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  CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message" 
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Leon Kunst Feb 03, 2004, 07:47am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
HELP! I need help!

I've got the problem too! My Zero:Hour doesn't work, because the f*cking error!
I wish i could fix it. But nothing helps! Yesterday it still works, i made a backup of the whole map, i patched the original map/zero:hour. But that doesn't work. And now my copied Generals is deep ins**t, because the doens't work to :S Help! do you have a idea? I don't get this sh*t!!


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Yanni Sfetkos Feb 03, 2004, 08:19am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Ok I hope this helps:

I play generals for 12 months now and zero hour for 8 months now. After Zero was released I noticed that the game needed too much CPU power to be playable. Im an administrator on a Internet Cafe and I have 25 Computers with Intel P4 2.0 GHz - GF 4200Ti - 256MB RAM. The game is LAGGING when you play alone with hard enemies or in LAN. Some of the computers have ATI 9600 and the game freezes on the menu. After disabling Fast Write the game works fine - but still LAGS. After a small upgrade to 5 PC's (512 MB RAM) the speed of the game was increased and the game didnt LAG so much. BUT if you played with more that 4 hard enemies the game is completely UNPLAYABLE. The same happens when a LAN game is started and everybody builds MANY units. After some lagging the came crashes and gives "SERIOUS ERROR" to everybody on the LAN game. I also play Zero Hour in my house where I have a P4 2.8 FSB 800 - Dual DDR 1024MB - Gigabyte 875 Chipset board (8K1000 I think). I also have a LAN here with my neighborhood and we all have custom computers (AMD, INTEL etc.) with minimum a Intel 1.8 Celeron. The game ALSO lags when you build to many units. BUT I DONT UNDERSTAND why if you play ONLINE (INTERNET) the GAME WORKS PERFECTLY!!!! NO LAG with 8 PLAYERS ONLINE!!!. THE CODE OF ZERO HOUR SUCKS!!! EA DO SOMETHING!!!!

Leon Kunst Feb 03, 2004, 08:39am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Hmm, weird.

But i have the error, when i doubleclick on generals.exe. than i see the blue picture of generals, and than i see the Error. I don't understand it, because i played yesterday, and than it works, now i copied the map generals, and i have the error. :S I don't understand this error, because, i have no virusses, overheated hardware (everythings is cold enough) And my system have the required hardware (AMD XP 2000+, Radeon 9600 XT, 1Gig Memory, 80 GB HDD 8 MB Cache) Yes, EA, DO SOMETHING!!!!

My friends have the same Generals, and there it works perfectly. Oh yes, and about the 8 player in a map, etc.

I can play generals with 8 players (in the beginning the game is very fast) but after a while, when the CPU Bots gets more units, the game will be shocked. less frames, etc. When the game is nearly ended, it played again with much frames. BUT! When i build 150 nukes, 2000 hackers (thats not a joke, i made it, 2 days ago ;) and than i wanna throw a nuke anywhere, than he goes back to windows, and show the error.

I really don't understand this error....

Andy Cr Feb 03, 2004, 08:56am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
I think there are a variety of different problems that are increasingly being lumped together. My initial frustration with Zero Hour is now showing signs of being a problem in Generals as well. Ive been playing a lot with my mate in Canada and we are generally OK if we keep the base building time down to less than half an hour. Any more than that and the game often crashes out with Serious error at both ends. So the internet code is not infallible as someone said earlier.

I was pointing my finger at the net code for a while as I generally dont have probs on my LAN but today I loaded up the Whiteout 8 player map in Network/Sandbox mode (ie NO opponents, just me on my own) and built a big base and started churning out overlords en masse. Eventually the game bombed out with serious error. I was only occupying half the map, there were no fights going on (just me on my own as I say). I just think it cant cope when the unit count gets too high. Overlords especially bad because with the Gatling/Speakertower upgrade I guess it counts each unit as two units....possibly.

It's really annoying and I hope as PC specs are getting better and better they will come out with a new version of Generals in near future that is more stable and better utilises the power of modern systems. Or failing that a damn good patch to fix the current game.

Leon Kunst Feb 03, 2004, 09:01am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Yeah, it is weird...
When i'm copying the whole game map from a friend (via LAN) than it works. But yesterday i did it again, and now i have's the Serious Error....

