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  ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee 
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RobNyc Apr 26, 2006, 01:37pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Guess What? I tried today with and without the card again and it gave me the error. So its not the card
Its now either the cpu/mobo. And burnt bean smells keeps coming out the power supply (But if it was the power supply ) it wouldnt turn on.

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mike sarkadi Apr 26, 2006, 11:54pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Not necessarily...its possible the voltage from the power supplly is out.... or something melted inside it. the mobo would still get power but not the right voltage.
If you pulled all the cards and the ram and are left with only the cpu in it and your still getting the message...then considering you think there is a smell is coming from the power suppply..I would try the power supply first...if you have another pc kicking around try switching power supplies.... a power supply cost as much as a graphics fact u can get low end graphics cards cheaper than power supplies.
At this point your not making any sense any more cause you told me the message went away before when you pulled the graphics card... I honestly don't think it's the cpu or the mobo which leaves only the power supply (if you pulled every card on the pc and the ram).
If it turns out to be the mobo...Asus will give you a new one.. but i wouldn't send it unless your 100% sure cause they will just send it back months later.... and your back to square one again.
There is one way you can fry a mobo..and that is if you put an older AGP 1x card in it..the voltage is different and it's a guaranteed fried mobo....hopefully you didnt do that.
Borrow another power supply and try that first.
I have a brand new extra power supply here that I will probably never use.. but I paid 100 bucks for it..and i always keep 2 extra parts for every part on the pc.... if you were closer i'd lend it to ya...but your too far. I also have 3 or 4 graphics cards in my desk too... but too slow for my liking. I got lots of parts kicking around here... old sd ram... another monitor...3 printers..hoards of connectors and cables... 3 mobos...2 cpu's .... ddr ram....extra sound card (reprogrameable).,.. Nic cards...modems.. extra usb ports.........u name it. I could fix your pc if you were closer..cause i have all the parts. I used to work for a large semiconductor plant and I used to fix about 100 - 6 layered boards a day. I must have fixed about 50,000 boards in the 2 years that I was there.
Anyway's good luck,
You can mail me the mobo for about 6 bucks and I can tell you if its bad... I have all new parts here..if it still doesnt work with all new parts then its the mobo lol.
Cheapest mobo you can still get for socket 478 with dual ddr400 ram would be MSI board at 63 bucks here in Canada... about 50 us bucks. The msi board has onboard graphics as well so you wouldnt need a graphics card for it.

RobNyc Apr 27, 2006, 01:01am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee

You thinka 250w PSU can do ?
This pc has a 500w PSU

mike sarkadi Apr 27, 2006, 01:03am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Ya... with one hard drive..disconnect the others. Don't disconnect the primary master with the operating system on it though.

RobNyc Apr 27, 2006, 07:53am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Gonna try it then. Thanks for the fast reply
I was just concern since that psu that custom pc came with is 500watts cuz of water cooling system, prescott p4 3.0ghz, etc. Didn't know 250w can handle that or w/e :-)
Whats the reason for using higher watts psu ? higher light bill ?

mike sarkadi Apr 27, 2006, 04:05pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
well ... the bigger the power supply the more drives and devices you can put. I have 3 hard drives with my 400 watt power supply and 2 cd roms/burner and a floppy basically 6 drives....each device needs a power connector....smaller power supply has less power connectors....thus you can't hook up as many devices.
Basically when you run out of power connectors on the power supply..that's your limit... there will be at least 4 power plugs on a 250w psu...enuf only for primary and seccondary master and slave. If your video card has a power connector then thats one used up right there..then hard drive...then cd rom..leaving 1 left.

My 400 watt Antek power supply has 2 fans in it and even with all the devices I have, the air coiming out of the back of my fan is cold... and my cpu running at a nice cool 36 degrees celcius with the stock intel cpu fan.
Your water cooling and big power supply is excessive for what you have considering your not overclocking the cpu... you don't need it.

RobNyc Apr 27, 2006, 09:58pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
NIce!!! I finally came to a solution it was the faulty 500w OKIA power switching supply
I tried my 250w compusa and it worked good, booted up into linux, went online and turned it off
Ordered an antec 430w truepower from Newegg $64 shipped . :)

Thanks GOD
Cuz these agp 8x cards are hard to find .. its cheaper to get a psu :)

mike sarkadi Apr 27, 2006, 11:03pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Bravo!..I knew you could do it...see now u found the problem without spending a dime. I knew it wasnt the cpu or mobo... just takes a little pulling and common sense to figure it out.
I'm glad your problem is now solved,,, I'm happy for you..good for you.

RobNyc Apr 27, 2006, 11:43pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Thanks so much yes.. everyone has a different solution have you noticed :)

Now I want to upgrade to lcd monitor and upgrade my video card , then buy my notebook this summer :)

mike sarkadi Apr 28, 2006, 07:49pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
I can imagine how many people stupidly replaced their mobo. You can get this same error from any bad card on the pc or the power supply. I think i'm going to stick around for some free mobo's cause I think these mobo's are great. Talking mobo's are the easiest to fix but baffle the most minds lol.
If anyone else here has given up.. i'll pay the shipping if you give me your mobo.
I think I lost my 5th nugget. where's my chicken nugget?

