they have to carry out. What i choose to do in my workplace is my business. And youll actually find half an hour of splattering your mates heads over the walls is more productive as it promotes stress relief and takes your mind off your work for the day.

The solution has been said many times huh? Well everyone in the thread who has no idea how to turn their computer on, let alone wipe their asses, lets all do what brian says! Hes got the POWER *insert church choir goin nuts here*

"is it james?" haha oh sh*t, thats a classic.

I agree with james about the memory, in particular hard drive space. Ive seen the error less frequently when i have more hdd space. Dont come in here talkin crap about i told u so brian, because no game should be loading up 512 megs of ram, plus 2 gigs of hard drive space just to run. Less frequently with 2 to get it to virtually go away, what would i need? 15 gig of space? just so it doesnt have to MANAGE any memory? Oh look says ZH "heres a whole freakin harddrive. I might use it all, and not give any back. Excellent."

I think the game has been coded fine a point. I think how it works is that the team who coded the game is westwood pacific or something. EA bought the franchise or licence, and westwood pacific, become EA pacific. I dont know much about it and ive probably got some names wrong, but the general story is the same. So that would mean, usually, that the Dev team would be the same. It seems as tho maybe they rushed it, havent tested it properly, and theres a major kink in the running of the code on some systems.

i bet ZH looks fu*king marvellous on that opteron system, and its as smooth as a babys ass. Its not fair and everyone should have 2 gigs of ram and dual 2400's. Vote me in as the next govenor of california, and ill make sure it happens people. James i cant remember from your earlier posts, but just for arguments sake, is it possible for you to run with 1GB ram , and one cpu, just to see how things change? They may not, but it would be interesting, just to see if its the extra computational power taking care of the extra load, or if the game just runs fine on its own anyway.

j m May 01, 2004, 11:01pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
umn yeah since the game does not inmplement both processors because most programs do not i have to mnaully split the load.. yeah i've ran the game on just the one processor and say like winamp and other stuff on the other processor... and i've tried just using my ram and not vm, my ram and vm, my ram and my specified amount of vm... really the time i tried to use just my ram yeah it runs faster becasue your not using harddrive space as make up ram.. But the minute i hit the 2 gigs my computer will error.. saying low system memory and basically shut everything down in windows.. i've done it more then once

Thats why im led to belive people should pay more attention.. drop out of the game on pause and check your ram.. if its higher used then what you have in your computer try upping your virtual ram.. or just get more ram.

Its something i have no seen anyone mention.. i wanna see someone actually post that they have tried it.. I have. But like i said the only problem i ever had was graphics glitches and hard restart.. but i fixed it.. i never had the problems people are talking about but there is theorys.. id just like to here them test this one.

And i still cannot bring myself to belive a game glitch causes every computer on the drop of a hat to all lockup at once.

Andy Cr May 02, 2004, 06:06am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Can't believe it???? Jesus, wait till I tell you it wasnt Osma Bin Laden that blew up the Twin Towers but it was in fact your own corrupt Government (or at least the shadowy figures pulling their strings)....that's really going to do your head in and test your ability to look beyond the obvious answer.

I also get the same Serious error when playing online and my opponents get exactly the same error at the same time. As far as Im concerned that proves its code related as theres no way on the planet that two or more machines would suddenly develop hardware issues at the exact same millisecond. If your theory was true then 1 machine would get the Serious error and the other would "lose the connection" and drop you back to the menu screen or whatever. They wouldnt all bomb back to the destop with serious error and prompt you to go and buy a new PC.

Tufti Kins May 02, 2004, 07:07am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
I have encountered the serious error many times on Zero Hour. Hundereds in fact. Online...Lan..skirmish....Had the lot. All but 1 of the online and LAN serious error everyone playing got the error at the same time. The other 1 I got it and the other player just saw me disconnect. 1 out of dozens. Always the error comes when a large number of units are in action on the map regardless of playing vs AI or not. If you are not getting the error maybe you are just lucky or maybe you are not pushing the game very hard.

