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  ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee 
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RobNyc Apr 14, 2006, 10:02pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Thanks mike..

I'm going to retry again without the card, then I'm gonna take out the PSU and see..
I dont think my water cooling is causing because I always see my temperatures below 40 (well use to see) I havent used this pc since february ... what card can I buy for cheap ? damn only if this card would take PCI-E I can get a used nvidia 6800 256mb PCIE card for $50

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mike sarkadi Apr 14, 2006, 10:57pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
If I was a cheap bastard i'd keep my mouth shut and cash in on all your motherboards that you think are bad... and open up internet cafes all over the third world from computers I build from fools who can't figure out what takes me under 15 min to figure out.
I'd be a rich man... but it makes me feel better to help rather than to cash in ...if you know what I mean.

RobNyc Apr 15, 2006, 01:17pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
On sunday my cousin that knows a lot more than me hardware vice and building pcs will come to my house and hopefully it can be fixed with just replacing the power supply or video card which is much easier than anything else

David Brown Apr 18, 2006, 07:06pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
You got it all wrong, unless you got lucky.

Ive formated the hard drive on my computer and reinstalled XP multiple times now, and it works fine for a week, after that the computer starts spitting out the message when im play video games. Ive done this process about 5 times now.

Ive also tried 2 other PSU, none have prevented this problem.

Ive gone through 3 sticks of ram, still no fix.

And ive tried 2 Different Video cards, all of them not working.

But, i bought a new motherboard and put all my parts in it. And suprise, its working just dandy.

Just go on eBay and get a mobo for about 50-70 bucks, and your set.

thats the reason you dont see Newegg and other major computer suppliers selling this line of mobos anymore. Because they all went tos**t because of this error.

And note: I didnt spend any money on this issue, except a stick of ram, a cheap psu, and a shiny new case, thats about it.

And now i have 1.5gbs of working ram, 2 running at ddr 400, since the asux one didnt run it at ddr 400.

All is good, all is good.

mike sarkadi Apr 18, 2006, 08:06pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
David... don't confuse the issue.... not one person here solved their problem by changing the mobo..I would say you got lucky...when the message goes away by pulling the graphics card don't tell people they need a new mobo..when they don't. I fix about 1000 pc's a year and changing to a mobo that doesnt talk may seem to you like you fixed your propblem...but you didn't.. all u did was put a mobo in that doesnt talk..and that's why your pc starts now..or you had a bad mobo or power supply to begin with (you did change the power supply). I have a few of these mobo's that are brand new...and i have a burnt graphics card that will cause the same message in each and every new mobo i tried. Common sense tells you that if the message goes away when you pull the graphiics card...then the graphics card is bad..... but keep in mind..this message is not limited to just the graphics can be any card on the pc..the ram...the cpu or the motherboard. And figuring it out takes no more than 15 minutes when you know what you are doing. I would not advise anyone to just go out and buy another mobo until they diagnose the problem first by pulling the parts one at a time until the message goes away. This issue has nothing to do with any of the drives or the operating system either..i can't understand why someone would format their hard drives and reinstall the operating system for a hardware issue either.
And don't tell people that some store doesnt carry the mobo any more when in reality they don't make them anymore because all socket 478 technology has been changed to socket 775 now with pci express. Socket 478 with the i875p chipset is still better than socket 775 even today...even though they don't make the mobo's anymore they are still available with server boards now. Intel doesn't even put pins on their cpu's anymore for socket 775... they passed off the issue and left it to the mobo manufacturer's to make the connectors for the newer cpu's
You also said you were having the problem when playing video games... seems to me that your graphics card is going to go soon,,that's why sometimes the pc worked and sometimes it didnt.... give it a few months and your graphics card is toast. If not then the problem was your power supplly.
Try playing Civilizations IV with your card for a few months and play it past the end when it says one more turn... it will kill your card pretty quick cause when you play past the end it really makes the card work hard and the pc will bog.

RobNyc Apr 19, 2006, 07:20pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee

Maybe the osx86 was making the card work hard ?
But I wonder why I get a bad smell from the powersupply ?

