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  ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee 
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mike sarkadi Jun 04, 2006, 12:36am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Donald...strip the pc to only the cpu..with no ram.... if you get a message with cpu only and no ram.... it could be your power supply.....
If theres no message with cpu only..add the ram next.... keep adding till u get the message.. as soon as u add a part and get the message...thats the bad part
Sometimes you can get fooled when the part is starting to sometimes and other times not.
You may also want to look at the seating of your ram in the dimm sockets too... any card or ram not seated properly can cause the message too.
Could be your graphics card's harder to figure it if you dont have complete failure of the part...if the part is going but not completely dead... it will work sometimes and sometimes it wont...this can throw you off big time.
If your pc froze up before the problem started causing you to do a hard boot to turn it off ( Holding the ON button for 5 seconds on the pc to turn it off) may want to look at your graphics card..... I'm only saying this because you mentioned graphics problems after putting the graphics card back in.

I'm fixing an Identical computer tomorow thats only a year old....and the hard drive died after only 1 year...I hate reinstalling the operating system big time. I know it's the hard drive because when I go in the bios it doesnt see the drive. When the hard drive goes the symptoms are not the same as other hardware least you can get into the bios. In your case you can't.
That hard drive that failed was a Maxtor...sorry Maxtor but I have 3 of your drives that did not last even a year...and now my friends are having the same problem with their 1 year old Maxtor drives. I have a Fujitsu hard drive that is 8 or 9 years old and still running..WAY TO GO Fujitsu! (SCSI)
Seagate just baught out Maxtor by the way. So now Seagate and Maxtor are the same company... maybe the drives will get better now who knows.

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Donald Iain Smith Jun 05, 2006, 06:45am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
There's another thread related to this problem, which might be handy:

Stephen McMahon Jun 06, 2006, 12:45pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
OK, I have the same "system failed cpu test" message.

P4C800-E Deluxe
Intel P4 3.0GHz
1Gb TwinMOS 2x512
450W noname PSU
Hercules Radeon 9800 Pro 128Mb

The problem happens with the gfx card plugged in. With the gfx card removed, when I hit the power button, the case/cpu fan spins for a second then stops - nothing powers up! The motherboard light is on, but nothing starts. I have also tried an old GeForce3 Ti200 card, and with that in, when I hit power, nothing happens, not even the second of fan spinning. When I plug the 9800 back in, the system starts up but with the cpu test error.
Any ideas? Seems other people are able to get stuff going with just the CPU/memory, I get nothing, just the second of fan spinning - no beeping, no anything. I've tried just 1 DIMM in various slots also.

mike sarkadi Jun 06, 2006, 10:17pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Steve, Try another power supply from another pc before u buy a new one. If nothing powers up ...your not getting power.... so my guess it's your power supply. NO NAME power supply...Hmmmm.
When the case fan doesn't's a dead giveaway that it's your power supply because the power to the case fan comes directly from the power supply.

Stephen McMahon Jun 07, 2006, 04:14pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
I would have come to the conclusion had it not been the fact that the system seems to power on fine with the cpu/memory and gfx card (9800) connected - this confuses me! Could a busted power supply power on the system when I have everything connected up, but not power it up when I have a different gfx card, or no cpu/memory connected?

mike sarkadi Jun 07, 2006, 09:54pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Power supplies can do funny things when you have different loads on them... so the answer is yes. It's absolutely your power supply. If the case fan doesn't spin..with or without whatever card is in has to be the power connects directly to the case fan. If you know anything about travels to the point of least resistance.....think about it.
There is only 1 conector to the case doesnt connect to anything on the pc but the power supply. the fan won't spin with no's so obvious. If the fan ran off a batterry and the battery died...what would you do? change the battery of course.......... very easy to fix....change the power supply.


