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  D865PERL Thermal Event Problem 
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Jamie Andrews Mar 09, 2004, 10:00am EST Report Abuse
If anyone can shed some light on this problem of mine it would be great. First off I am an IT perfessional and this problem has me stumped. 3 months ago I bought an Intel D865perl motherboard and a P4 2.4 GHZ processor. Everything was fine for the first few months then about 2 weeks ago my computer just powered itself down. When I turned it back on it was beeping and told me the the CPU was shut down do to (overheating). When I go into the bios under the advanced menu there is a hardware monitoring section that will let you look at temps and fan speeds. However when I click on it it does not go into the section and locks the computer up. Every other menu item in the bios is fine. I went back into windows and used the Intel Active monitoring software to check temps and fan speeds. All fan speeds are fine. The temp threshold setting for the 2nd sensor (which I am guessing is the one 1 inch away from the processor) had an upper theshold set at 127 degrees fahrenheit. Now this temp seems to stay about the same as the processor temp sensor which has a maximum theshhold of 167 set as default, as soon as I started playing a game the CPU temp rises and stays at 131, so the second sensor went off and shut the computer down. Well I figured that I would raise the threshold of the second sensor to 137 to keep it from shutting the computer down. I ran games on the computer for 20 minutes and the temp never got above 131 F. So now I thought I fixed the problem. I have been monitoring the temps and lastnight I happened to look at the temps, they were 109 for the processor and 108 for the second sensor. Right after I did this the computer shut down. I got the message when I started back up again and started to go back into Windows and it shut off again. I turned it right back on and went into windows. I looked at my temps and they were 104 and 100 then it shut off again. I turned it right back on and left it running copying a dvd for 2 hours with no problems running at 120 cpu and 118 for the second sensor.

Do I have a bad motherboard or what? I can not tell the temps in the bios, I have to rely on the intel software in windows. I don't think my temps are to high for a 2.8 and my Bios is fully updated. Should I scrap the motherboard?

Thanks in advance!

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Tim Brom Apr 02, 2004, 03:09am EST Report Abuse
>> Re: D865PERL Thermal Event Problem
I am having the exact same problem, except I can access the Hardware Monitoring section in the bios. Temps are within range, but it seems to just randomly shut down.

Steve Bovee Oct 24, 2006, 01:00pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: D865PERL Thermal Event Problem
On a seemingly random basis I get a spontaneous reboot that stops with the Pentium blue logo screen. If I rapidly turn the computer off and on I get a page telling me that the computer has suffered a thermal event and should be serviced.
Ten minutes later everything is just fine again.
The mother board is just a bit over one year old.
I suspect overheating. I bought a ten muffin fan and plan to replace the little fan in the panel.
Does someone make a bigger heat sink?

David Oct 24, 2006, 04:54pm EDT Report Abuse
>> Re: D865PERL Thermal Event Problem
wow, old post

When i had my old P4 i looked into getting a Intel mobo, i was put off my the huge amounts of horror stories with similar problems. You might be suffering from a common fault, it might be worth your while getting in touch with Intel.



Have a Nice Day :)
Timo Tissari Jan 06, 2007, 07:34pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: D865PERL Thermal Event Problem
Hi, I have the same problem (....thermal event (overheating)). Later on when I started PC and used SETUP settings, Advanced, HW monitoring screen. There I followed up temperature and specially CPU temperature showed approx 55...56decC (two other ones, zones was range of 35...37 degC) before PC turned-off automatically: Seems that real reason is not high temperature? Could someone help me, how I coud track the real problem? I can keep PC on approx 1-2 min before that happend, its complete useless today.

Salvatore Noce Nov 24, 2012, 02:49pm EST Report Abuse
>> Re: D865PERL Thermal Event Problem
I have the same problem.
It started last month (my D865PERL is 4 years old).
Trying to fix the problem, I replaced the original Intel CPU (P4 2.8 GHZ) cooler with a Scythe Samurai one without any improvement.
Fortunately (and this as with the Intel cooler) the thermal turning-off due to the apparent CPU overheating seems disappear while using the PC !!!!!!!!
Now I must turn-on the PC some times (6 - 7 times) after each shut-down to obtain regular performance from PC.



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