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  Help with ASUS A7N266-VM 
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Mike Pacheco Sep 12, 2003, 06:39pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM

11.6v and 11.7v is not badly low. It is still within most PSU mfg tolerence which is 5%.
But I don't know if it would remain stable if I was to add additional equipment. Like if I was to build my MediaPC, I was thinking of getting a All-In-Wonder Radeon would have to depend on which card I get. I'd have to stick with a 300w one if I got a more powerful card.

But yep, you answered my answers concering your PSU. Thanks!!

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Mike Pacheco Sep 12, 2003, 06:52pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM

Heyyy, I think you're on to something!! 1200w of combined power should be the answer to all our power problems. But wait!! Perhaps you can fit 2 more microATX motherboards in that AT case also, 2 more XP1700+ processors, hook everything up in parallel and you'll be able to run all your applications in tri-thread mode!! Make HyperThread look like a snail's crawl!! :o Essentially you'll be runnning a multiprocessor server at 5100+ speeds!!! Huh? Huh?? :o :o
No, no, impossible.....that's too crazy fast!! lol ;)

Milt Sep 12, 2003, 06:54pm EDT Report Abuse
>> To Ramesh Balakrishnan
I'm glad you got it working, even if it meant that you had to put in a SMALLER power supply to get it working correctly.
(Robert, are you paying attention here?)

I can tell by all the trouble that you had getting the drivers to work that you are NOT using WinXP as an OS, correct???
I'll bet you've got Win98 in there don't you, and while I was eventually able to get my 6-channel sound working in both win98 and WinXP it was a real pain-in-the-you-know-what to get it functioning in Win98

If you are interested in making your machine go really, REALLY, FAST then read my post at the very top of this page.

To see how fast you can go with just a 1700+ click the link is in my signature, below

Milt Sep 12, 2003, 07:03pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Mike

Just a word to the wise...

I don't know whether you have your mobo unlocked or not yet, like Joe and I do, but if you are even considering doing that to overclock DO NOT buy ANY Radeon card for this mobo.

The Radeon will force your overclock back to 100/100

The GeForce cards do NOT have this problem apparently.

joe jones Sep 12, 2003, 08:00pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
@ Milt , i did overclock the duron to 1495 or 1498 , yeah, and it was fine, only problem is i'm an ATi fan, i have a 8500LE and am looking to get a 9600 pro , to tell you the truth as soon as i get the money im going to get rid of this board, its done well for the past 9months or so, but needs to go.

I want to run HL 2 , max payne 2 etc... so have decieded to go with a 2400+ as i just read somewhere that this can outperform the 2500+ in some respects like gaming.

Milt Sep 12, 2003, 10:22pm EDT Report Abuse
>> @ Joe
The reason I was suggesting that you overclock your Duron with a lowered multiplier was NOT to see how fast the DURON will go, but to see how fast your MEMORY will go.

That might have an influence on whether you buy a 133/266 processor or a 166/333 one to use in this mobo.

Do you understand where I'm coming from?

I like ATI too, but they don't work in this mobo, IF you overclock it.

If you had done the 3-pin jumper idea I originally gave you, instead of the bread knife thing, you would still be able to run the Duron to 11x 133/133 = 1463 and also be able to use the Radeon 8500LE in it

When you're ready to unload that 'Butchered with a Bread Knife' mobo, LMK...
I might be interested...

Robert Shores Sep 13, 2003, 02:01am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM

I'd be pretty sure if a 300W power supply that didn't work was replaced with a 250W power supply that did work, that the 3.3V, 5.0V or 12V rail actually had a higher wattage rating....assuming both power supplies were working properly with stable voltages. I'm sure you know the voodoo involved in power supply wattage ratings. One reason I like the Antec power supplies is that all voltage rails are separate.

joe jones Sep 13, 2003, 07:00am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM

Yeah i've just clicked, i cant run a 2400+ because theres no FSB to bump when using my ATi card. Damn. Yeah i would sell you the board, i do live in Britian but if your still interested name a price.

joe jones Sep 13, 2003, 10:38am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
Tell you what. I might swap this board for a 256Mb stick of PC3200 or 3500 or even 2700.

Mike Pacheco Sep 13, 2003, 10:45am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM

No kidding regarding the ATI card with this motherboard at 133FSB?!? I wonder how that happens, lol. This board never ceases to surprise me. ;)Appreciate the warning though!! Hmmm, perhaps, I'll probably be getting one of the micro nForce2 motherboards then. You have any experience with those?? I hear the Asus A7N8X are the top performers/overclockers!?!