Donald Iain Smith Jun 09, 2006, 02:32pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
I think i have it solved!
Registered on the ASUS site and asked some questions. Prompt but not particularly helpful reply - they just pointed me to the supplier / distributor - but there's some good info on the site, and it works well.
Anyway, although the motherboard is still under warranty, I didn't want to entrust the system to a dealer which only sells systems.
So I took everything out again and put it back in again, and got The Warning again, continuously.
And then I noticed that the fan on top of the heat sink wasn't turning (although it had been).
So I decided to begin with that, and set off to buy a new one.
The first specialist had no 70mm x 70mm fans in stock, neither did the second, but the third had fans and complete heat-sink with fan assemblies, and these were even slightly cheaper than the fan alone. So I bought an assembly, and installed just the fan (OK, I admit it, I was scared to go near the CPU!).
And everything works, and The Woman is silent.
Fingers crossed!
One more thing: each person I asked for advice said that the motherboard is very, very good.

mike sarkadi Jun 09, 2006, 11:58pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Nothing you did solves the problem of why the case fan wasn't spinning. While you may have fixed the cpu fan..the case fan connects to only one thing....the power supply. Either you still have a problem or you haven;t given the right information...the cpu fan does not connect to the same place as the case fan...and the fact that your case fan sometimes wasnt spinning...tells me that your power supply is going...or the case fan is going too. There is no way in hell that changing the cpu fan solves the case fan problem.
I have also had bad cpu fans and none of them ever caused a system fail cpu test error either. At this point I'm having a hard time believing your posts now.... I once put my cpu fan on so tight that the fan did not spin and my pc started and ran at about 80 degrees celcius...and I did not get a system fail cpu test.... and I ran the pc for 2 months like this to see if I could fry the cpu. The cpu is still running today 24/7 but at 38 degress celcius now. Go figure?

Donald Iain Smith Jun 11, 2006, 02:06pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Nothing is wrong with the case fan.
I replaced the fan on the top of the heatsink instead of replacing the entire heatsink-plus-fan assembly.
Strictly speaking I suppose you are correct in saying that I still don't know exactly what caused the probem, but besides the warning 'System failed CPU test' I did also hear a few times 'CPU fan failed' and this fan did ultimately fail (checked it elsewhere).
Perhaps the power supply is dodgy, and moving it about (for access) did something, but so far so good, after a few days and several stops and starts all seems to be well.
Thanks again everybody for all the advice

Stephen McMahon Jun 12, 2006, 06:19pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Managed to get a hold of another PSU to try, connected it up to the motherboard and gfx card (it's only 250W) and the system POSTed, and the BIOS screen came up. Bingo!
So, a new PSU is on order (since the one I tested with doesn't have the juice my whole system needs). I still need to keep an eye on the gfx card once I have the new PSU, since display corruption was the original reason I took the case apart, and where all the problems started, but I'm hoping this was caused by the dodgy PSU, and a new one will solve that problem also.
Thanks for the help.

Little G Jun 21, 2006, 03:22pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Hi Guys,

After my friend and I spent 3 days trying to fix my P4C-800 Delux we took a golf stick, went to the garden and played baseball.... more like baseMOBOll...
We cracked it into 4 pieces... we took the jumpers coz we found them usefull... for HDDs and so on...
After that we threw it in the garbage bin and it is suffocationg there right now coz it stinks big time there....

I tried everything else to save the MOBOr fu**er but nothin helped... except the OEM PSU .. and after i assembled the whole pc again with the OEM PSU and I switched it on ... guess what?? SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST!!!!
so we used the BUGFIX described!!! Trust me it helps!!! Ahhh I feel relaxed!!!
Good luck and if nothin works... my fix always works!!!

Donald Iain Smith Jun 21, 2006, 04:17pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Well, that may have relaxed you, but remember that it was only telling you that something was wrong - most don't speak - and that you didn't find out what it was.

Jerry Watts Jun 21, 2006, 04:21pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee

descamp cyril Jun 30, 2006, 08:00am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Dear all,

I read your thread and i have the same problem since 09/06/06.

My config is the following one :

P4P800-e deluxe
Geforce 6800 GT
P4E 2.8 Ghz
Twinmos 4*256Mo PC 3200
HD 2 Sata 250 and 80 Go

This morning i made a cmos reset and i used only the mb and i had the post reporting message : CPU not installed. When i put on the processor i have the so annoying message : System failed, cpu test.
I will test my cpu on another motherboard and i will tell you if it is dead or not but i doubt about its death. I work with this mb for two years and i underline that i didn't make some hardware or software changes before the problem has appeared.