My cousin couldn't come this sunday, while he sends his macbook pro to fix this weekend , I should give him a call

mike sarkadi Apr 20, 2006, 09:40pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
David..if you want ddr 400 pull out the other 2 sticks of slower default the system will run at the slower ram speed even if you put in 2 other faster sticks.

RobNyc Apr 20, 2006, 11:53pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Mike.. I'm trying to get this used ati radeon 9600 XT128mb card for $50
And if I don't get anymore errors with the card off then I'll be happy and back on the road

RobNyc Apr 21, 2006, 07:09pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Damn that card was just sold
I keep trying to see if I find a good card for cheap

mike sarkadi Apr 22, 2006, 02:23pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
AGP cards are not cheap. I just got the game Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion and I realize even now that my new geforce fx 5500 oc graphics card is not even fast enough for the game. I need a minimum geforce 6800 for the game. I have no choice but to get a geforce 7800 GS now and they are 350 bucks here in Canada. This sucks big time cause my new card is already obsolete and I just got it. By trying to save money on a cheaper card I actually wasted my money. It p**ses me off that my new graphis card is too damn slow for the newer games... this is my 3rd graphics card in 2 years. When are they going to make reprogrameable video cards and stop ripping people off. My pc's last 10 years.. but now i'm going through 4 graphics cards every 5 years. I wan't my money back! In 2 years I wonder if I will be able to get an agp card that's fast enuf too
I think i'm getting 1 frame per second with elder scrolls 4..this is unacceptible. I have to sacrifice video quality and put "Z" drivers in it to get more frames per second. I'm taking my damn card out I have only had it for 2 weeks..... 150 bucks down the drain...they shouldn't be allowed to sell these cards they are already too slow.

RobNyc Apr 23, 2006, 03:37am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Your right.. What card should I get?
I was thinking maybe a radeon 9700
should iget 128mb or 256mb?
I just need the cheapest best bang overall.
To run osx86, maybe windows, and linux

osx86 likes ati
linux likes nvidia a little better than ati

i was looking at tigerdirect,|c:318|c:694|&Sort=0&Recs=10 = these says 128mb and are mainly nvidia|c:318|c:933|&Sort=0&Recs=10 = these says 256mb and are mainly radeon

mike sarkadi Apr 23, 2006, 09:22pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
I wen't and bit the bullet and forked out for the geforce 7800 GS OC card. What a big card too..and it has a power connector on it too. This is pretty well the fastest AGP card you can get other than the superclocked one... I hope it last's me 2 years lol... and I hope they make a faster one in 2 years cause i'm not about to give up my socket 478 pc any time soon. And ya.... what a difference big bucks makes. The card is definatively faster ....but compared to some of the pci express cards out now (that are even faster) I feel a big hole in my wallet. But for me it was worth it cause I play alot of games.
If you want to compare graphics cards check out .. they have some excellent Benchmark charts comparing all the cards. If your planning on playing some of the newest games I don't recommend anything slower than a geforce 6800. However..any games made previous to Aug 2005 work quite fine with a card as slow as a geforce 4 ti 4200.
Geforce 8 cards are coming out next year and they will likely obsolete all the pci cards you can get now. Hopefully NVidia will keep AGP alive for another 8 years cause my Pc is already fast enuf..I don't need to change it any time soon.

mike sarkadi Apr 23, 2006, 10:06pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Radeon 9700 is already too slow for the games coming out need min geforce 6800 for the newest games... look at this chart

Here's the newest chart... the card you want is so slow its not even on the list... if you played the new age of empires you would be lucky to get 1 frame per second. Most of the games coming out now need fast graphics cards

RobNyc Apr 24, 2006, 12:57am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Yea but I need to get a cheap one under $100 hopefully to use I don't game much or hardly at all, 9700 is better than the 9250 i had :) . in like 2 months I'll be shoppping for a notebook that i'll be picky about and max out the features to last me for a good while :)

Matt Seil Apr 24, 2006, 01:28am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Mike Posted: ...not one person here solved their problem by changing the mobo..I would say you got lucky...

I bought an ABIT IC7-G last year to solve this problem, and its worked flawlessly.

