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  Help with ASUS A7N266-VM 
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craig stein Feb 26, 2003, 12:06pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
anyone had problems with their machine locking up in the BIOS? no where else, just the BIOS. maybe CAS 2.5 stuff isn't meant to be run at CAS 2.0.

t-bird 1GHz
256MB PC2100 RAM

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Milt Feb 26, 2003, 01:20pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
So try running it at it's rated cas2.5, or 'SPD',
and tell us if it still locks up.

Marc Balson Feb 27, 2003, 05:10am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
Just Built A7N266-vm Board, XP2000, 256MB PC2100.
Everything Loaded Fine WIN98se.
Computer Stable for several hours while word processing etc.
Played Scrabble 2003, computer suddenly shutdown and restarted
Played Colin Mcrae 2, computer suddenly shutdown and restarted

Tried all sorts, same happened

Disabled Dolby sound in bios, and at the moment everything seems FINE!!!!!!!
Hope this is helpful.

craig stein Feb 27, 2003, 10:13am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
dang, wasn't the RAM setting at all. Although I have that at Auto(Turbo). Turns out the A7N266-VM/AA is slightly different than the A7N266-VM which means they use different bios updates. So all in all I'm lucky I did not do serious damage to the board by using the wrong update.

Bustaslag Feb 27, 2003, 10:17am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
Hi Guys,

Like you i have been looking forward to getting my a7n266 VM board as the specs looks great and were all that i wanted to build budget systems for friends.
I currently have the no post, no visual output, no beep situation but have a few things i have read about here i want to test first b4 asking for help.

I did however have one quick question:
Assuming i do get it to boot tonight, lol the cd included with the mobo was for a VIAKT400 chipset and not the nforce board i had.
There for i need to decide whether to use the unified drivers from nvidia's site or the asus ones from their site. I have dl'd both of them and to be honist they look very similar (the nvidia ones look newer versions)
So just wanted to ask was which one ppl think is best to use.
One the missing CD i dont have was there any bundled software i am missing out on or applications?

Many thanks,


craig stein Feb 27, 2003, 12:45pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
definitely the nVidia drivers, I have gotten better performance with these drivers under 3D mark 2001 SE

Milt Feb 27, 2003, 01:17pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
I totaly agree with Craig... use the nVidea unified drivers.

Jeff Curry Feb 28, 2003, 01:06am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
I am a newbie to computer building, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Asus a7n266-vm
XP - 2100+ CPU
2 x 256mb pc2100 Crucial memory(512mb)
420w Enlight PSU
80gb Maxtor HD
running Win98SE

I have had a few problems with this board. I could not install Win98SE until I messed around and adjusted my jumper settings from 133:133mhz to 100:100mhz. It then went on with ease. I figured that once it was installed I could set them back to 133:133, but this gave me errors during the loading of windows such as (Cannot start windows because VMM32.VXD was not found or is damaged.) and I got (Windows was unable to process the registry. may be fixed by running SCANREG/FIX. or there may not be enough free conventional memory to properly load the registry.) after that error I rebooted and Microsoft Registry Checker comes up at the site of the error and read the message (Windows found an error in your system files and restored a recent backup of the file to fix the problem. ....restart) then that message comes up every time when i reboot. I also found this problem only occurs if the DRAM setting is @133mhz so I set the jumper settings to CPU 133mhz and DRAM 100mhz and everything runs fine. I have left the setting like this for now because I am unsure of what to do. What do I need to do in order to have my DRAM Setting at 133mhz?


John Sanderson Feb 28, 2003, 04:44pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
Please help =(

About a week ago i bought myself a lovely new a7n266-vm motherboard with a Duron 1.3, 128Mb DDR ram, a 40Gb HDD, a hercules prophet 4000xt agp gfx card and i already had broadband from my old system.

Ok, basically i had the RAM frequency jumper setting problem myself but i managed to fix that after day 2 of whats been a nasty week. Now, when i start up my board it crashes/freezes up at random moments (such as PnP intitialisation, detection of the primary slave etc). When i do manage to get through all the freeze-ups (5 times out of 10) i try to install windows. All i get is a ton of errors about my config.sys having errors on lines 11-17, then it continues with the windows setup (sometimes). THEN, when setup tries to scan my HDD it comes up with another wonderful selection of errors about my HDD. I would consider it being a problem with my HDD except for the fact that ive now tried 3 different drives. I tried resetting the Cmos but to no avail.

Its so damn typical too, this was supposed to be my 18th birthday present! Anyway, if anyone can help please let me know, i would be greatly appreciative.

craig stein Feb 28, 2003, 05:09pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
alright, we'll do what we can unless the mobo is faulty
first I would recommend making sure that your CPU is seated well,
then I would strip down as much as possible (ie: no pci cards or AGP cards just use the onboard video for now), put only one stick of RAM in your 1st DIMM slot
as far as bios settings I would disable any type of shadowing but for the most part just stick to defaults in your bios.

hopefully this will help

let us know,

craig stein Feb 28, 2003, 05:11pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
also it would probably be a good idea to set your jumpers for 100 MHz CPU and 100MHz RAM unless I said that already in my last post, and might not be a bad idea to disable dolby digital stuff in the bios

John Sanderson Feb 28, 2003, 07:02pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
Heya guys.