I hope there will be a fixed, a good fixed exe, or patch!
BTW, do you've got MSN? that talks easyer ;)

Beanie Fleury Feb 03, 2004, 12:01pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"

and i qoute: "Reason the exception occurred. This is the code generated by a hardware exception, or the code specified in the RaiseException function for a software-generated exception. The following tables describes the exception codes that are likely to occur due to common programming errors"

Common Programming Errors!!! EA Refund NOW please!

Brian Piscitelli Feb 03, 2004, 02:15pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
I use to get the serioucs error messages and now i dont, a few things i do before i play zero hour or generals....

turn off almost every backgroud program! ESPECIALLY anti virus! and ad programs, that goes for everyone playing!!
Make sure u DO NOT INSTALL the games with AV on either!!

2nd make sure u have the most current drivers... for ati 4.10 is out. and for nvidia there is alsways something new out.

Also i have noticed that if you use the crack for the game that it doesnt seem to get as laggy... give that a shot. Make sure to back up the orgional files for the next update. Also.. if u use the crack, so must the other people u play with! or u will get a QUICK mismatch error

For lagging the game down tho... i still think it is the maps!!! i can play "White Out" and "iron dragon" with max players alll day! i have not had a problem with them! but on the other hand... u have "twilight flame" that is a DISASTER!!!! u cant play 10 min on. without getting some SERIOUSLY STUPID LAG, followed by mismatch!!

This is a no brainer but sometimes often overlooked... make sure the person hosting the game has the BEST computer!!

Other then that i cant really think of anything else to suggest right now. Good luck with these.

Leon Kunst Feb 03, 2004, 02:23pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Hmm, yes, i can only try that thing:

Installing Generals, without Antivirus.
the otherthings have i still tried, but doesn't work

well, gtg


James Jaz Feb 04, 2004, 03:39pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
I can't help you with the "serious error message", but I can tell you what most likely is the cause of the severe slowdown that occurs 10-15 minutes into the game and tell you how to get rid of it. I made my findings clear to the technical support people at EA a month ago, but nothing seems to have been done to fix it. I was not told though that tech support had no direct line of communication to the developers, so perhaps the developers aren't aware of the problem. I apologize in advance for the length of this post, but it is necessary to show how to stop the problem.

The patch from 1.0-1.01 & 1.02 alters the following files:
EnglishZH.big. game.dat, IniZH.big, MapsZH.big, WindowZH.big, and worldbuilder.exe. It also adds a few files (readmes essentially) that tell you what changes were made in the game. Lastly and most importantly it makes a minor modification in the registry to tell Generals Online that you have the newest patch.

I created a save game on twilight flame under ZH 1.02 that was going very sluggish 15 minutes into the game. I reinstalled ZH and the save game ran normally. I copied over each of the 6 altered files one at a time and ran the save game after copying over each file. game.dat and IniZH.big are closely tied together so I had to copy over IniZH.big before game.dat or the game would seriously error out during the intro movies. The save game ran normally until I copied over the game.dat file. Something in game.dat is what is causing the massive slowdown playing with AI's on the map. People who never play in games with AI will probably never see this slowdown. Perhaps that is why EA is slow to fix it.

Now Orlando, this may not work for you because if you do what I ask you will probably still encounter the serious errors in the game. For those who never encountered serious errors though on ZH 1.0, such as myself, doing the following will allow you to play the game without the massive slowdown a few minutes into the game.

DISCLAIMER!!!. If you do what I suggest, you will be able to play online with Zero Hour 1.0, BUT you won't be able to quickmatch or play against anyone who is using the 1.02 version of ZH. I have tested this method on 4 computers and it works. I play online with three other people. All 4 of us have done the exact same thing and are able to play each other on Generals Online. If we try to join other games though it tells us we have the wrong version. For people who only play the same few people this will probably work. If you want to play anonymous people, well then you probably shouldn't do this. All of the people you intend to play must be playing with Zero Hour 1.0. In other words all of the people you are wanting to play online must do the following steps.

1) Install ZH 1.0 normally.
2) Copy the entire ZH game root directory to a backup location (the game directory that is, NOT the one in My Documents).
3) Patch the ZH directory.
4) move the patched ZH directory to a backup location (will probably be required when patch 1.03 comes out and you need the 1.02 files again)
5) Move the original 1.0 backup back to the original installation location.

Run the game and you now have ZH 1.0, but options will tell you that you are using 1.2 (or 1.02) and Generals Online will allow you to connect.