Regarding the A7n266 motherboard, I never got a chance to unlock it although I WAS seriously considering it. But that system was a gift for my dad and being that he's not that computer literate, I thought he needed more of a reliable system then taking my chances with overclocking that particular system especially since I live so far away from him right now. It was still a big step up from his previous 450MHz system and he likes it regardless. Thanks for the info though.

Mike Pacheco Sep 13, 2003, 10:52am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM

Just so you don't get ripped off too bad, don't swap your motherboard for anything LESS than a PC3200 memory module unless the PC2700 module is a name brand at CAS 2!!

joe jones Sep 13, 2003, 11:58am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM

I've posted on a heck of a lot of forums trying to find out why this board wont OC with an ATi card but so far nobody has a clue. It would save me buying a new mobo and RAM if it did work.

Milt Sep 13, 2003, 12:13pm EDT Report Abuse
>> @ Mike
Just in case I wasn't clear, AFAIK the Radeons will run in this mobo at 133/133, no problem.

The problem comes if you do the 'solder mod' in order to overclock the board, and that works just fine UNTIL you install a Radeon.

The Radeon will kick whatever overclock you have dialed in right back to 100/100

But, and again, AFAIK, that doesn't happen with GeForce cards.

Milt Sep 13, 2003, 12:23pm EDT Report Abuse
>> @ Mike again,
I have one nForce2 mobo here, but I can't really recommend it... it's a Chaintech 7NIF2 micro board with 4-channel sound (which sucks after getting used to the VM's 6-channel)
The main reason I bought it was because it was the ONLY micro nForce2 mobo at the time that had S-video out.
(I'm building microATX systems in custom wooden boxes for the HTPC.. the Home Theater Crowd)

The one that I'm looking at now is the nForce2 version of this same nForce1 VM board... the Asus A7N8X-VM
As yet, I haven't found anybody running one, but if you do, please LMK, Okay??

Milt Sep 13, 2003, 12:39pm EDT Report Abuse
>> @ Joe
I have a 256 meg stick of Crucial here that will do 181 FSB on this A7N266-VM board and up to 194 FSB on my Chaintech nForce2 board that I mention above.
At that 194 MHz setting it runs at cas3.0, and at 193 MHz it runs cas2.5.

If you like, I can send some screenshots of Sandra tests I've done with it at the various speeds.
It's good memory for sure, but there is better stuff available now than when I bought this... I paid $109 CAD, ( = 50.23 GBP) + the tax, but that was 8 ~ 9 months ago.

I'd throw in a few bucks for a trade with you, mainly because it'll cost you more to ship the mobo (about 6.45 GBP) compared to a couple quid for me to ship the memory stick.

LMK if you're interested at

Milt Sep 13, 2003, 01:03pm EDT Report Abuse
>> @ Joe again
Forgot to say... it's Crucial PC2700 256 meg

joe jones Sep 13, 2003, 06:03pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
can you use PC3200 RAM in with this board , does it just downclock if you do? I seem to remember reading somewhere ages ago that there were problems with this board if you use anything over 2100. But i could be wrong there it was a good few months ago.

Milt Sep 13, 2003, 07:46pm EDT Report Abuse
>> @ Joe
No, ALL memory is 'backwards compatible' (assuming it's the same TYPE i.e. DDR doesn't fit where SDRAM belongs)

In other words, you can run the fastest memory you can afford (say PC3200, which is DDR 200/400) in a board that can't do any more than 133/133

Franz Co Sep 15, 2003, 08:48am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
First off, to all those who replied to my earlier post, thanks. Turns out that it wasn't the PSU at all but a short somewhere in the system.

Now, I have a newer, more annoying problem.

Whenever I'm playing BF1942, I get an error where XP throws a blue screen with an error then reboots before I can see what it was. Interesting thing is that this only started to occur after I did I fized some drivers. Previously, there were driver errors with my nForce Memory Controller, when I fixed that (by reinstalling the drivers that came with my mobo), this error started coming up whenever I played the aforementioned game.

Mike Pacheco Sep 15, 2003, 10:37am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: HELP!!! ASUS A7N266-VM
I noticed this game can be real picky with its hardware, drivers and settings. When I tried using a Voodoo5500, it only started working after setting the game color quality to the dektop color quality (32bit). Anyway, ensure:
1.You have the most current AGP drivers for your chipset.
2. You have the most current video card drivers. Which one are you using again??
3. You have at least DirectX 8?
4. You're updated with the most recent game patch which is 1.45. They seem to have fixed a lot of bugs with this patch!!
5. Start off with all your video quality settings (like Lightmap, texture quality, etc.) to low or disabled until the game works and gradually increase/enable those settings one or two at a time to evaluate which one is worth having on and which one takes up too much system resources for the outcome.
It's a fun game and worth the trouble! Good luck!!

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