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  Monitors seizing/spazzing/blurring 
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brad lambert Aug 03, 2017, 04:52pm EDT Report Abuse
So i bought two new monitors for my job in February, and at least twice a week, my primary monitor starts to spazz out. it looks like some kind of radio frequency disturbance. you can make out whats on the screen, but it rapidly shifts in lines to give it a blurry appearance. I dont have any screen shots, but it reminds me of back when you would leave your cell phone under a tv, and you'd get this wavy look to it when it was transmitting data. If i open up my preferences for my monitors, and change the resolution, and switch it back, it generally fixes the problem for the day. I don't think its a cable issue since i can change the resolution and change it back to fix it. The slave monitor is connected vga 2 vga, and the primary runs a vga to a converter to what looks like a fire wire(not 100%, its what the input part looks like). They are 15" AOC Monitors. Im running Windows 7 Professional.

I've read alot of different forums/posts/suggestions and sites via google, but they all seem to be different.

Thanks for reading, and any/all input/feedback.



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