A 6th step you can do is copy the mapsZH.big file from the 1.02 patched directory to the 1.0 directory (make a backup of the file in 1.0 first though). This will allow you to have access to the 1.02 maps in the 1.0 version of ZH. I occasionally get a serious error on Death Valley doing this so it might work or might not work for you.

As I said earlier I and 3 other people have been playing online with AI since the end of December in this configuration and haven't had too many problems. I rarely encountered serious errors before the patches came out and I rarely get them today. Our games are usually 2 humans vs 2 Hard AI's on twilight flame, death valley, or Iron Dragon. We never fill the map up with AI's, so perhaps you can get rid of the serious errors by putting less AI's on the map? I know that isn't what you wanted to hear, but since I never get the serious errors I can't tell you how to possibly get rid of them!

This is only a quick fix for the sluggish play after 15 minutes or so. Hopefully EA will solve the problem soon, or someone can look into game.dat and find out why it slows the game down when a few AI units get on the field!

For the technical people who don't mind altering the registry you can probably do just the following and access Generals Online without patching at all.
Navigate to the following Key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\EA Games\Command and Conquer Generals Zero Hour
In that folder modify the "Version" key from 10000 to 10002. (make a backup copy first).
It appears as if that Version is how Generals Online knows if you have patched or not. Each time you enter a game though it verifies the actual files on your hard drives to make sure both sides have the same files. If someone has a different file then the game tells you that you have the wrong version.


Andy Cr Feb 04, 2004, 04:28pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
thats some extensive testing youve done there...thanks for sharing your findings. Not sure it will do me much good personally but like you say, with so many people doing such thorough bug testing on EA's behalf it would be nice if they could just post somewhere that theyre aware of these issues and maybe give a hint that something is being done to sort them and when....

Beanie Fleury Feb 10, 2004, 06:38am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"

There Thats That!


I had errors for two years in both versions of C&C (Since launch for ZH) until last weekend, the error has occured on three of my PC's which have totally different spec's. The only thing the same was the power, internet and OS, so it had to be one of these three. I took the PC to a freinds house and still the same so it had to be the OS (XP Pro)

The error i encountered was the following:

"Reason Uncaught Exception in GameEngine::update

Last error:
Exception is access violation
WinMain at 4016e0
Description: The thread tried to read from or write to a virtual address for which it does not have the appropriate access.
Access address:0000002C was read from."

Apon further digging into the registry we found a box that wasnt ticked as default, this box allows (somehow!!) virtual writing to PCI slots. I was lost too!.

Whe we ticked this box and restarted and i've never encounted the error since. no reinstalling, no change of drivers,
just ticking a box......2 years all i had to do was tick a box!!! Damn It!
Screw EA Screw Microsoft! all usless.

Please follow the instructions at your own risk as its in the registry. Please be advised to backup the registry and set a restore point before doing the following.

Type in : Regedt32
My Computer-
HKEY Local Machine-
PCI- Right click and select "Permissions"

There you will see six boxes that can be ticked, by default only the Read Box was ticked under my installation, all we did was tick the box above to allow full control. Done, no more errors.

I really hope this works for everyone.

Please come back here and leave a message either way so we can keep helping each other.

Beanie & JustHarry

Brian Piscitelli Feb 10, 2004, 03:33pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Today i tried that pci write thing in the registry and it didnt do anything. thx anyway tho. but i did manage to find out that THE AI is defiently a HUGE factor!!!

Game Settings:
Single player skirmish
2 player map : winding river
my team: super weapon general
ai team: infantry general
50,000 starting credits; limit superweapons
game speed 30

Using the no-cd crack, version 1.02

Asus p4c800 deluxe
2.8ghz p4 800fsb
1gb geil ultra platinum
2x120gb segate 7200rpm 8mb raid 0
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro

So I dont think that my computer is to slow....

NO PROGRAMS were open in the back ground either!!

when i tried it with a hard AI it got super laggy!! and then it gave me the error message!
Then when i tried it with medium AI it work JUST FINE, absolutly NO lag at all !!!!
There was not a overheating problem either, i have 8 high flow fans in my case!! with a fan controller that was turned up all the way for this game!!

