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ste bic Dec 15, 2003, 02:51am EST Report Abuse
Hi, i got an amd athlon xp3000 an asus a7n8x deluxe and two kingston hyperx 512 ddr 400mhz memories. I am going CRAZY! When everything is put together, power ON and nothing happens, just the fan starts, bios won't even open. We have tested with a simple old 256ddr 266mhz pc2100 ram and i can get into the bios. We tested using a simple asus a7n8x and again we can get into the bios but CPU speed, frequency etc. all seem to be detected wrongly! I dont really know that much about pc's and help would be very much appreciated ASAP guys plz!!!!!Are there any people with the same components that can guide me through this process? Are there any known compatibility issues with these components or any special tuning that needs to be done???!!!

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T W Dec 15, 2003, 03:11am EST Report Abuse
try using the pc2100 or just one stick of pc3200 to enter bios utility and take latency settings off auto or spd and set to manual then raise to at least 2-3-3-6 (3-4-4-8 should definitely work), save & exit, power off, put both sticks pc 3200 back in. Power on, if it works reenter bios and set appropriate fsb and multiplier settings for cpu. save & exit.

Probably wrong
Have managed to know little about anything for a long time

Good luck

Omniscient Dec 15, 2003, 03:25am EST Report Abuse
Only thing I can think of with the A7N8X DLX motherboard is the FSB jumper setting. The jumper sits just behind your parralel port on the Mobo. For the 3000+ you need to make sure the jumper is set to the 266/333/400 setting.

Once you've changed the jumper setting if you can get into the CMOS, there you need to check that the FSB is set correctly in the Advanced Chip Configurations and also that the Clock Multiplier is set to Auto, have system settings set to 'Optimum' and RAM frequency set to 'SPD',
that should render you a fully functional system.

However, because you can get into the CMOS with different RAM i think you need to fiddle around with your two memory chips, try only one memory stick and if that works then add the second one, if it works with one but not two then try plugging the sticks into different slots (fiddle here trying different combinations). If you still can't get it working with the two chips then download the Bios Rev 1006 from the Asus website and flash the Bios. That should hopefully solve your problem. If it doesn't, have your memory checked.

For more info on the jumper I mentioned and setting the FSB in CMOS read the mobo manual it documents it fairly adequately. Let us know if you come right. G'luck

srdjan markovic Dec 15, 2003, 03:39am EST Report Abuse
I have the same problem but with asus p4pe (Intel). There is one simple solution. Put all DDR400 rams. Clear cmos. (You should find right jumper.) Turn it on and it should work.



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