This problem is much deeper than a graphics card, or so many experienced users would have discovered it. I know you think you're wonderful, but take a moment and think carefully: Its obvious that people have tried the video card solution, and it hasn't solved the problem. It's time to stop beating a dead horse.

Some of these boards from ASUS have faulty capacitors. It's a minor electrical problem that does not manifest itself all the time on all boards. I picked the ABIT board because it uses Rubycon capacitors--kind of a gold standard.

To EVERYONE: If you try isolating the problem, beginning with vid card and pulling cards until you get the error to stop. Then test that part in a friend's computer. If the part does not work, you have your culprit. If it does work, I'd suspect the motherboard.

As to why this and most other 478's have been discontuned, that's due to the discontinuation of socket 478, not because Asus or another company has made so many bad boards.

mike sarkadi Apr 24, 2006, 01:39pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Not!.. These boards are fine... Abit boards are not even close to beeing as good. The best boards are made by Asus and Gygabite. People who have changed their boards are dumb plain and simple. Faulty capacitors my ass. I have 2 of these boards running 24 hrs a day seven days a week on a server.... and they have never failed yet. Ok so you changed your board..then send me your old one I have friends in the Phillippines who want it.
I spoke to a technician who works for a big computer company that has beeen using these boards for years and he says he never has problems with those boards. And Tomshardware rated the p4c 800 e deluxe board the no 1 board in the world based on extensive benchmark tests.
I have never had a board fail on me once and I use only Asus and Gygabite. My other board is going on 10 years now.

Whenever you buy a pc...and if you are a can expect to change graphics card 3 times every 5 years....they are always the first to go. Most of the other parts should last the life of the pc (exept hard drives...(unless SCSI) or if you overload your power supply and burn it out sooner.

It can be expected that people have problems with these boards now cause they been out about 3 years now and this is about the time when the graphics cards start failing.

If you have an older AGP card with no power connector on it..then it is already working too hard trying to deliver graphics with the little power it can get from the AGP port on the mobo. Nividia solved this problem by putting a seperate power connector on the card that can give it power from the power supply instead of the agp port.

masse patrick Apr 24, 2006, 05:36pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee

mike sarkadi Apr 25, 2006, 03:59am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
I'm sure out of the hundreds of milions of boards sold you can get a bad one... but when you pull the graphics card and the message goes away its not the board. Boards have revision numbers on them they are always revised. Not everyones case is the same. if you pull everything off the board including ram and are left with only the cpu and still get the message then its either the board or the cpu... but if the message goes away by pulling a card then logically it's the card. Pc's with talking boards are generally easier to fix than boards that don't talk and leave you guessing. It"s a no brainer.
I have had this message before and it was my graphics card..when i pulled it the message was!... i buy new card everything works...what can I say!

RobNyc Apr 25, 2006, 09:48pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
what card can i buy under $100 , Prefer $50

mike sarkadi Apr 25, 2006, 10:40pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
I feel for ya bud... but all cards slower than geforce 6800 are already obsolete. the new games coming out now are unfortunately too advanced for most graphics cards. Graphics cards are not keeping up to the newest games coming out. If your not going to play games...get the cheapest card...if you are going to play games in the next year...then you wasted your money already. Even with my fastest card.. geforce 7800 GS Overclocked...i'm only getting 54 frames per second with Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion.. but it's a lot better than the ONE frame per second I was getting with a geforce 5500 overclocked.
Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion is an awesome game by the way..the 3D graphics in the game are so incredible..i've never seen anything better yet. I mean you just stand there in a 3D open world and the graphics are so awesome in every detail right down to the twinkling of the stars that apear to move ever so slightly just like the real night sky. And watching the sun rise and set in the game makes you feel like it's so close to real..... and there is so much value in this game that it would take you a year or more to finish it.
I tip my hat off to Bethesda Softworks for making this game... Absolutely Marvelous!
Call of duty 2 is also suppose to be real good.... but you also need min geforce 6800 or you will get one frame per second.
Another option would be to put a cheap card in it for now....and wait a year and the price will drop in half....but you will be playing 1 year old games too...... geforce 8 is coming out soon and we will all need new graphics cards again.... sucks.. but if you want to play games sooner or later you will have to pay the piper....and 2 years later you pay again..and so on.

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