I used to like to play skirmishes vs 7 hard ai and had to save constantly as the serious error can crop up 10 plus times a game. One of those saves was made just before an error and loading it causes an instant serious error on every pc it has been tested on and it has been tested on many. EA have the save BTW so they are well aware of this. Here is a link for you all. If you enjoy crashes just load that save :)

j m May 02, 2004, 11:38am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
wow.. thats totally stupid... it crashed... but do you know what.. how come thats the first time i have every really got that message? I never crash during lan plays, i never crash during multiplayer plays...i don't get it.

kostas kerkiraios May 03, 2004, 07:08am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
i read the posts and i have to say 3 things

-r c is right
-Brian sucks
-Brian now that u bought your huge psu and u solve the problem u can leave this forum and let us solve our problems. rest in peace

Shane Spina May 08, 2004, 11:11pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
As i sit here.. eating my Pie.. drinking my Red Bull (i was up real late last nite ;).. i am thinking to myself i need to bookmark this forum coz the entertainment value is superb :D but of no real use yet :(

ok thats th b/s out of the way

i own and run a cyber cafe.. i have 8 machines on my floor.. yes it is a small cyber cafe ;)

machine specs of the floor machines are as follows:

XP 2500+
512 DDR 333
MSI KM4M-L mobo KT400 chipset
gForce4 FX 5200 128Mb DDR v/c
XP Pro SP1 fully patched including optional s**t

they all run thru a 10/100 auto sensing switch
they all run zero hour unpatched

my personal machine:

Shuttle XPC nVidia nForce 2
512 DDR 400
gForce Fx 5600XT 128mb DDR v/c
twin 17" LCD
XP Pro SP2 (Beta)

Now, last nite @ 2:30AM we had all our machines crash while playing LAN.. 4 human 4 Hard AI.. all machines crashed within say 5 seconds of each other dumping us back to the desktop

OK i read the notes @ EA.. change my refresh rate to 75Hz? wot a load of w*nk
I have read this forum and tried all of the different solutions except James to no avail (btw i agree with kostas.. brian does indeed suck)

i agree that it must be a coding error.. no hardware fault i can think of in my 10 yrs exp as a programmer and computer tech could cause the simultaneous crashing of 4 machines during an app no matter how "intensive" the app may be... a solution would be to flood EA support with spam telling them they suck and that the barrage will not stop till the games is fixed ;) that would be fun.. i should also like to add why is generals the only game i have seen that doesnt support dual monitor support? p*sses me off to have to disable my 2nd display to play a silly game not to mention screws my desktop arrangements :D

on my shuttle it cannot be a PSU problem.. for anyone who knows anything about XPC systems they come fitted with the board and the PSU to match the system as they are SFF so that rules that out..

too many ppl with too many different machine configs to be hardware (and i think both james and brian have too much $$$ lol)

just to add GST to my 2 cents r c has a lot of valid points.. like myself he has quite a few machines of various specs and a 50% hit rate (ur lucky 50% of machines play this damn game) r c add me to ur buddy list m8 i would like to work wiith u on solutions to this damn problem as i have spent a lot of $$$ buying the stupid thing so kids can play it and it dont feckin work :@

I am now onto my second pie :) and my second red bull :S hey r c sunday morning pies rock hey ;) great to see some OZ ppl posting

Anthony Coons May 09, 2004, 01:16am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Hey I just bought a new pc and I still have the stupid error message here are my new specs

Duel AMD Athlon 64 FX-51 Processers
Duel BFG Tech Asylum GeForce Fx 5950 Ultra Graphics Cards
3 Gigs Kingston PC4000 ram
200 Gig Maxtor Hard Drive
Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy2 Card
650 Watt ATX Power Supply

Stupic EA Coding

j m May 09, 2004, 01:18am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
dual nvidia cards huh.... hows that work exactly? And how do you afford 64 procesoors... them damn things are expensive to buy the ones that are equally as fast as the xp 3200.

Rob Billing May 10, 2004, 06:55am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
fyi. this is the 'answer' that eagames give on their website. they seem to blame other programs running at the same time.


After the game is installed, I run the game and a "Serious Error" message appears as the game is loading or as I am about to start the mission. What is happening?

