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  IBM NetVista Motherboard Replaced 
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Hunter Rose Jan 08, 2004, 02:53pm EST Report Abuse
When the capacitors popped on my IBM NetVista Type 8310-14U, I was delighted to find the motherboard was still under warranty, and IBM shipped me a new one overnight.
The board works fine, but I get an error on boot, "Error 00CE Machine Type and Serial Number are Invalid!"
I can bypass this error, and work normally, but it's annoying. I'm presuming the error is simply the motherboard's BIOS not being properly introduced to it's new home, but IBM's site is of no help getting this resolved. Any advice or links would be greatly appreciated.

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Will Emmons Dec 18, 2004, 12:45pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: IBM NetVista Motherboard Replaced
Just had the same problem myself. I hope that youve been able to solve it by now so Im really just posting this if anyone else does a google search on "Error 00CE Machine Type and Serial Number are Invalid!"

The reason that this occurs is because IBM doesnt flash the bios with individual serial information. Truthfully its to make it easier for the user. Going through the ropes with IBM phone support I heard alot of false information about the way a computers BIOS works. Infact though it can be redone. These are the steps.

Follow the link for downloads and drivers.
After entering your information (by the way dont do the quick path or youll never find the hmm) download the HMM or Hardware Maintence Manual and the latest Bios Flash. Its important to get the bios update for the floppy disk.
First save the bios flash executable to c:\ if its not in the root folder it crashes. Then run the EXE and extract the bios flash to a floppy. Then read the HMM about the BIOS jumper block. For my 6350 it says...

To perform a Flash/BIOS recovery using the recovery jumper, use the following procedure.
1. Power-off the computer and remove the cover.
2. Move the system board Virtual clear CMOS/BIOS recovery jumper to the ROM recovery position.
3. Insert the upgrade diskette into the diskette drive.
4. Power-on the computer.
5. At power up, the system will make a beep sound and will show no video, as it starts reading from the floppy disk.
6. The system will continue making a series of beep sounds followed by a few seconds of silence. The whole process should last for a few minutes.
7. When the boot block recovery process is finished, the system will make a final long-lasting beep sound.
8. Remove the floppy disk, power off the computer (keeping power button pressed for around 5 seconds), move the recovery jumper back to the normal position and replace the cover.
9. Perform a Flash/BIOS update to re-enter machine type and serial number data
This maybe different for other models thats why its important to read your HMM.

After following theses steps you shouldnt have anymore Error 00CE problems.

Hunter Rose Dec 27, 2004, 03:10pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: IBM NetVista Motherboard Replaced
Will, thanks for the reply, my machine runs 24/7, so i usually forget there's a problem until I reboot, so it's mostly been ignored. Your reply spurred me to track down the BIOS update, and finally get it corrected. IBM's site hasn't gotten any easier to navigate in the last year, but I've gotten a little better at finding my way.

Thanks again for the reply, and I hope someone else with a similar issue runs across this as well.

Richie Rich Mar 07, 2007, 03:30am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: IBM NetVista Motherboard Replaced
guys i've got the same error" error 00ce" but ,on an IBM REV 1.5, i've just swapped my board from a REV 1.6. My FRU PN: PN02R4084,just want to know if i can proceed with the repair steps you guys gave..i hope i gave enough info bout my board.
windows is able to load except it freezes up later,then it will completely fails to start,
i'll leave it for a while,a few hrs maybe or even days, then all of a sudden windows will start commin back normally,but its very unstable,and so annoying...
guys give me help on this.


john Hutchinson May 20, 2008, 04:57am EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: IBM NetVista Motherboard Replaced
This is the state of the Lenovo call out to on site repair staff. We had a motherboard failure and after coming to replace the motherboard they couldnt be bothered to fix this error for us and left it up to us. In my eyes an on site support warranty should come out and return the machine to the condition it was in (-data of course) before their crappy product failed. I'm suitably unimpressed.

Thankyou guys for the help on this forum I shall be using it in future as your comments have been most helpful so far!

harmohit singh Dec 05, 2009, 09:39am EST Report Abuse
>> ibm rev 1.6 motherboard
will ibm rev 1.6 motherboard support DDR2 RAM?????????????

Shawn Langley Dec 06, 2009, 08:26am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: IBM NetVista Motherboard Replaced
Quick look in google says, socket 7 and AGP slot.... id bet no it was pre DDR2

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