RobNyc Apr 28, 2006, 10:09pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Yes !!!
From now on I love ASUS mobo, I was reading this article on the asus p4p800-e-deluxe I have.. That is so great
THey have like 10 pros and 0 cons :)
ASUS lappies are nice

I'm buying a evga geforce 6600gt 128mb ddr3 agp 8x for $137 shipped cheapest place around :)
and a LCD but I'm thinking widescreen im not sure i dont know about monitors

mike sarkadi Apr 28, 2006, 10:38pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Post the link for the artile..I'm sure many here would like to read it thanks.

RobNyc Apr 29, 2006, 04:26am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Actually im going with a x1600 card. I'm going to be running osx86 aka hackintosh :)

jojo loki Apr 29, 2006, 04:38am EDT Report Abuse
Removing cards etc to see what brings the issue :

I only have Powersupply (Antec Truepower 380W), mobo (P4P800-E deluxe) and CPU (P4 2.8C) plugged and im getting the "System Failed - Cpu test" error message.

Then i remove the CPU, and the message is : "CPU not Installed" which is being repeated few times. then it switchs to the "System Failed Cpu test" message.

So my question is: can the CPU still be involved in the issue even if the message "System failed CPU test" is still being spammed after i removed the cpu ? Would be pretty normal that the "mobo cpu test" is being failed when you have no cpu inside, but then why are there 2 messages ? "not installed" then "Cpu test failed"

If this means CPU isnt the issue, next step will be to try another powersupply...

Thanks for your thoughts.

RobNyc Apr 29, 2006, 11:27am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Jojo do you get any weird smell from your psu ?
I did , but never tried a new psu till a few days ago and that was the easy solution

jojo loki Apr 29, 2006, 11:39am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Well nothing smells wrong inside my computer.

I opened PSU and check connections etc. nothing seems to be burned or so. I also tried to boot without fixing cpu fan too hardly (to lower the pressure), cmos reset etc.

And if you look at one of my precious post (page 11) this issue happened to me some months ago and suddendly it was working again.

Spent too many hours on forums. The things i should do is to check with another PSU and CPU but i will hardly be able to find any working on my comp, guess i will have to bring it to a shop and they will do it for me...

RobNyc Apr 29, 2006, 07:12pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Buy a Compusa 400w PSU that or 350w.

I've been with this issue since February , luckily my problem was the psu it smelt bad but i didnt think the psu was fried cuz it would still turn on, so i wasnt sure. Until a few days ago yes we're now in April I tried my 250w psu and it worked, so the 500w psu OKIA power switching supply is crap and is faulty. Next week I'm gonna be full of prices now, Acer 19" LCD widescreen, Sapphire Radeon x1600 Pro 512mb AGP DVi VGa Tv Out, Antec TP-II 430w psu, :)

mike sarkadi Apr 30, 2006, 05:14am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Jojo... it;s probably your power supply too if you pulled all the cards already.

RobNyc Apr 30, 2006, 12:16pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Damn but that Antec shouldnt be faulty,

in my case OKIA power switching supply had more reasons to be faulty, but supposely Antec is top of the line.

Try enermax or PC Master & Cooling (found in newegg)
I hope my Antec TruePower II 430w do good

Try removing the cpu and trying it on another pc, I couldnt do that in my case becuase my pc has water cooling and I didnt build this pc so I would have the less idea, but if i ever get desktop im sticking with water cooling always :) Thermaltake Big Water 12cm Liquid Cooling System I have heres some pics

Also try removing everything even ram, maybe just leave 1 stick .

ajm iv Apr 30, 2006, 01:48pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
O.k. I have followed this forum for roughly 2 weeks now and here I am because I am getting no results on my "system failed cpu test" My system which i built is as follows: Asus P5AD2-E Premium mobo,
P4 3.4Mhz 775 Socket, LeadTek 6600 GT Graphics, DDR2 1GB ram, 400W PS, floppy and CD drive. This system has run FLAWLESSLY for 14 months.!!

I have been receiving the cpu failed message for 2 1/2 weeks. I have followed ALL these suggestions on ways to trouble shoot and pin point the issue.

I have done the following:1. Bought a NEW power supply.
2. Took out the graphics card
3. Took out the ram.
4. Re applied some thermal paste to heat sink / cpu.
5. Updated Asus BIOS .
6. Re-built the thing a couple of times.
7. Re-set CMOS
8. Played with power connectors to see if it was that and ALL connections.
All above did NOT stop message from accurring.

Did notice through all of this trouble shooting that my heat sink and fan was not running at full par and seemed to get a little hotter than normal. Purchased a sweet Artic Cool heat sink and fan and it corrected the 'system failed cpu" error for about 3 days. Now I get the failed cpu error message randomly. When I receive the message turning the PC off and on again ( up to 3 times ) it will boot up. I know this powering on /off will not last though.

Any more input to this would be GREATLY appreciated.

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