Try setting the Monitors Refresh Rate to 75 Hz.
You can do this by:
1). Right clicking the desktop and selecting properties
2). Then choose the Settings Tab
3). Then click on the Advanced button
4). Select the Monitor Tab at the top.
5). Select 75H Hz from the drop down box.

Please be sure that your computer system meets the C&C Generals Minimum Requirements

OS: Windows XP/ME/2000/98 (Windows 95/NT not supported)
CPU: 800 MHz Intel Pentium III or AMD Athlon processor
RAM: 128 MB
CD/DVD-Rom Speed: 8x
Hard Drive Space: 1.8 GB free hard disk space plus space for saved games, Windows swap-file, and DirectX 8.1
Video: 32 MB AGP video card using the Nvidia GeForce 2, ATI Radeon 7500, or more recent chipset with DirectX 8.1 compatible driver The latest version is 9.0b
Sound: DirectX 8.1 compatible PCI 16-bit sound card
Input: Keyboard, Mouse

If your system does meet the requirements:

Please end all of your background applications in order to correct this issue. Applications running in the background can cause C&C Generals to crash or perform undesireably. This is due to background applications conflicting with C&C Generals. Applications running in the background may be using one or more recourse that C&C Generals is trying to allocate. Please follow these steps to ending background applications according to your Operating System.

For Windows XP:

First, make sure that you are logged in as the Administrator (for Windows XP Professional) or Owner (for Windows XP Home). This will usually be the first account that was created once Windows XP was fully installed. If you are not certain, contact the manufacturer of your PC for assistance in finding your Administrator/Owner account.

Next, make sure that all background tasks are closed before running the game. To do this;

Hold the Ctrl and Alt keys down at the same time and hit the Del key once. This will in turn bring up a window called "Task Manager". You will then see 5 tabs; Applications, Processes, Performance, networking, and Users. Select the Processes tab; this will list all current programs that are running. Close all programs that have your login ID next to them. Your user ID is listed in the second column next to the program name. For example here is a portion of what you should see;

Image Name User Name Session ID

Explorer.exe Owner 01

The Image Name column is the name of the programs currently running. The User Name column is where you will find your User Name. The best way to check this is to locate "Explorer" and see what it says under User Name.

Also, do not close any applications that say "System" next to them. Be sure not to close a program labeled "Explorer" or "Taskmgr" as well. You close each one of these applications by clicking on each one and hitting the button "End Process". Note some applications may take multiple times before closing. Don't worry that you are permanently changing your system configuration; these applications will return when you restart your system.

For Windows 98/ME:

First, make sure that you have closed any programs or tasks running in the background. To do this, hold the Ctrl and Alt keys down at the same time and hit the Del key once. This will in turn bring up a window called "close programs". The only two applications that you want listed here before running or installing the game are "explorer" and "systray". Close all other programs by double-clicking on them. You will need to repeat this process after closing each application. Note some applications may take multiple times before closing. Don't worry that you are permanently changing your system configuration; these applications will return when you restart your system.

Andy Cr May 10, 2004, 07:19am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
wow thanks's lucky you popped by, After 9 pages of heated debate spanning many months I don't think any of us have ever seen that before. I guess the problems solved now.

Oh no...wait a minute....thats a standard EA bullshit "blame shifting" response and doesn't solve anything. Never mind.

Shane Spina May 10, 2004, 07:52pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
wow.. ur a geniuos (bad spelling intended).. or maybe and idiot savant (pun intended too).. and y dint we think of looking @ the EA games website.. duhhhhhhhhhhh

i mentioned i looked @ the 75 Mhz sh*te on the EA idiot page

i have been doing some testing yesterday to add salt to the wound.. each individual machine was played on yesterday.. one human 4 hard AI and no crashes.. from reading all nine pages previous it seems many ppl have skirmish error as well as LAN.. seems mine is isolated to LAN

I was trying to see if one particular machine's install was causing the error but nup..

i also tried 2 player LAN with 4 hard AI and no crash... cant seem to find the rhyme or the reason
Out of interest has anyone tried logging in as Admin just to test the theory?

regards to all the usefull posters ;)

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