No luck unfortunately =( I disabled shadowing and removed all the cards but still the same (in fact, my on board video doesnt seem to work! It just gives random colour flashes in the bottom half of the screen). Ive tried my 128Mb ram stick in both ports and no luck. The only progress ive actually made is replacing my CD-ROM drive with a different one, i havnt had those config.sys errors since. But still, it has trouble detecting the primary slave (there isnt one) so i have to skip that every time and windows 98/ 98se/ me/ xp setup wont work.

Looks like i might have a faulty board =( Some birthday present that was lol =P

John Sanderson Feb 28, 2003, 07:10pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
hmm... might be worth flashing my bios, see if it helps. I think my bios is 1004. I would change the frequency jumpers but i tried all four possible combinations when i had my start up problems and only one actually let me start up lol.

One of the posts suggested setting the HDD jumper to cable select.... not sure if it will help but i havnt tried it yet so i might give it a go.

craig stein Mar 01, 2003, 03:11am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
just make sure you aren't flashing a ASUS A7N266-VM/AA with a ASUS A7N266-VM bios update, did that and I'm probably lucky that my mobo is still running. :(

Brandon Miller Mar 01, 2003, 12:04pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
Got the board about a week ago, poped it into my case and plugged in the hd, cd-rom, ram and proc. Got everything nice and connected and I throw the switch. Nothing, not even a spinning fan. The motherboard light does light up yet nothing else happens. That was the first board, sent it back and got a new one in the mail. Got the new one today, poped everything back in, NOTHING AGAIN. Am I doing something wrong? Or should I just return this one also. I mean nothing flashs on the screen and the fan doesnt move an inch, yet the light is on.

All I want is the opportunity the experiance all the other defects of this board, any and all help would be very kind, I am trying to build this computer as a birthday present for my ma, but it is becoming frusterating when I have no idea what to do next.

Milt Mar 01, 2003, 12:26pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
To Brandon,

In my answer to Dave Lyons post about 1/2 way up this page I said

"You've replaced/substituted every component in that case with 'known good' except for two... the HS/F, and we know that ain't the problem, and the case itself.

So, have you tried it outside the case, on the Anti-Static foam they come packed in?
Just to eliminate the possibility of a short between mobo and the case stand-offs.
It's happened to the best of us, and I can't see anything else that was 'common' to all of your above scenarios.

Try it, and let us know, 'cause that's a weird one!"


"From: Dave Lyons

Hey Milt !!!!!!

YOU are a bona fide, frikkin' GENIOUS extraordinaire !!!

you solved my problem I owe ya ! bigtime !!

sure as the devil insulating my motherboard from the mounting post cured it !! I have never ran in to that problem before and I'd never guessed it !! but I guess there wasn't any other trick to try- I had everything else covered.

thank you!! thank you!!"

So, give that a shot, Brandon, and let us know if it works.

Brandon Miller Mar 01, 2003, 01:49pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
Took it all out and put it on the anti-static foam. Same problem, light but no screen and no fan. This is only the second computer I've built from scratch, the first I didnt have this sort of trouble.

I dont think it could be wrong jumper settings (cause the fan should still come on), I'm running at 133/133 anyway, which I believe is correct.

One quick little question I have, I turn the power supply on and the light shows up, I plugged in all the front buttons and audio connectors and I dont get a beep when the light comes on at all, and the light in the front shows that some activity is happenings, but when I push the button on the front of the case, nothing happens.

I appriciate the help, hope ya have some other ideas =/.

craig stein Mar 01, 2003, 02:39pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
it is very easy to get the front panel button and light connectors, and the speaker connected wrong. The most common mistake is that the connectors are possibly on backwards. I built many systems over the years and still sometimes make this mistake.

Try referring to your manual when you set these up and also keep in mind that the red wire is the same as plus (or positive).

hope this helps

give it a try and let us know

Brandon Miller Mar 01, 2003, 04:16pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
Yeah turned around my power setting and it booted up (YIPPEE), I did that before numerous times (turning it around), and it didnt work, so I think it was in fact the case causing the problem.

Now what do I do about this

Disk Boot Error, Enter system disk and Press enter.

Doesnt let me hit delete to enter bios....

craig stein Mar 01, 2003, 04:33pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
just giving you that error because it (the bios) doesn't see any bootable drives. so try using a bootdisk or bootable CD just to make sure it will boot off of something.

as to not being able to get into the BIOS, try a different keyboard, also make sure if you have one of those bios-clearing jumpers that it is set not to clear the bios.

hopefully there is nothing wrong with the board itself that it can't access your keyboard.

let us know how things go for you

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