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  Computer crashing 
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Kyle B Dec 10, 2003, 04:44pm EST Report Abuse
My computer has been crashing while playing games for awhile but recently I got Call of Duty and when Im playing multiplayer and the map changes my comp crashes during the loading of the next map.My comp also crashes during gameplay and when Im playing Quake 3. My specs are: 1.2ghz AMD athlon, 256mb ram,geforce 2 MX, Maxi Muse sound card,mobo is KT7-Raid.

Sorry Im not into the hardware part of computers but thats what I know for sure. Please help.

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grant fanning Dec 10, 2003, 11:36pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashing
your computer sucks

get a new one

Haroon Sheikh Dec 11, 2003, 03:09am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashing
its not your computer problem, use nvidia new driver 53.xx. In this issue they have fixed the call of duty carsh problem , for geforce mx series.... don't believe me, go ahead try.

Kyle B Dec 11, 2003, 08:03am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashing
I downloaded the drivers and installed them and it still froze while loading a new map

Omniscient Dec 11, 2003, 09:25am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashing
You're gonna have to troubleshoot.

First update all drivers, sound-card, mobo et all.
Second - update to DirectX 9a or 9b
Make sure you're not overclocking anything, RAM, CPU, Graphics Card,
Check temperature of CPU if it's sitting above 60 Degrees Celsius find some way of cooling it.
Uninstall all unnecesary crap from the PC - I suggest removing all spyware at the same time using AD-aware.
Go through you start-up and disable anything that's not necessary.

If you have no joy with that then
Check CMOS settings and reset to safe/optimal/default settings.
Try then
If still no luck
What windows are you running? Does the PC crash during a normal windows session or only in gameplay?

If it's 98 upgrade to XP (if you can't upgrade re-format and re-install)
If it's ME headbut yourself. And then up to XP. otherwise go to 98.

I'm pretty sure that a re-install of the operating system will resolve the problem. Especially if its 98 or ME.
Have fun!

Kyle B Dec 11, 2003, 04:35pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashing
I will try this and im on win2k thanks for replying

Kyle B Dec 11, 2003, 06:06pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashing
got the new drivers for everything still crashes and ya sometimes it crashes outside of games.But usually right after I reboot cause it froze and its starting up.

grant fanning Dec 13, 2003, 01:11pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashing
by the way, im just messing around

Kyle B Dec 13, 2003, 08:25pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashing
thanks for bump

Alex D Dec 16, 2003, 09:23pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: Computer crashing
I don't believe Call of Duty has any problem because I have tried this game on my friend's Sony desktop Pentium 4 with Hyperthreading/2.6ghz/Nvida Geforce4 440MMX 64mb. It ran VERY VERY VERY fast and VERY smooth at high settings. I believe ATI graphic cards have issues with a lot of motherboards. ATI really needs to focus on deploying stable catalyst than worrying about competing with NVIDIA. Don't we all want stable graphic cards with stable drivers?

Go here to download the OMEGA catalyst driver, print out the guide for the bios settings from this site , and download the omega catalyst 3.9 or 3.7(3.7 is more stable) from the site. Go through the following instructions:

1) Remove ati control panel(leave ati drivers and the rest alone) from add/remove program. Omega wants you to remove the old ati control panel to avoid conflicts with OMEGA's control panel. if asked to reboot please do so anyways.
2) Install the Omega catalyst 3.9 or 3.7
3) PC will reboot
4) go to BIOS setup and change the settings by following the guide you printed out earlier. make sure you follow it careful. you can change the agp aperture to either 128 or 256 as long as it's less or equals to your system RAM.
5) save the changes and let system bootup to windows
6) double click on Catalyst Control Panel icon or go to display properties and click on advanced.
7) click on SmartGart tab > disable agp fastwrite
8) click on VPU recover tab > disable it VPU recover
9) click on Displays tab > monitor > uncheck DCC information > OK
10) click apply and OK
11) reboot pc

Update your directx to 9.0b.

That should be it. My graphic card seems to run much better and faster than before. The above instruction fixed the small sound glitch i had with Lord of the Rings:War of the Ring and also fixed the crash problem I had with Call of Duty! There's only like a 0.5 sec freeze at certain time when the game gets really intense such as when there's too many crossfires and missile attacks. Hey at least this fixed the crash problem I've been having.

Let me know if it's fixed so I can make the instruction official to the public. My machine is 3 years old and I just got myself an ATI Radeon 9600XT two days ago. Replaced my ATI Rage II Pro 128 32mb.

My Specs:
DFI NB70-SC motherboard
Pentium 4 2.0 Ghz (brookdale) 400FSB
Intel 845D Chipset
ATI Radeon 9600XT 128mb AGP x4/x8
AC'97 onboard soundcard
Kingston 256 DDR Ram
Samsung 40Gig Hard drive
17" View Sonic Monitor
Sony CD burner
Philips DVD Player

Hello Moto? Can you hear me now?

All Games Playable on My Wonderful Machine:
DFI NB70-SC Motherboard
P4 2.13Ghz(overclocked from 1.6AGhz)
512MB Infineon DDR PC2700 333MHZ
ATI Radeon 9600XT 128MB AGP overclocked@533/330MHZ
AC'97 Onboard Soundcard



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