I need your help, thank' s and please forgive my english level :)

Best regards

ajm iv Jul 21, 2006, 10:33pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Well, I'm back and STILL having issues. For the past 2 months I have been turning my pc on and get the message 'Failed cpu test' turn it off and then back on and it works like a charm. Everything fine. Now the PC doesn't turn on after the 1st try anymore.....just the constant failed cpu test error message.

2 Months ago I replaced the power supply with an antec (still got error message) and read that the Asus motherboards do not like antec and kept was in there.(rosewill 400w) Today 7/21/06 I picked up a new PS Monster Power 530w. Replaced it about 20 minutes ago and still error message and the pc will not start no matter how many times I turn it on and off. !@#@#$@

I have gone through the endless process of putting in components and trying to get the message. NO message as I replace things one by one. Only when the whole thing is together. So, These boards keep saying its the Powersupply...............WHAT is it when you replace the ps??

I personelly thing the ASUS motherboard is a piece of S@#T !! So is the INTEL chip !!!! For over a year the pc was Awesome ,.....Asus technical support along with Intel SUCK!! They both give me the run around.

Looks like I try to RMA both board and chip tomorrow. Or I buy a new Mobo and chip. It would be nice if HUGE companies like these treated customers with respect and tried to help them instead of giving them the run around.

signed.....Incredibly p**sed off

mike sarkadi Jul 24, 2006, 06:51pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
I can't understand most of you people...If your not smart enough to fix your pc..then pay someone 50 bucks who knows how. There's nothing to it! It's way cheaper to pay 50 bucks to fix it then to lose your anger and smash your board to pieces. I still stand by ASUS boards..they are no 1. Intel boards ares**t.. you can't even overclock your pc with an intel board. I fix computers with these boards all the time..there's nothing to it..and it takes under 30 min to fix.
What a waste of money smashing your board... most of the time it's not the board..and if it is the board you get a brand new one from ASUS if it is bad.
Also... I have an Antek power supply... there's nothing wrong with them... don't believe everything you read ..antek is fine
Some of you have had problems here for months and are still here with the same problem? Don't be a cheapskate and fork out the 50 bucks to someone who does it for a living. How dumb can people be?

Frozen Fox Jul 25, 2006, 12:19pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Im fairly sure I can answer your particularly rude question.. at least, the first part of it. As for those who would choose to blow up their pc with dynamite than keep trying or give it to a tech, I'd agree with you hands down. But the first part of your statement, I do not. Anyway, my take on answering:

1) Most people distrust "professionals", and would just as soon do it themselves if they have any remote idea how and only turn to a professional as a last resort, because many feel that they will be ripped off/lied to and gotten something fixed that wasn't broken, etc. Which may or may not be the case, depending on who you go to. Not all people are dishonest, but many are. Which is what drives lots of viewers of this thread to try to do it themselves.. on a sidenote, most of these people clearly do not desperately need their pc fixed in a quick time frame, so there's no problem with taking a very long time to fix it..

2) I have to say also that you can't learn a thing if you always pay someone else to do it for you. In addition, not everyone has the convenience of having a repair shop nearby, nor the extra bloody money to spare to get it done as such, which can cost quite a lot depending on where you take it and you're sometimes better off at least trying to do it yourself and risking paying that PLUS shipping for random parts you tried. It may really suck if you lose the gamble, but if not, it's well worth the effort if you've got a thin wallet. In any case, I doubt you learned all YOU have, mike, from paying someone else to do it for you and walking away. Many here (including myself) might not know too much about fixing it now, but have learned a hell of a lot from trying, and value the experience for future use. You may suggest theyre "not smart enough" to let someone else do it, but personally, I think it's just the opposite. One "not smart enough" would go directly to a tech to fix something, as opposed to looking up information on the issue and seeing what they can do about it and learning in the process. In the long run: true enough, it may be a waste of a lot of time and effort trying to do it yourself, but it is worth the effort to some of us who care to know and not just to fix.