So my guess is that The Hard AI with with some MAPS are the Problems!

miles young Feb 20, 2004, 02:29am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
hey, im from the philippines and have been playing ZH for some time now, been experiencing the same problem in my pc and have tried playing it in an internet cafe and it still shows the error, it seems that the number of units causes this error. when playing in twilight flame with 7 hard AIs i have to finish one or two enemies at less than 10 min. the type of nation also affects the error, it seems that if there are more super weapon generals the more likely the error will occur, also ive noticed that when the AIs simultaneously use supports and super weapons, the error occurs. i do not know much about cp hardwares but i think the problem is not on the hardwares. the only way to prevent the error is to limit the number of units created, so destroy as many as you can and as fast as you can. happy gaming

Leon Kunst Feb 20, 2004, 09:27am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Hi, you don't gonna believe this:

I had problems with Zero:Hour too,
I deinstalled the game. Wait 2 weeks (Because i thougt, when i reinstall it, it still doensn't work) And now i installed the game again, and it works perfectly!!!

Why it now works, i don't know, but im very happy ;)
Well, gtg, playing Zero:Hour :P


Andy Cr Feb 20, 2004, 09:49am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Probably cos you havent patched it yet????? Like I said earlier there is a lot of evidence to suggest that the patches are responsible for many of the errors.

Also anyone still reading this, if youve not come across a mod for Zero Hour called Progen by a guy calling himself Deezire (he made a really cool mod for Red Alert in the old days) then download it and check it out cos its brilliant. There are some other good mods out there but this has to be the best and most professional looking. Im surprised EA havent given him a job actually as a lot of his stuff is better than the original.

Adds loads of new toys to the original game and feels very slick. Amongst other things you can play as the Commander in Chief of the various armies and have ALL the special General specific weapons available at once and a load of new stuff besides. Plays fine online provided your opponent is running it too of course. The launcher allows you to enable or disable the mod when you start the game so you can still play regular Zero Hour if you so fancy online or wherever.

Latest version is 2.2 and you can get it at Once you start playing with it I doubt you'll wanna go back to regular game ever again.

richard tugay Feb 28, 2004, 03:42am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
You guys have great hardware and yet you still encounter this "serious error problem"( i.e. Technical difficulties, stutter,lagging,black screen,etc.., I suppose). I'm very disappointed with this game yet I'm looking forward for a fix in the future(if any) coz I like the game it's unique,unfortunately it will self-destruct frustratingly in the very face of the very peolpe that developed it (calling EA). Bring out your best programmer (with balls!) to fix this issue. I'm evaluating different settings at present and still not satisfied with the outcome. BUT I can give you a hint coz i believe i uncovered a 3D setting that is active or by default utilized by the game. And that is ANTIALIASING. I believe it's the greatest contributor to the game's lagging and difficulty in rendering. Another possibility is the sharing of IRQ of audio with other device say the USB controller, or IRQ steering, or the video with a USB controller. For the former, i'll leave it to you on how to effect a change in setting, and for the latter its kinda difficult to change the resources and has not tried it.
Good luck and don't get frustrated unless you work as a programmer at EA coz definitely they are eating thier Boss' disappointment on this problem.

Marco Borzik Mar 01, 2004, 08:07am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
My problem is that Zero Hour doesn't know my hardware. I must try to "tell" zero hour that i have this and that hardware thats all.

Anthony Coons Mar 01, 2004, 10:30pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Hello People here is something new! I have the same errors and crashes to desktop as you all have came to enjoy("Yea Right") but I also have another error I need help with. C&C Generals Zero Hour and C&C Renegade will blue screen crash after playing for a couple of minutes. It will do an error stop and say this
Tech Info

***Stop! 0x000000D1(0xFFFFFFFF,0x00000001,0xF7B58E00)
***portcls.sys-address F7B58E00 base at F7B58000, Datestamp 3d6de2ca

Now I have all driver updates and all updates for Renegade (not C&C Gen) but I still get this error screen and win shuts down Can anyone give me the awnsers I need to be able to play the games in peace and not destroy my computer.
My Specs

Windows XP Professional
Single stick of 512MB DDR Ram
Advanced AC Audio
AMD Athlon 2400+ Processer

Please Help!!!

Brian Piscitelli Mar 02, 2004, 12:18am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
Anthony Coons i would suggest you try older drivers for your video card, that is defiently a driver problem. good luck.

Marco Borzik Mar 02, 2004, 04:22pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: CNC Generals Zero Hour Crashes to desktop with "serious error message"
I can help you with that IRQ less or equal problem. Just give me some time. I wrote it down on my notebook and I have to search for it. In about 2 days I can tell you how to solve this problem.

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