And BTW, I'm obviously at this thread because I, too, have had the same issues as everyone else here.. from my ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe. I've been using my PC for about 2 1/2 years, and it -sort of- shut off out of nowhere in the middle of my game. "Sort of" because the monitor and accessories just shut off -or- stopped responding out of nowhere, but the pc itself seemed to be on and working normally. Everything was working fine as far as I could tell inside, which I had never fooled with before but knew a so-so amount about, except I noticed the video card's fans were not spinning. So sure enough, my first inclination is to think it's dead. I tested monitor, mouse, keyboard, etc on another machine, all good. Unfortunately, I couldn't test any of the inside parts, really, on the other machine as it was a very strangely put together Dell crammed tight in a tiny tower (yay oxymoron?) with a bunch of onboard garbage. That said, I replaced the video card, and am still having issues. I tried doing as suggested earlier in this thread and tried piece by piece until the verbal error (which I hadnt known there -was- until fooling with the machine and seeing comments on here fyi) changed. It was the same system failed cpu test with every part removed until the processor was removed; it said cpu not found. Hopefully, that's the issue. I ordered a new one just a little too hastily before researching more on the issue which I had been for days, and was quite tired of messing with (as most reports on probs ended up in "I replaced (insert any random pc part here) and it worked again" or no comment at all, so were of little use) but wanted to get it done. I ordered a new one and it will be here in ~2 days, and hopefully that will fix my problems, else I'll be giving up and taking it to a tech and asking em in particular to try out different power supplies as some suggested here.. but to me, I wouldn't think power supply is the issue, as everything on the pc otherwise is powered fine, all fans spin, all led's light, etc etc.

// End rant. Excuse me if my thoughts are a little disorganized or nonsensical.. sleeeepy sleepy sleepy..

Donald Iain Smith Jul 31, 2006, 03:19pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
Was good to read the last post, some good sense there.
After the problems I reported a while back, I enjoyed a peaceful month or two, but now the PC is unusable, and there seems to be no consistency in the cause of the warning. Sometimes taking a memory strip out 'cures' it, another time removing and replacing the videocard, or another time the power supply, or the fan, or the soundcard, or the CPU, or.... All deeply frustrating. And I have no wish to throw more money at 'professionals' who have already 'diagnosed' the problem and offered to sell me a new motherboard. Or processor. Or videocard...
Little bit disappointed in ASUS, which seems very vague.
Well, we'll keep on trying. :)

Frozen Fox Aug 11, 2006, 04:19pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
I tried several different things before replacing the mobo, no go. Replaced the mobo, system worked fine. The motherboard was fried. But the system with the new mobo wouldn't load XP apparently because of some copy protection garbage (apparently, windows thinks its being put into another PC and locks itself from being loaded because the motherboard is different.. thats what I was told, or something along those lines). Thus, I have to get my data off the thing the hard way, format the harddrive, reinstall windows, and then it should work..

The guy that helped me out in putting the board in, like here, had a hard time believing the board was dead, but sure enough, the replacement fixed it after a lengthy inspection trying to find an alternative problem. By the way, if your video card's fans seem to not spin (even if another replacement card's fans do), don't assume your card is dead as well and waste your time/$. It may just be the mobo not getting as far as it needs to for that particular card to start up its fans.. p4c800-e = toast.

Hope this helped at least one person reading. Good luck.

Donald Iain Smith Aug 17, 2006, 06:01am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: ""SYSTEM FAILED CPU TEST"" plz help meee
After the computer started talking again during something important I switched to using an old one in order to get some work done.
Tried to start it up again and got an ASUS splash screen and continuous warning 'System failed CPU test'. I'm really, really tired of this. I know, it might not be the motherboard, but it's all so vague: sometimes this fixes it, sometimes that, and now I can't even get the thing started. ASUS asks me questions I cannot answer. Computer shops tell me that the chip is burned out or the motherboard is burned out or...or
So I think I'm going to replace the motherboard anyway. And here's my question: will XP object to a different motherboard? Anybody got any experience in ths area?

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